The Zelda-esque 'Legend of the Skyfish' arrives for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

If you're a fan of The Legend of Zelda, then you may want to take a look at Crescent Moon's Legend of the Skyfish. The game launched about three months ago for iOS and Android, but it is now a UWP title for Windows 10 including PC, Mobile, and Hub.

The game's description gives the details on what to expect:

Legend of the Skyfish is a beautiful action adventure puzzle game with a unique weapon and tool - a fishing pole! Follow the intrepid Little Red Hook on her journey with the Moonwhale to defeat the monstrous Skyfish. Use your fishing pole as a weapon or a grappling hook, and upgrade it as you go. Legend of the Skyfish is filled with beautiful hand-painted art, intricate action puzzles, and unique enemies. Explore a huge world of 45 handcrafted levels and defeat giant bosses.

In short, it's a chill game where you walk around, solve puzzles, and enjoy the excellent art direction. Obviously, being able to play on your Surface or your phone is a real treat here, so I'm quite excited to see this game land on the Windows Store.

Legend of the Skyfish runs for $2.99 and is being published by Mother Gaia Studio. There is no trial, but the game has earned some solid reviews for many sites including Pocket Gamer. Check the launch trailer to get a feel for the story and gameplay.

Download Legend of the Skyfish from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Thanks, @WinUsr, for the tip!

QR: legend

Daniel Rubino

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  • Any update for Windows Central App? App has recently started noticeably hanging while/after refreshing main news page.
  • The app have that problem for some time, and I already reported that error to them... Just go the the settings and clear the cache. Done, problem gone!
  • I usually have this if I spend too much time in the app. I usually close it, then come back in and it works right away. It certainly seems like a cache issue.
  • Actually let's convince them to get apps for Android Central, Crackberry, and VR Heads onto Windows 10!
  • Yeah, I would like to have Android Central App on W10M in addition to Windows Central App.
  • They still have never gotten the new article count to work on the live tiles. Pretty much have given up hope on the UWP app and dont think most of these issues will ever be fixed. Just went back to the old one. Ugh.
  • This game looks awesome. Add achievements and I would probably be sold. It would actually be the first game I actually paid for on mobile.
  • So no Xbox Live integration. Guessing no ability to sync progress between phone and tablet. That is a deal breaker for me.
  • Yeah, verified there is no syncing
  • How can we get the developer to add that feature, Daniel?
  • It will come I am pretty sure that they are working on it. Microsoft isn't playing around there working very diligently.
  • Lmao...oh you're serious. Nothing worth a crap is coming on the consumer side as long as this lame duck CEO is allowed to keep steering the ship into ice bergs. Dumped his greedy butt already and give the keys to Panay.
  • As disappointing as that is I rarely expect it now. Microsoft hasn't even added syncing between Windows 10 and Pocket Edition's of Minecraft so how can we expect third party studios to add syncing?
  • I think UWP is really helping Windows Mobile on the game front. Not sure about non gaming apps.
  • Okay it's a start with something new at last. I hope developers see and realize that windows 10 can reach more persons seeing as how it can run across Xbox, Mobile, Computer etc. I have faith in the OS for in the years to come Windows 10 will be the major player in the hardware area.
  • Does this support an Xbox controller on mobile? Answer: I bought this and tried, it does not work with the Xbox one controller on mobile. It does however work on PC, which is nice. I hope we will soon start to see high quality games like this but also support continuum + Xbox controller on mobile. Dan, thanks for the heads up, this is a neat game.
  • Does it work with Contínuum? :)
  • Unfortunately, no :(
  • You sold me on Zelda-esque. This'll be one of the very few non-XBL enabled games I'll have bought for my phone.
  • Coming August to iOS and Apple TV... But now it's November's end on Windows... Why! Why! (^_^)
  • You are lucky it is even on here. Most developers don't even look to Windows as a platform option anymore.
  • You mean Windows Mobile. Windows PC is the number one platform for games.
  • I mean for apps in general for both platforms, but you are right for bigger games.
  • Bought a 3ds XL so I would not have to worry about the gaming on my phone. Love the thing, plus I never have to worry about killing my 950s battery.I will have to consider this. Will probably buy it at first just to support the dev. In the middle of legend of Zelda link between worlds, so no time for this.
  • I actually started to learn to code so that I could make games like this. I feel that there aren't many of these games on Windows 10 Mobile. I just bought it! Thanks for letting me know this exists WC!
  • That title is a bit of a turn-off. I've always hated this kind of stuff from the mobile gaming industry.
  • It's ok, calling it Zelda-esque is a bit of a stretch. So far it's been quite repetitive, but still an ok game.
  • Yah that's why I like free trials or demos but sometimes those demos don't tell the truth. Apparently Recore gets pretty repetitive after the first few hours. The demo was great though.
  • ReCore doesn't have a lot of different game loops, that's true. However, I'm quite enjoying it. If you like old-school skill-based platformers, you can get a lot of mileage out of the challenge dungeons. Of course, progressing the story past a certain point FORCES you into those dungeons. IMO, that's it's second worst failing. The first worst failing is silly long load times even after the patch. Death requires a full reload, and so is very punishing (enemies don't kill you often, but insta-death drops in some areas will). That said, it's on sale for the next few hours, and I think it's a steal at the price (25$ CAD).
  • Anyone considering buying this pile of garbage based on the nonsense written above, please don't!!!!!! This game is so incredibly boring! The 45 "beautiful" levels are 3 sets of 15 levels, each set has its own style, i.e. the pink levels 1-15, the green levels 1-15, etc. If that wasn't creative enough for you, you get to listen to the same 10 second loop of the most boring bgm you've ever heard! You keep performing the same mindless tasks and there is absolutely nothing there that makes you want to keep playing! The only thing that this game has in common with LoZ is the word Legend. That is all! Seriously, if you have $3 dollars burning a hole in your pocket buy ANY OTHER mobile title or go to steam, for the love of all things good DO NOT buy this game!
  • Ok, so it's not THAT bad. But yeah, if you are deciding between this and something else I'd probably go with something else.
  • If you guys want a similar Zelda-esque style game for your Xbox One, give Oceanhorn a try, you wont be disappointed.. Its a sleeper hit, I found it trolling through the store on XO.
  • Oceanhorn is $14.99 in the Xbox store. I'll even post one $10 Xbox gift card for grabs if you guys seriously want to try the game.