Latest deal makes BLU Win HD, BLU Win Jr even more affordable

BLU's line of Windows Phone are among some of the more affordable Windows Phone offerings today and thanks to the latest deals on Newegg, the BLU Win HD and BLU Win Jr are getting even more affordable. With the Newegg sales, the more equipped BLU Win HD version is now priced at $161.99 while the BLU Win Jr. gets discounted to $82.99 for the pink, orange, and yellow hues.

Though Newegg's deal looks impressive when compared to the phones' list prices, offering 70 percent off the Jr and 54 percent off the HD model, the phones aren't normally too much more at the Microsoft Store. Microsoft is selling the budget-friendly Jr model for just $89 and the HD model at $179.

Are you ready to pick up a BLU Windows Phone? Let us know if you hop on the Newegg deals. If you're interested in either phone, be sure to check out our unboxing and impressions of the BLU Win Jr and BLU Win HD

Thanks to John R. for the tip.

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