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Lenovo's folding tablet hybrid strongly resembles Microsoft's 'Surface Phone' patents

The Surface Phone is the expected next step for Microsoft's Surface line, and while we have only the tiniest morsels of information thus far, it can be fun to speculate.

We expect any new "Surface" mobile device to be powered by CShell, which, in basic terms, will allow Microsoft to adapt Windows 10 itself to smaller displays. There is also a slew of foldable phone patents, which fits Surface's modus operandi of category creation. Indeed, for Microsoft to re-enter the phone market after the battering it took over the failure of both Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, Redmond would really, really need to do something special.

Perhaps a folding "phone that can replace your tablet" might be just what the doctor ordered, but Lenovo's Android-powered convertible might just beat them to the punch.

Lenovo's "Folio" concept phone has made the rounds before, but this new video posted recently on reddit gives us a better look at how it converts easily from a tablet, into a phone-like device, complete with photography and an adaptable user interface. Presumably, the "Surface Phone" will follow similar design principles, if Microsoft's folding phone patents are any indication.

From Microsoft's folding device patents.

From Microsoft's folding device patents.

Microsoft has retrenched hard in the smartphone war, conceding the market to Android and iOS. Most of Microsoft's public mobile efforts now focus on bringing their services to those aforementioned established mobile platforms, with an emphasis on Android owing to its customizable nature.

If Microsoft does eventually re-enter the phone race, the company will likely try and position any prospective Surface Phone as a pocket PC with cellular, rather than attempt to take Android and iOS head-on. Microsoft has done an incredible job of alienating UWP developers who were invested in Windows 10 Mobile, so it'll be interesting to see how Redmond hopes to muster confidence in their commitment once again, if indeed it is their intention to bring another mobile device to market.

We'll have to wait and see how this plays out, but for now, what do you think of the Lenovo folding concept phone? Is that something you could see yourself using with Windows 10? Hit the comments.

Jez Corden is a Senior Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • Microsoft leaves mobile for 3 years in order to go to the next big thing. But before Nadella can bother to show up, Google and their ecosystem partners are already there. Again, no fire or sense of urgency in Nadella's Microsoft.
  • Hate to agree, but I have to. The writing is also already on the wall for the big thing known as HoloLens. If Microsoft wants to win that war, get them on the shelves for $300 and consider it a loss leader for future incarnations of the platform.
  • I dont think a 300$ price tag will make it a success. I'd say their best bet is to make it available in the U.S. only and ensure that all the apps that provide services in the U.S. are available in the windows store before launch. Then they can expand gradually after that. If you check the amount of apps today on android and iOS, oh man, MS is too late and lazy
  • You mean europe and UK as there is higher win mobile users in percentages......
  • L520 buyers aren't going to be able to afford a Hololens.
  • a 300$ price tag and LTE would make them fly off the shelves, and v2 and v3 will slim it down and fix the fov, success
  • why US only, thats why android is all over becoz they don't discriminate. its only your money that talks.
  • Jus curious, anyone know how many today's popular windows applications, mobile apps, internet services started up from US? from other country? Line is popular in Japan, Taiwan and.. is it Vietnam or Thailand? And it's going no where...
  • Android is all over because Google created a mobile operating that put the manufacturers in control. Microsoft keeps all the control with Windows so manufacturers weren't motivated to create phones for them. All the manufacturers put Android everywhere while ignoring Windows.
  • I've been saying that for years. None of the OEMs want to invest in a device that can't be differentiated from a software perspective. Microsoft was like differentiate with apps...but that didn't really pan out too well. OEMs want to be able to change some things and offer a different experience to the user. Maybe the OS wasn't ready for that yet...but with all this work with one core and what not AND this more open Microsoft - maybe there will be hope yet!
  • They should allow OEMs to create their own shells. That would be cool and could really get some manufacturers behind the platform.
  • Have you not yet heard of the Windows holographic platform and the numerous devices coming out in a couple of months? Many of them under 300$
  • Tethered to a computer. So yeah its basically having an external monitor but for your head. Hololens is so much more than that and doesnt need another device to run it. That's the difference. The specs for hollows are relatively low so at least $500 for the device.
  • Until a device like hololens is actually sitting on the shelf at Walmart and can be used sans PC tethered to it, it's vaporware. And now that Apple's announced a big, public push into AR that'll happen starting with iOS devices, it's basically over for Windows Holographic. Nobody but nerds knows anything about it. The masses will think Apple "changed everything...again!" and that's where their dollars will go. Microsoft is tripping over its own feet.
  • Yep, count me in on that one as well. Surface phone had been late for over a year now. It should have been launched with the killing off of Lumia devices. Since the end of Lumia 950 / 950XL production, Surface Phone had been late already, every day counting as another nail in its coffin.
  • You know...... I swear 😬
    MS knows they don't have a product ready, so they file patents.... Hey! Gotta get paid somehow❗ 💜💜💜
  • Now, with the "Surface Phone" we need it to fold the other direction. So, MS can be first with that. 😂😂😂
  • Then again.... MS wasn't the first with tablets, and look at Surface.. So, this is in no way a nail in coffin for a Surface Phone... The Surface Phone just must be appealing, as the Surface Pro was, and offer what a mobile OS can't... And, it will.
  • I like talking to myself....
  • We know you are mentally incapable to thinking quietly.
  • It's all good though.
