LEGO and Batman are already a pretty enticing combination, but throwing 4K in the mix makes it even better. And if you prefer to use Microsoft's storefront for your movie and TV collection, you can have it all with The LEGO Batman Movie in 4K UHD.

Up for grabs now on the Microsoft Store, The LEGO Batman Movie is available in not only HD and SD options like most other available content, but you can grab the UHD version for $30 as well. It's not the first 4K content to be available from Microsoft (there's a whole collection to check out, but it is one of the only major pieces of 4K content available right now.

In any case, you can pre-order now ahead of the movie's digital release on May 19. As the Store listing notes, you'll want to make sure you're watching on an Xbox One S hooked up to a 4K-capable TV to get the full effect.

Thanks to Jeremy for the tip!

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