Latest Subway Surfers update takes players to Brazil

Subway Surfers has enjoyed a steady stream of updates with new content patches and today we're looking at the addition of São Paulo, Brazil to celebrate the this year's World Cup. In the latest version of Subway Surfers, developer Kiloo has made it possible for players to traverse through São Paulo as Edison, the Brazilian soccer kid and latest member of the Subway Surfers crew.

As well as the new area and character, Kiloo has also added in the Banana board and cool new outfits for Edison and Zoe. Players are able to play against other Subway Surfers to reach the best ranks in the Top Run race and earn some neat prizes too. It's a sizable update and one we're sure fans will thoroughly enjoy.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • But still . . . .
  • 512MB support guys queue up next to me.
  • Here I come... :)
  • I feel so bad for Windows phone guys. They don't have subway surfer for low end mobile phone. On the other hand Android and Apple customers are done playing with subway surfer. When I see a guy with Windows phone I feel like I am watching myself in the past. It's like years back I used to use those apps which windows guys are using now.
  • Yes true. But I wont leave windows
    Android sucks
  • It must be similar to how PC gamers feel when they see console gamers.
  • @Zeem Frostmaw.
    What an absolutely ridiculous statement to make. Clearly by someone who isn't a PC gamer. PC games are streets ahead of console versions in terms of hardware requirement's, therefore are of a higher quality for sound and graphics.
  • Why are you here? Why are you commenting? Why have you adopted a tone of ironic sympathy? Are you unwell? Are you lacking in "real" friends (you know, 1050 Facebook "friends" but the only person who speaks to you for more than 5 seconds in the real world is your pharmacist) and so feel the need to seek attention online? Do you miss hugs from your mummy? I see people like you and it reminds me of the past too...a time before puberty, when boys judged other boys by their latest trainers or clothes and you got beaten up if you didn't say you supported Liverpool (even if you didn't). Then we all grew up; you should try it; it'll make you feel less bitter about how much you suck ass. I'm just saying...
  • me too in line
  • Mee!
  • Me
  • Me too!
  • +720
  • Im waiting ...
  • Me too >.< +630
  • Dev unlock and took the other way, got tired of waiting....
  • Already played it & got bored... but sure I'm with u, not because i want to play it on my 520....rather to give my droid friends one reason less to taunt us
  • +620
  • Me too.!
  • Landed in brazil but not in 512 mb ram phones
  • I feel so bad for Windows phone guys. They don't have subway surfer for low end mobile phone. On the other hand Android and Apple customers are done playing with subway surfer. When I see a guy with Windows phone I feel like I am watching myself in the past. It's like years back I used to use those apps which windows guys are using now.
  • Get over it.
  • Do you feel so cool now ? there is still people who play this game not only on WP
    for me this game doesn't even worth it, played it on android 2-3 times and got boring after that...
  • Then check it well,
  • Boring game... Why all of you so waiting for 512mb support.. It is a very boring game..
  • Well it doesn't feel that good to play as it once used to be. I've a developer unlocked phone, tried it there. I just love Minion Rush more. I agree it's not worth waiting for a game like this... You guys already have much better alternatives like temple run 2, minion rush, AE kalpana, Angry granny run and many, many more...
  • I agree
  • Already played and got bored too.   Just waiting for try something new which is quite famous.
  • You should include: " 512 Mb ram support is not included in this update" , in the article.
  • Even wpcentral think its a waste mentioning it again and again! :D
  • Sh*tway fart**rs
  • That's not as clever as you think it is. Very immature.
  • 512mb ram?????
  • I don't think so, in this update.
    Maybe next update.
  • Yep! Always next update
  • Devs don't know how to make new levels. Those 40 devs at Kiloo just change the theme everytime. This is stupid
  • LOL they've been doing this ever since the first release, that's one more reason why i prefer minion rush
  • Minion rush mot working for me,actually. Stuck at 94% and doesn't proceed further.
  • Did you try re-installing it on phone memory after uninstalling it completely? It did work for me
    PS: I had the same case as you after the latest update
  • These games are lots of fun when you play with friends or family.
  • Does anyone still play this game?
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Poll so far says 50% believe people play. The other 50% prefer to believe no one plays .
  • No
  • Where the fuck is 512 MB support..?
  • Up Sam's arse in America
  • Well, that pretty much makes zero sense since the game developers are in Denmark. Idiot.
  • But still not in L520
  • Kiloo is sick if some sites offer 512mb support for this game why not kiloo. Seriously they should think of hiring new devs
  • No xbox-live no buy
  • You don't need to. It's free.
  • Why are they updating an app that nobody cares about anymore?
  • Because some people do still care about it? Why do some people think they speak for everybody? Just because you don't play it anymore doesn't mean nobody does.
  • I'll give it a try as São Paulo is my city!
  • haha! Its written iMore at the bottom right corner of the pic!
  • When 512mb will support....???
  • Never?
  • Plzzz add support for 512 mb also ...
  • They will but if you are so curious to play it then you can also use developer unlock method.
    BTW, let me remind you that it will be boring after two or three days.
  • Microsoft really should think about low end phone and most of their phone are with 512MB RAM, There are many games they needs to optimized. Candy Crush Saga, Farm Saga and many games. Microsoft please work with the corresponding team and get itsdone as soon as possible.   Thanks
    Saravanan B
  • Its too late for 512mb ram....I will install it but wont play..whenever they support low end phones
  • When available on lumia 520 and other 512mb ram devices.
  • SS For 512mb ram devices soon?? Where is it... You guys are killing me...
  • Temple run 2 is much better!! And runs great on my Lumia 520, with the occasional stuttering
  • This game does NOT support cloud saving. So when your phone gets bricked, like my old 822... yep, uninstalled this.
    Figured to change to the greedy Minion Rush. At least its save is consistent between all my devices.
  • Guys I played this game in android phone which has 512mb ram but why these windows phone cannot have this game on 512mb devices
  • You gotta help me to install this game ,
  • Fuck this game!