  • ill join you my friend haha
  • Another thing to consider is that it took 3 attempts before surface really caught on. Is everyone here willing to wait till surface phone 3 before people catch on? I know i am because the most likely scenario is that the surface phone will be too early and too different for people to catch on from the go, like the surface pro was.
  • I've mentioned this before... I expect the Surface Phone (if there is gonna be one) to be a much better version 1 than the original Surface Pro was simply because MS has already figured out the winning formula for the Surface brand... If it folds, the first generation seam may not be perfect, as with the hinge on the first generation Surface Book. I don't think it would take MS more than 2 generations to get the Surface Phone right, but I'm not sure about marketing, which would determine everything.
  • Agreed
  • If this Surface Phone (win10.Portable) allows me to dock it on my gamepad playing xpa titles... take my money!!!!!
    I'm happy to throw away my Nexus phones day1 when this is out!
  • That will be Microsoft's third attempt in mobile.  First there was Windows Mobile with the old interface needing a stylus to press anything on the screen (anything before version 7).  Then there was the Windows Phone attempt (version 7, 8, 8.1 and W10M) with the tiles interface. The next one is the third attempt :-)  
  • Windows Mobile up to about version 5.0 was a success. It definitely saw a blow because times changed and technology advanced, but before iDroid it was the go to smartphone OS, and was mostly used by enterprise, and enthusiast. WM set the stage for what the smartphone is today (alongside BB, palm, and others).... I don't know why people think WM wasn't a success.. It's like thinking analog TV wasn't a success because it's not "popular" anymore, and we use digital now. Times change.. I can't say the same for Windows Phone 7.0 - 10, but I will say that anyone would be a fool to think that iDroid, as we use smartphones today, will be the way things are done forever. Smartphones aren't where technology stops. I know it's hard for the small minded to imagine a future where things are different, but it's inevitable. Someone will always come up with a better way. And, it's also short slighted to think that it definitely will be MS, Apple, or Google in the future who does so. Look back to the Nineties, and how we knew electric cars were coming, and look at Tesla now...We always imagine it would be the big three to come first with an electric vehicle for prime time, but that completely wasn't the case........
    Like I said, times change.
  • The Surface Pro isn't a tablet. It doesn't sell as a tablet. It is a convertible laptop at best.
  • Dude, it's a tablet.... Call it what you want. 2i1, whatever. I have a Surface3... It's a PC, it's a tablet... Whatever... Works both ways.
    Fact is without the keyboard is closer to a tablet than anything.
  • I have a Surface Pro 3. Without the keyboard, it is almost useless. Windows 10 is a pain when used all touch. The onscreen keyboard is absolutely terrible and there are no good apps to speak of. The Surface Pro line are laptops that can almost pass as tablets.
  • Dude, you're sick.. I don't even have the keyboard, and it works terrifically... The thing is that there's two kinds of people. People who can't live without the keyboard, and those that can't live without the pen, and that's fine.. I use my pen religiously... How often do you use your pen?
  • What is that Steve Jobs quote about the pen?
  • Well, paraphrased, it was, If you see a stylus, they did it wrong. But that was out of context as much as Balmers oft repeated assessment of the iPhone. Jobs point was that the iPad/iOS was designed with no pen required. At the time, Windows Mobile really called for a stick to hit some of the tiny UI targets. Hell, the devices came with stylii and silos to keep them in. That has unfortunately not changed much. There is too much wrapping of Win32 apps that were designed assuming a keyboard and mouse on a desktop with 24" monitors and slapping them on 10" tablets. It's still true today, if you are on a tablet, and are compelled to drag out a pen/stylus to be able to use an app, they did it wrong. 
  • I don't care how groundbreaking the hardware is.  No apps, no chance. 
  • No we don't. Imagine the scratches. Screen on screen is NOT a good idea.
  • In this case screen on screen is a good idea.
    Imagine the scratches of always having an exposed screen like in that video.
    The screen is always at risk with that design.
    Inserting in your pocket is a risk.
  • You do not understand how scratches work. A screen on the outside normally touches soft materials like your pants. But if you have two hard surfaces, the smallest amount of dust between them will cause scratches.
  • There's a way around that.
    There could be a little protrusion on the extreme edges of the device, which will provide a clearance between the screen on screen
  • Not if it folds the other direction,,, which for a Surface Phone it should.
  • Surface phone could come with three displays with the ability to fold both ways. Fold it close and you got your phone and open it flat you got your tablet. I wouldn't mind that.
  • Exactly what I was thinking.
  • IDK,,,, with 3 sections those sections would have to be unbelievably thin, so that the overall thickness of the device was kept to a minimum.. I mean, this thing needs to be pant pocketable, although I don't expect it to be pocketable for everyone.
  • True, i was just expressing my fantasy...fantasy is the reality for us windows phone fans! Pocketability, weight, thickness, battery consumption, fragility, thewe are all issues that have to be overcome.
  • Exactly.
  • Microsoft only filed patents of specific designs of a foldable device.  Apple & Google are most probably investigating on similar concepts.  If such a Surface Mobile device sees any initial success, they will release similar products.  Microsoft will have a hard battle on mobile, even if they manage to release a cool product.  It is so easy for Apple & Google to copy from MS.
  • ...the problem is they don't have an OS capable of doing the same things and the desktop market is dominated by Windows, so MS is ahead on this new form factor...much ahead. It'll be very hard for them to compete, much like has been for MS to compete in the mobile world...
