The LEGO Batman Movie is up for digital pre-order on the Microsoft Store in glorious 4K

LEGO and Batman are already a pretty enticing combination, but throwing 4K in the mix makes it even better. And if you prefer to use Microsoft's storefront for your movie and TV collection, you can have it all with The LEGO Batman Movie in 4K UHD. (opens in new tab)

Up for grabs now on the Microsoft Store, The LEGO Batman Movie is available in not only HD and SD options like most other available content, but you can grab the UHD version for $30 as well. It's not the first 4K content to be available from Microsoft (there's a whole collection to check out (opens in new tab), but it is one of the only major pieces of 4K content available right now.

In any case, you can pre-order now ahead of the movie's digital release on May 19. As the Store listing notes, you'll want to make sure you're watching on an Xbox One S hooked up to a 4K-capable TV to get the full effect.

Thanks to Jeremy for the tip!

See at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

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  • When a movie is recorded, it's recorded on a standard resolution, granded this is an animated film, but it would work the same way.  it's not like it was made for 1080p and then re-rendered for 4k, so why would the movie be selling for $30?  are we just upping the price of movies due to inflation?  I remember movies costing only like $17, Bluerays were a little more, but you actually got three movies out of it, Blueray, DVD, and digital, but still they weren't $30..
  • I doubt animation would work the same way. The baseline would be what definition are the models rendered in? My guess would be 1440p but not matter what UHD movies are huge files 50GB. When Blu-ray first came out the cost the exact same amount. It'll probably flesh out in 2-3 more years but for now you're prbably buying a UHD movie On Sale at $15 bucks.
  • What do you mean "it's recorded on a standard resolution"? There are many resolutions that can be used when filming a movie. If actual film is used there are no real resolution restrictions since there are no pixels. There are SD cameras, cameras for recording in 1080 HD, but then there are also resolutions above that. Some movies are not recorded in 4K resolution, but somewhere below that. There have been rumors that Deadpool was recorded around 3.2K, but the final master was done in 4K. 4K cameras are becoming more widespread, and there are movies that have been recorded above 4K, The Martian was actually recorded in 5K. There are going to be price increases for a number of reasons. If you buy a 4K movie on disk, the disk format and structure are different than Blu-Ray, and are not being made in large quantities yet. And there is the economy of scale, if you are selling fewer disks, then there is a higher cost per disk for mastering the film, transfers, pressing disks, etc. UHD allows other features, such as ATMOS, HDR, etc. that all require extra work to make right, beyond what is needed for BluRay. As for streaming, you are now streaming a lot more bits, and bits are not free. And yes, it is something new so they are going to charge more. But it isn't a simple "Well the DVD costs $X so the 4K version should also cost $X." There are costs to cover. I have had a 4K player for about a year now, and the prices on older disks have come down quite a bit to be more reasonable, but new disks are going to cost more. If you do not like the higer price, the HD or SD version is available to you.
  • Technically Atmos and HDR can be used on a standard blu ray. Atmos came out on standard blu ray. The only reason you dont have 1080p hdr is because OEM's dont want to make those sets. However if you're watching an HDR show or movie on netflix you might have seen a movie in hdr at 1080p or 720p due to bandwith issues during your stream. FYI
  • Yes, there are BluRay disks with Atmos. But there are not many of them, and mastering the sound would increase the cost since it requires the mixer to attach the vectors to the audio. And since Atmos is one of those odd tech that started at home vs. starting in the theater, movies do not genrally have them. As for HDR, HDR requires encoding the video to 10bit in a wide color space. The BluRay format only allows for 8bit YCbCr. Most of the HDR standards are relatively new, only going back a year or two and HD BluRay predates those formats. THe BluRay was not built to handle HDR. HDR on Netflix or Amazon is possible because they manage the stream, they can encode whatever they want into the data, and encode it any way they want. As long as the device that is decoding the media can handle the bit depth and can handle HDR10 or DolbyVision, then it will play in HDR.
  • There isn't really a technical reason that Standard Blu-Ray couldn't play UHD.  They only use the 4 layer Blu-Rays because they use inefficient codecs (MPEG 2) so the movie becomes so large that it is more difficult to pirate.  If they used h.265 or something the video file would be only about 15gb instead 60gb.
  • Is the UHD version on the US store only? I can't see it in the UK
  • Love this movie... really funny and clever.
  • I'm still trying to understand the reasoning behind pre-ordering a digitally delivered product. 
  • It is basically just buying it you wont forget to buy it once it is available. The days of pre-ordering so that you can ensure you get a copy are nearly over.
  • $10 more for the 4K version. Ouch
  • which is not even on anything, you do not own anything, just some data on someone elses server.  
  • blah blah blah resolution!   The perks of having a 10 year old son is taking him to see all these movies and enjoying the **** out of them!!! I love lego batman,  Will Arnette is awesome.   
  • Microsoft Movies and TV is great! It's the reason why I'll stay with Windows Mobile.
  • Hey thanks for the heads up.
  • If I have a 950 which is capable of recording video in 4K (which doesn't that mean I can view in 4K?), and buy this movie through the Microsoft Store, would I be able to use my Continuum along with my 950 attached to my 4K TV and get full result of 4K viewing?
  • If I am going to buy a film i rather buy it on a system where I know I can watch it anytime and on a system that can not take it awayfrom me even after buying. This why I i would not buy DRM music online. i do nto mind a subscription for service like netlfix or spotify, but i rather buy any films I want to keep on disk or music on disk. The onlky thing i buy that is DRM are books as you only normally read them once anyway and I only buy them when they are cheap.      
  • UHD was available yesterday but today is not.  Anybody else seeing this?  I checked yesterday and UHD was there.  I promised the kids we could watch tonight but now I'm looking and there is only SD & HD.  I don't want to buy HD tonight only to have UHD show up again tomorrow...