Latest Xbox One system update arrives with Cortana Skills, new setup options, and more

The Xbox One 1711 update follows the launch of the dashboard overhaul seen in the Xbox fall update, and it brings a number of new features and tweaks to check out.

Most notably, this update brings new options for setting up your Xbox with the Xbox app on iOS or Android while it downloads the day-one update. Also included are new club blocks for the Home screen, Cortana skills, and automatic saving of your settings to the cloud. Parents will also be glad to see some new parental control options are included as well.

Here's a look at all of what's included in Xbox system update version 10.0.16299.4037:

  • Save me: Settings on your home console – including TV and OneGuide – are now saved automatically to the cloud when you sign in. When you set up a new Xbox, we'll ask if you want to apply them.
  • Speed up setup: Now you can use the Xbox app on iOS or Android to finish setup on a new Xbox while it downloads the day one update. Look for the option when the update starts.
  • Clubbin': On top of games and friends, now you can add club blocks to Home. Add them from both the guide and the club itself.
  • Give the gift of games: Want to play Santa? Give a gift from the Microsoft Store, including most digital games, durable DLC, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass. Look for the "Buy as gift" button and send stuff to friends and family.
  • Pretty please?: Now kids can ask their parents to buy games and apps for them with the "Ask a parent" online safety setting. Parents can manage their children's privacy & online safety settings in Settings > Account > Family (or visit
  • Time's up: Screen time limits allow a child to ask for more time when they run out, but the parent had to complete the request on the console. Now, kids can request more time in email and you can approve (or deny) from there. To set up screen time for your family, visit
  • Mad skills: Cortana Skills on Xbox let you do more with your voice, like controlling smart home devices, ordering a pizza, or buying tickets to your next concert. You can also ask Cortana to play music from Spotify, Pandora, or iHeartRadio.
  • Out of sight: We heard you! Now you can hide your games with no unlocked achievements from the personal and public view of your profile.

The update should be available to download for everyone on Xbox One now. Do note that, according to Microsoft's Brad Rossetti, the update is currently optional, so you may have to initiate the download manually.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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