  • What about iOS, we don't know how they have that run across iPad and Phone, or if they are changing it to be able to adapt to devices of all sorts of sizes. MS are still working on CShell of course so maybe Apple are in the background? Software wise it's easy for people to forget how many normal average people don't use a PC except at work. I don't think I could use this device for that much, because I need too many dev tools etc.
  • Yeah, we can't just underestimate Apple here for not doing anything, even they are stubborn in many cases. Remember that they always work on things in secret or at least low-profile. Apple is a tech company that they only show things when its actually ready on the shelves, which unlike Microsoft and even Google love to tease with new things, over-promise and under deliver after weeks or months of announcement. About Cshell, hopefully, that when they release it finally introduce it officially, it must be polished and feature-set are at least almost on-par on what we have now. Not releasing another half-baked thing and fixing everything after bit-by-bit. Crossing my fingers with this. First impression matters alot!
  • Lol is kapout !! A dog, even disguised will remain a dog !!
    Microsoft does not understand anything ... it's a reality!
    A user of 930xl
  • That's the idea, right there.
  • Sure they do. MS is making sure they can run 'Windows' on iOS and Android. Search the respective stores on each of those platforms for Microsoft. You don't need a WP to run Office, Skype, Groove, LinkedIn, OneDrive, Remote Desktop, XBox, and on and on. People don't run an OS, they run apps, and even MS is making sure you don't need Windows to run MS on mobile. /s
  • You couldn't be more wrong, gnomagico.  Phone users aren't clammoring for desktop apps.  The lack of mobile apps is what killed Windows Mobile.  Of that there is zero debate.  All of the posters here are ignoring the 600 lb. gorilla in this room - the lack of apps.  I don't care how cool the hardware is.  If I can't do on the Windows mobile platform what I can do on the iOS and Android mobile platforms, then this whole effort is DOA.  Browsers and bots are not suitable alternatives to the app experience.  If you can't port existing iOS or Android apps to the platform, and you can't drive developers to the platform, then MS is just rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic.  Put briefly, "no apps, no chance". 
  • Google doesn't have an OS that can compete with Windows10. Google are building a new OS that works with this foldable form factor, codename of that OS is Fuchsia and Google expects it to be ready in 2020. So it's save to say that Microsoft has a head start in this concept, Android on a device like this is not good enough and iOS on it makes no sense at all. With iOS you have a small phone when it's closed and a bigger phone when it's open, when it's open I want to multitask.
  • How is Android not good enough on a touchscreen?
  • Can someone explain me this patent thing? How can you patent something when you don't have the product. How is Lenovo expected to pay Microsoft for this thing? 
  • You patent an idea/ a design concept.
  • Watch the series "Genius" on Netflix.. It shows how patent wars from the late 19th century, and early 20th century, brought us where we are today.
  • Is that "American Genius"? I'll add it to my playlist, I'm curious.
  • Yep.. It's a series.. Every episode touches on patents.
  • Uh, isn't that how it works? You have an idea, you patten it so someone doesn't patten it before you. 
  • There's a little more to it than that, but that's part of it, yes
  • Microsoft patented the hinge design though. Not dual-screen devices. That already existed before MS patent.
  • MS actually filed a patent for their own folding screen seam, which has a way to bend light so that it's not as noticeable in the middle of the screen.
  • These are the things that will differentiate the Surface Phone.. In-depth attention to detail, and innovation. The Surface team will accept no less.
  • Rodney...Sorry to have to do this....but.......... Capitan Obvious to the rescue....faster than the speed of stupid!  Of course they never had a product.....
  • I liked the part "...Microsoft has done an incredible job of alienating UWP developers..."
  • You "like" it?🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • That is what MSFT have been doing since Windows Vista (2006 onwards). In fact they love doing it so often that they hired Satya Nadella to cause grief and pain to "Windows phone fans"
  • Lol
  • Except for the fact the UWP apps can run on desktop/laptop and even Xbox as well as potentially on W10Mobile. So depending on what the developer made there is no reason for them to feel alienated in the slightest
  • Folding design is pointless without a full OS. What's the point of the tech with a Mobile OS.
  • It's actually just the opposite.   Why have a mobile centric device with a desktop os on it.   Pointless.  
  • Because a foldable screen is to make a mobile also a PC. The whole point is to have a 5-6" screen fold out to a 10-12" screen. There is absolutely no way a mobile OS can compete with a real OS on a 10-12" device. Apps don't even come close to the functionality of a real software program. That's why 95% of app developers make no money whatsoever. And 88% of app users delete an app from their device within a week of downloading it. Pretty scary numbers. The reality is a massively small selection if apps are used constantly. The rest are useless. And the websites operate much much better.
  • Please Richard....lay off the MS kool Aid for a bit.  when being mobile  desktop software nor websites have more functionality than apps developed for mobile use....if you think they do,  then,  you do not use your devices while mobile then...if your just sitting in your room all day long...then yes...desktop software is fine,  just as continuum and now DeX is a total failure because it's not needed or wanted in a mobile device....maybe 88 percent of windows moible users...since their apps are trash anyways.  I know that I have deleted a total of probably 6 or 7 apps that I have downloaded,  but I replaced them with better versions or more choice in that with crappy windows moible 3rd party crap aps.
  • There is no way a 5-6" screen unfolds to 10".
