Recently, developer Holospark announced that Earthfall, an upcoming Left 4 Dead-like multiplayer co-op shooter, would launch on July 13, 2018 on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. In a surprising twist, Gearbox Publishing will distributing the game at physical boxed retail. Earthfall follows players who fend off an alien invasion of the American Pacific Northwest using squad tactics, portable heavy weaponry, instant walls, and more tools as they try to avoid swarms of horrific intergalactic invaders.

Beforehand, only the $39.99 "Deluxe Edition" was available for preorder through Amazon, but now the base game can be preordered digitally on the Xbox Store. The title costs $29.99 but doesn't come with the Deluxe Edition's cosmetic items.

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The E3 2018 trailer gave us a good look at the visuals and gameplay. You have to work together with your teammates to succeed because there are countless alien creatures that must be eliminated. It seems like trying to "Rambo" it will only end in disaster. We haven't seen a proper co-op game like this for years now, so hopefully Earthfall will be a polished experience when it launches this July.

According to the developer, Earthfall will feature ten missions across two campaigns, with diverse environments and deadly monsters to battle. It seems as though the campaigns tell the story from different perspectives. As players fight waves of drones and towering monsters, they'll discover the story behind the cataclysmic alien invasion and what horrible secrets the invaders are hiding.

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