Lara Croft GO travels to the Cave of Fire on Windows 10 and Windows Phone

Square Enix Montreal's acclaimed turn-based puzzle game Lara Croft GO has been updated to version 2.0 for Windows 10 and Windows Phone. It adds a bunch of new content to the game, including 26 puzzles in the new Cave of Fire location.

In addition, the update adds two new artifacts to collect, a new gem to find (obsidian stones) and two new costumes for Lara to wear. There's also a new gameplay mechanic that the developer says "changes enemy behavior completely." A new snapshot feature has been added, along with more achievements, and Chinese language support.

Thanks to Dennis and Deven for the tips!

Download Lara Croft GO for Windows Phone ($4.99)

Download Lara Croft GO for Windows 10 (opens in new tab) ($4.99)

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John Callaham
  • Great to see some developers putting out updates with actual content in them! :D I just sent you guys a tip, like 2 minutes before this post was published. :P
  • Shows $2.99 in the store on WP8.1.
  • Probably black friday/cyber monday pricing.  I went ahead and grabbed it because I enjoy Hitman but wish this had achievements too.
  • Yeah I just bought it as well. Game is pretty good so far!
  • They had a sale a couple of weeks ago... $1.99 then I think, which is when I bought it!
  • Finally! I've been waiting for this expansion since it was released last week. I love this game and blew through it in a couple days.
  • All the stories last week kept saying "sorry Windows users, you won't be getting this" Glad we did!
  • Beautiful game, glad they updated it for the platform
  • Nice gift after a hard reset. Thank you Montréal.
  • I was really hoping these would hit the 0.10 deals, lol.
  • I think Hitman Go is one of the deals.
  • Love this game, and was delighted to grab it for super cheap last week!
  • Same here - I finished it way to quickly, so I'm glad to see more content!
  • Been waiting on a deal for this. 2.99 on windows phone and its a crossbuy it.
  • Great game!
  • You mentioned new achievements. But this game Doesn't have Xbox achievements right?
  • Great, now Xbox Achievements please =)
  • I agree. Enjoyed Hitman GO and took all achievements on both phone and pc, and would definitely do the same with this if they add Xbox achievements.