  • Your post is laughable Mr. Loveridge - fiction to support your "apps are basically useless" narrative.  Your last sentence says it all - "...websites operate much much better".  Get back to me when you can deposit a check in your online bank using your browser.  And 95% of app developers make no money?  Are you talking only about the kid in his/her basement?  Because here's a fact - an actual fact: 16% of Android app developers make north of $5,000 per month.  And that's Android for crying outloud.  iOS developers do even better. 
  • Ahy, Richard is a kool aid drinking fangirl here.  He's blind to anything but Praising the MS.  
  • its Lenovo so..there is a bit of hope that they would implement the same for windows ecosystem when we have the surface phone...and its just the concept(being positive)
  • Heeeeeyyyyy❗❗❗❗ That is a terrific point, and I never thought about that. Good thinking. Thanks!
  • That is nonsense. Microsoft has simply learned not to show all their cards before they have a completed product, as they have done with the rest of the surface devices. We know they have prototypes inside Microsoft, they are simply not showing it to the world. So stop panicking because chances are that the surface mobile device will leave this Lenovo concept thingy in the dust
  • Plus, what kind of complete idiot would buy a Lenovo product, what with all the spyware installed on them... Not to mention Lenovo has many problems with build quality, or rather lack of it. Granted win10 steals all your info, but at least M$ doesn't give it to the Chinese government... at least I hope not...
  • Actually what kind of complete idiot would spew your nonsense.  Read it and weep, Einstein: And please don't try and shoot the messenger.  Laptop Magazine is as credible a source as you can get.  They're not in anyone's pocket and they're a publication of highly regarded Tom's Hardware.  Lastly, I seriously doubt that MS themselves would sell Lenovo PCs and Thinkpads in their own online store if they were filled with "all the spyware" that you accuse them of including on their products.  That ship sailed long ago. 
  • I know everyone likes to complain about Surface Phone taking so long and how the next version of Hololens should have been out sooner. But has anyone stopped to think that both of these issues may not have really been caused by Microsoft at all? We know that when the initial rumors of Surface Phone began, it was rumored to be an x86 device. Then Intel went and cancelled all of their Atom and cell phone processors. HoloLens is also an x86 device, correct? If all of Intel's small Atom processors were discontinued, that would mean Microsoft would have to switch to another low power processor. In response to Intel canceling this line of processors we then started to hear about Microsoft developing full blown windows to run on ARM. It's possible that Microsoft was forced to regroup and start redesigning these low power platforms because Intel cancelled the very parts they were designed to run on. So if you guys want to be upset about all this taking so long, it really may be Intel that you should be so angry with. And if this is true, you can expect the next version of Hololens will have an ARM processor.
  • "you can expect the next version of Hololens will have an ARM processor." I have no doubt that it will be an ARM Processor. No point for X86.
  • ..because as I have stated a thousand times before; Nutella is only worried about his own pockets and the quick money grab cloud crap. This company will be a dinosaur in a decade because of this clown.
  • Yep. Ballmer had his own problems, but at least he stood behind Windows Phone and leaned into it, making it grow, even if in fits and spurts. Nadella just gave up.
  • It is critical to Microsoft to get to market fast with their innovative products. However I personally don't see much value in Android or iOS on large screen devices. The ability for a phone to become a tablet or laptop or desktop when docked seems a lot more useful with Windows 10 than with Android or iOS. The phone part is of course the weak link for Windows and the area Microsoft isn't giving the attention it deserves. A patch for this weak link might be to allow Android app emulation on WoA.
  • The windows ecosystem won't help Microsoft. Plus they are getting rid of their die hard fans.
  • It's helped Surface so far, why wouldn't it continue to?
  • surface is considered a PC, and people use PCs for heavy work. As for the surface foldable or pocket device, I don't think many will buy it. simply because other smartphone OSes offer far more services via apps that aren't available on the windows store. enterprise? maybe. unless they rely on services (mostly government) offered by apps.
  • If it's full windows on ARM with a screen that can unfold to 8 inches?  You don't think people will buy it?  I'll be first in line to pick one up!
  • Agree, but only if it unfolds to 10", and comes with a connection dock for an external display and plenty of USB slots. It needs to be a 3-in-1.
  • And it needs to be slimmer than the Lenovo, even when folded out that thing looks pretty thick. I think if anybody can improve the design it's the Surface team. This would need to be mobile enough that it could replace my phone completely, I just don't need MORE devices to carry around
  • How will it fit into your pocket? 
  • A 10" tablet even folded into 3 is still huge. It isn't going to replace your phone.
  • Why would a ten inch tablet folded into 3 not be smaller than a 1520?... It would
  • It could well be as thick as three 1520 stacked. Haven't seen a phone that thick since 2005.
  • Three 1520s would make a screen that is only slightly bigger than an iPad. 1920x3240 would be an interesting aspect ratio.
  • Not me. A lot of government services (parking, transportation, speed fines, carriers, bills) , shopping membership cards, banks, restaurants, bike rental, etc are investing in mobile apps which are not available on windows. These apps have more features than websites. For example my carrier has an app with "shake phone for deal" and it's not available on the website. Bike rental requires the app to rent a bike based on your location, also there is an app to pay for your car parking based on location, etc. So no a foldable windows tablet is not for me. I would probably get a 250$ windows laptop which stays at home.
