Lenovo announces three affordable Q-series monitors with great connectivity

Lenovo Q Series
Lenovo Q Series (Image credit: Lenovo)

What you need to know

  • Lenovo announces the Q27h, Q27q, and Q24i monitors for work and play in the office.
  • Two out of three screens are QHD, allowing you to fit more on the single display. All of them have low blue light and other handy features.
  • These Q-series monitors are affordable with prices starting from $199.99. Availability is expected for May 2022.

Lenovo has a few new stylish Q-series monitors coming out of CES 2022. The Lenovo Q27h, Lenovo Q27q, and Lenovo Q24i are designed for those with laptops or desktops that need additional screens to be more productive. The flagship of this launch is the 27-inch Lenovo Q27h-20 QHD (1440p) monitor with a near-edgeless sleek design.

This panel is an IPS screen and manages to score 95% for DCI-P3 and 99% for sRGB, making it ideal for creative work. The built-in connectivity hub is capable of running numerous accessories through a single USB-C cable from your favorite laptop. It can even provide up to 90W of power to the notebook to keep it topped up.

There's even an integrated phone holder and smart speaker to reduce desk clutter and free up space for other equipment. Even the best monitors with more affordable price tags usually cut on various elements, including the design, but Lenovo has managed to create something truly striking.

If you want something even more affordable, Lenovo also brought to the table the 27-inch Q27q-20 with a QHD resolution and 23.8-inch Q24i-20 with an FHD resolution. All three monitors come with low blue light technology for more comfortable use and protection for the eyes, as well as sturdy stands with plenty of adjustment.

Lenovo plans to launch all three screens in May 2022 with the Q27h, Q27q, and Q24i costing $349,99, $299.99, and $199.99, respectively.

Rich Edmonds
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