  • No they don't. Not in the UK. Apps are always less featured than the websites. By a huge margin.
  • Beg to differ there Richard.   You cannot unlock hotel doors,  rental cars etc with their websites....its only windows mobile apps that are far behind and less featured than websites...which is also odd because most of them are web wrappers making them less functional while mobile anyways.  
  • Run Bluestack and you can have all the apps.
  • Bluestacks is not a real option. At least not for consumers. I used it once only with snapchat app on my hp spectre x360 i7-7500u and 16 gigs of ram (strong computer) and it sucked. It's was slow as a phone from 2007 and it crushed every 2 or 3 minutes. If you want android apps you need an android device. But also I don't think it will be a device for consumers. At least not the first one. So...
  • Have you tried MeMu? I have successfully used it as my testing emulator to develop an android app on Xamarin. Contrary to the popular recommendation of having a real device for testing. Blue Stacks was below par for me.
  • Going to try MeMu it advertising driven?
  • I for one will not be buying a surface for the way MS treats me as a windows mobile user. Futhermore I advise all my customers to stay away from MS as they are unreliable. Fortunately 99% of them have gone Apple with their phone and pc a long time ago. So, yes, the way MS treats their mobile users does affect sales of other products and services. I will only use MS products if there is no good alternative, sad but true.
  • Although interesting, Microsoft need to offer much more than just a foldable device to spark interest from the market (both business and consumer). Go foldable just for the sake of being foldable I guess it won't work. We can just wait and see.
  • The Graphene screen is the future.  LG, Samsung, Lenovo, Microsoft and Apple are all hard working at the flexible foldable screen designs for their mobile devices.  MS will have a better than fair chance to succeed due to its dominating W10 desktop position.  A pocket tablet with phone features will be an attractive form factor for the W10 users.
  • It would have to fully replace my phone to be suitable though. If it can't do that then what else will it replace? Not my Surface Pro or laptop not enough power.
  • Well, this concept will be like replacing a smartphone (especially phablets) and a small 7-inch tablet. This won't replace any medium and larger tablets like Surface Pros. The unfold mode will be suited for general consumption like reading and watching videos, but it will also do just fine for lighter productivity where larger workspace is always welcome. Even for everyday note-taking would be a wonderful use-case for this too. The question here is the execution of such concept as a useful product, and how polished the overall experience with it. The OS must be able to utilise the possible use-case of such unique form-factor, more than just between phone and a tablet mode. They must remember the Courier concept on how it fully utilised the dual-screen form factor. This can be applied here too, only without that mechanical hinge.
  • You only have to carry your laptop when needed for serious work or on business trips.  All other times, the pocket tablet/phone will do the job for convenience.  The foldable mobile device is particularly important for the W10 users, it could replace their existing phones.  It would run all the Windows Store apps, web apps and PWAs.  Those apps can only grow with the fast expanding W10 user base.  The apps gap issue will be resolved for most over time if not all.  The new W10 form factor can't die unless W10 platform dies.  I woould expect all the Windows OEMs will fight to support this new W10 form factor which is far more useful and versatile than the fixed tablets.
  • Windows 10 isn't expanding very fast at all. Microsoft is actually at half their projected users. UWP apps are going away, even Microsoft isn't using it for their own apps!
  • Desktops are irrelevent and Microsoft doesn't have a strong touchscreen platform. They have a very poor chance of succeeding, especially with a mobile device.
  • For the most part, I agree with what you say, bleached.  Desktop apps are irrelevant in the mobile space.  The idea that people would flock to a MS mobile product that provides full Win10 and its gazillion desktop apps on a device that has cellular capabilities is wrong headed, IMO.  Where I disagree with you is your assertion that they don't have a "strong touchscreen platform".  What's your definition of "strong" in that context?  If you're referring to their Live Tile interface, I can understand because many people are indeed put off by it.  But once an app has been opened, I find its touch sensitivity and responsiveness equal in every way to the experience offered in Android.  I can't speak to the iOS experience because I've never owned/used an iPhone.  I currently use a very capable Android running Nougat, and I find that its touch functionality is no better than that of my previous phone, which was a Lumia Icon.  I moved to Android only because of the dearth of capable apps on WinMo. 
  • I'll be interested if they made a phone that can fold to 5 inches.  I can't stand how large high powered phones are getting.  I also, like the look and feel of windows OS.
  • Could I see myself using one of those with Windows on it? Honestly, IDK anymore. UWP would be far more attractive if more than just PC and PC tablets were running UWP apps.
  • Errr they do UWP apps can also run on Xbox and W10 Mobile - it's just down to the devs. Chances are that if you have a W10M device you already have at least 1 UWP app on there.
  • I forgot Xbox. Sure UWP is on mobile, but does it really matter when Microsoft is waiting for that to gasp its last? Holographic would matter if there were product on the shelves.
  • First is not always best. The Lenovo proves the concept, but its thick and appeared to show bend wear in the middle. Execution is what will matter. Can MS do it best?
  • Just don't put the MS Band team on it 😉 the screens will be tearing all the time
  • +1 for that comment Dan.  Good one. 
  • Woo hooo. Whiny crybaby fan girl downvotes on everyone of my comments.   Waaaaaahhhhh
  • I ignore the votes. App should let us hide them completely
  • Dan,  I love commenting on the downvotes...drives the little ones crazy!!!! ha ha ha....I call them truth downvotes...when someone speaks the truth about windows get downvotes because the kool-aid drinkers here cannot handle what w10m and now windows on moible devices....really is....a hackjob.....
  • Truth.
  • Ha ha upvoted!!!
  • I downvote comments because I think it's funny 😁
  • I comment on the downvotes because a bunch of panties turn into gigantic knots ha ha  ha!
  • "drives the little ones crazy"?  I think you're vastly underestimating how much people don't give a rat's a$$ what you think.
  • I beg to differ with all the fanboy tears downvotes EVERY comment I make gets....
  • Amen to that. I'm on my 4th Band 2. Two bad screens and battery went out on another. I love the thing but build quality is crap for sure.
  • Yeah, it even shows that there is already a wear on the middle of the display. It looks like a cheap plastic protector. It shows that it seems the material for this kind of devices is not ready yet for real-world use, which repeat use and abuse are common. It is really cool, but it doesn't seem its ready yet.
  • not only that,  how is the screen staying tight when opened if its tight when folded???
  • waaaaahhhhh fangirl downvotes...keep em coming *******!
  • 😂
  • It's going to be interesting to see how long the bending (middle) portion of the screen lasts in the first few iterations of the product. I have no doubt that it'll be perfected in time and look forward to that. I still think that the phones should be designed like our computers - we select the hardware and load any OS on it we want.
  • There's gonna be teething issues for sure.
  • Well yeah, they couldn't design a rubber strap that doesn't break so hopefully a partner company makes the actual screen 😂😉 If the device can replace my phone (It won't be able to replace my Surface) I'll grab one, even early on, most apps I'm using now are UWP anyway, but I'd need a Skype for Business UWP for when I need to use that on the go, apps that don't adapt to the different screen sizes won't be as useful as they should be. They've got a lot of work to do
  • Lol.... Well, apps are a serious issue, and you don't realize how frustrating it is until one you use everyday is gone.
  • Teething? More like that folded section gonna break off with a serated edge. LOL
  • This is what I am very concerned with. These are indeed cool and I love it, but practically is still questionable in the long-run. These are only good as a concept for now until they manage to solve that very issue with some new material. The problem is that the repeated folding and unfolding will wear the material that leaves a permanent mark or even damage. This is even more of a concerned for a component as complex as OLED that have tons of tiny components. No one wants a display that has a permanent mark on the middle of the display after some use. If they are really serious about release this concept to an actual product, then hopefully they already addressed these inherent issues. Not all people use their devices for only a year or less. Many do keep their devices longer as long as they still work fine. Especially when a product is already expensive, the user expects that to last long at least.
  • Windows Windows Phone bored..... with that why killing fans Really?
  • I just need a replacement for my aging 950xl...
  • Lots of phones out there, just pick one.
  • Unfortunately I don't think we are going to be getting another Windows phone. Unless they totally reinvent what a phone is like Apple did with the iphone.
  • There is no way people can be surprised like this once again anymore. But why not?
  • the iPhone didn't suprise at all...I had a P800 back in 2002 and aside for the resistive touchscreen it was like an iPhone...I also had a flat 60kb GPRS connection with full internet browsing on mobile back then...
  • The iPhone didn't sell because of it's technical features or because it was the best product necessarily. Steve jobs sold the world on a story and that's how products get sold. It's why MS struggle to gain traction with products sometimes they don't tell that story or sell a dream to people. Like you said phones could already do what the iPhone could do and not many were interested
  • The iPhone is easily the best product released in the last decade. It completely changed the PC and smartphone market. Everything released since has been chasing the iPhone.
  • This gives an idea to Microsoft's folding device patents. With Panos involved it could go anyway. Be very thin and click out, flip over and click in. Would be interesting to see what's designed if thus see light.
  • The issue with thinking about what Microsoft will do next is that we can't think about it. All of these innovations (microcomputers, smartphones, HoloLens, etc.) came about from brilliant minds all coming together and challenging the limits of what we know. Maybe what they are designing is something that doesn't even exist at the moment. Imo because of this, it's best to reserve our judgements until we see something concrete. The patent is far from concrete; companies file patents all the time for things that never materialize.
  • Dream on!:) we all know pretty well what is technically possible. You scifi dreams are not gonna happen. Anything Microsoft will make will be copied within 2 years by others who have more apps to offer on a similar device.
  • I just hope the "surface phone" is high quality like that actual surface line, no matter how late it is.
  • Uh.. is there actually any demand for something like this? Don't know how big this thing might be folded/unfolded but how about just a follow up to the 1520 only bigger-say 6.2-6.5"?
  • Too big for most people... A 5,5" mobile device that unfolds to a 10" tablet device or can power a 24" external display for a full PC experience; that's a device I could see many people having a use for!
  • 5.5"? Still stuck in 2012? To each his own, but if MS wants to get back in mobile it can't be just this foldable, need several devices of different sizes.
  • That is physically impossible! The largest that an unfolded 5.5 inch device can get is 7 to 7.5 inches.
  • Not all of us want 7" phones that can't fit in our pockets.
  • Who said 7"? BTW that thing looks like 6" folded.
  • Exactly.   I don't want anything bigger than my current 6s.  Anything bigger is to gangly in the pocket and hard to use with one hand. 
  • About a third of my workforce (sales) could be untethered from their desks with a device like this. Everything they do is already web hosted. We piloted a few untethered with Surfaces, but they are too big and awkward for handheld use.
  • Microsoft!
  • Time to retrench and wait for the next "next big thing".
  • Here we go again....
  • "strongly resembles Microsoft's 'Surface Phone' patents" I don't think so...
  • i think its time we give up on microsoft i dont think i will buy this surface phone unless it has snap chat and other apps i want and need. 
  • Is Snapchat still a thing?
  • Yes, for tweenage girls.
  • No, it's still huge... I hate it.
    It's becoming the new QR code system for industries like fast food, beverage, and other youthful markets.
  • Is this Snapchat thing like tinder dating app? Cause W10M has tons of dating apps and games for teens
  • It's not only about Snapchat. There are tons of other apps for banking, transport, reservations etc that are not on windows or they haven't been updated in a long time. Some of them even getting removed completly from the store, like PayPal. There is no reason to stick to a dying platform. I've recently bought an Android and man the OS seems so dull and dumb compared to Windows 10. But at least I don't have to rely on 3rd party apps for basic tasks. The browser is ok but not everyone has a decent mobile site. Unfortuantely, everyone is into apps now and MS decided to pull out for no reason at all. They were at 12% market share in EU a few years ago. They should have stuck to that and keep growing instead of retrenching.
  • Exactly!!!!!
  • They peaked there and were already starting to drop before retrenching. That 12% in Europe only translated to 3% worldwide and was only reached with the Nokia name and cheap hardware.
  • In Canada Windows Phones were around 30% market share compared to Blackberry and Android. That was in 2014. Now I'm one of the few hundred people left on this platform
  • Yep....WM was doing pretty good here for sure.  Once MS announced they were not moving the 1020 forward because of a couple of hits on the insider program,  I left.  No way was I going to support them in mobile then.  I saw what was coming,  and I was right.    Using a 6s now and loving it.  Nope,  the camera is not as good,  but everything else is much better.
  • Why will people even buy this. It'll fail
  • The Lenovo device you mean?
  • Any such device
  • Because it is a new tech, they want to be the first to own one and play with it, and finally they want to be a volunteer guinea pig for the rest of us!
  • You can sell poop to a porta potty with terrific marketing.........
  • But you can't sell it twice. They will know better the next time. Marketing is only really effective if you have a great product to back it up. Marketing doesn't fix a poor experience once you get it home.
  • True.... Nevertheless, MS's problem hasn't been poor products.
  • They were mediocre at best compared to the competition. The quality of the platform definitely was the issue.
  • actually you give poop to prota pottys marketing needed...ha ha
  • Future is coming, step by step. Play in the current smartphone circle with limited same old stuffs or prepare for the next generation kind of mobile devices.
  • I'm afraid that the middle portion of the screen would break or eventually show wear and tear. Would wait at least a year or two before investing in this phone
  • That fold in the display when it is off looks ugly.
  • It seem a lot of people are doing foldable
    but can anyone tell Microsoft that they can bring out great product but if all the apps out there that CUSTOMERS WANT on there item. they buy don't run they are going to be in same place in another 2 or 3 years
    Mobile has failed due to the app issue,not because Ms has crap products.
    If the apps ran on win 10 mobile would all be looking forward to product with enthusiasm
  • Microsoft's mobile products have been crap, that is why they don't have apps. If they were as good as the competition, then people would have bought them and apps would have come.
  • "Microsoft has done an incredible job of alienating UWP developers who were invested in Windows 10 Mobile, so it'll be interesting to see how Redmond hopes to muster confidence in their commitment once again, " Not sure I understand this comment. If they were producing true UWP apps, then they're already prepared for the WoA future. That's the beauty of UWP.
  • Exactly - that and UWP apps can already run on desktop/laptop/tablet/Xbox/hololens as well as W10M.
  • One thing is for sure. We most likely won't see this Surface mobile device in October, but probably next year around April (I think this is considered by many analysts and fans the ultimate deadline). What is absolutely sure though, is when Apple launch their new anniversary iPhone in September, heavy leaks from Microsoft will flow around that date to shadow the Apple event. Usually that's how tech world goes. So we will see almost final patents, intentional leaks and probably hardware in just two months.
  • I think you're right and it creates a personal problem for many of us. I can't wait past October and if i buy something in October i won't be getting a surface phone in April. Oh well. What can you do? 
  • " Indeed, for Microsoft to re-enter the phone market after the battering it took over the failure of both Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile ..." Let's not forget that Microsoft (especially Satonya Nutella) themselves landed about 50% of the punches that battered Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile. Their advertising and promotions were woeful. They weren't as bad as HP stupidly pulling the plug on the TouchPad as it went out the door but MS certainly weren't backing their phone line 100% and definitely gave up too easily. As the current resurgence of the Nokia phone brand shows, that is a very valuable property that they should have owned outright - at least for phones. The Lumia brand had value too. People love Nokia phones, Satonya seems to love Android, why didn't they ship Android and Windows on Nokia handsets? Why didn't they make Windows 10 Mobile somehow run Android apps? Instead we get nudge-nudge, wink-wink there may or may not be a Surface Phone/Foldable/Something this year, or next year, or sometime in the next decade. By the time it comes out the market will have moved on to implanted (behind the ear probably) 6G based mobile chips with connected AR/VR/ER vision contact lenses; NFC chips embedded in our fingers and keyboards tattooed/projected onto our inner forearms. When MS had a phone division worth a damn, the best solution (for customers) would have been to do a HP and split into two and let the consumer division stand on it's own away from Satonya. The consumer division could've included Xbox, Phones and a consumer version of Surface and paid licence fees to the original MS for use of software,etc. Their phones may have still ended up failing but at least someone might have made a decent effort on them. No reason that their consumer and business divisions couldn't have sold some similar devices with different brands & different specs - works for car companies all the time.
  • The Msft patent suggests 3 Diverse Foldable "Surface phone (Andromeda)" form factors.   These designs ALL have the potential to improve the performance of "Gigabit 4G LTE" shown by W10A prototype at Computex2017   Why foldable design?
    [1] foldable design is key to high performance wireless phone network
    [2] foldable design supports more screen real estate on mobile phone
    [3 foldable design is the next big trend (Samsung, Apple, etc. all filing patents on foldable design).
    [4] foldable design disrupt existing non-foldable design (e.g. iPhone7)
    [5] Foldable DEISGN - foreseen by Star Trek ~60 years ago. <u>Is MSFT working on a foldable phone?</u>
    [1]  The temperature profile included in the  patent suggests "an actual device has been built"
    [2]  Andromeda (Surface phone) is expected to be foldable design - to support S835 capability to provide HIGH performance wireless phone network. <u>Why MSFT patent 3 different foldable phone form factors</u>
    [1]  Foldable design is the NEXT MOBILE design to support "Always On" high speed internet ultramobile PC with telephony.
    [2] To deter competition, MSFT need to protect as many foldable designs [in this patent: 3] as possible and be as specific as possible.
    [3] To make W10 support a variety of foldable mobile designs, MSFT must EXTEND its WIP Composable shell (CShell) to different mobile screen real estate design. We already heard from Brad Sims that this is CHALLENGING! 
    [4] <b>Instead of addressing CShell for TWO continuum OS</b> (W10A, W10M), <u>MSFT has decided to focus on ONE OS</u> (W10A)
    [5]  Customer 101: a platform (W10A ultramobile -always on, full W10 experience with telephony) that offers more form deigns and choices WIN.  
  • How about Microsoft does what they are good at, creating the OS and let all the OEMs (PC or Phone) to build their own devices while they release their own cliche products in Surface brand. Better than churning out all range of phones to fight against everyone?
  • I hope Microsoft doesn't go with something that resembles that folding tablet, it looks like trash and I'm struggling to find any use case that would be improved by it.
  • Let us for a moment assumes that MS is able to skrink a Surface Pro with Core M into a folding 5.5-6 inch ultimate mobile device running a very stable full Windows 10 Pro with CShell, is able to incorporate a LTE module with telephony capabilities, and is able to sell this ultimate mobile device for the same price as the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Note.  Will this allow MS to gain significant market share from iOS and Android?  Well, for those locked into those eco-systems, I don't see why they would want to swtich to a full Windows 10 mobile device running Store apps or x86 programs and miss all the apps that they are used to.  A few may buy the MS ultimate mobile device to replace their laptops and tablets but not their phones.  How many of us honestly need a full Windows 10 ultimate mobile device to carry around with us all the time just to make phone calls, surf the internet, do basic emails and edits on the go?  For these tasks, we have our laptops or tablets.  What I want though is a easy to use and smoothly running smart phone that can integrate well with our PCs and run all the basic productivity, lifestyle, social, banking and health apps and mobile games.  If MS had continues to push W10M and developers are able to push out all the apps people need, then W10M on something like the Elite x3 is already the ultimate mobile device to me.  No need for W10 on ARM or folding phones.
  • With Core M it had better have 8gb RAM or it will be crap. Given how slow MS is moving on this next big thing they'd also better plan on having 5G in it as Samsung and Apple will have gone 5G by the time MS gets their next big thing on the market.
  • "5G" or whatever is simply a function of the SoC (e.g. Snapdragon XXX) they choose to incorporate.
  • A 6" phone unfolded would not create a very big screen at all and it would be a weird aspect ratio. Certainly will not be big enough to create a good Windows experience. Windows also doesn't scale to weird resolutions either.
  • And it runs Android. We all know how Microsoft is not going to win the next big thing just like with HoloLens.
  • This concept looks outdated. I am thinking of something bigger and better than this.
  • this looks like nothing of a product that is anywhere ready for launch. more of a proof of concept!
  • That's because products like this are years away from launch.
  • I dont think that prototype will ever be released. The problem with foldable screens is they wear out very quickly. Microsoft hinge patent seems to be for two separate screens, with is much more practicle. 
  • All these years when short-sighted people keep asking what's the point of having foldable screens, THIS is the point -  a device that can be both a phone and a tablet and now finally something that resembles an actual working device! On the other hand been waiting for these foldable devices for years but it always seems like it's "going to be next year". So is "next year" going to be 2018, or we are still going to be waiting?    
  • Foldable screens are at least 3-5 years away from being released.
  • So, the uniqueness of the new device by Microsoft will be more and more less as time goes on, there goes the foldability -- interesting to see what will be left for Microsoft's device in the end. Moreover, who wants to invest in devices probably getting left behind for the next big thing behind the curve, another vision that will do better ... ah, well, we find surely peeps, nevermind. Well, developers also do not seem to see a bright future for UWP, for reasons only developers can say since nobody else is coding UWP apps to get the experience at first hand.
  • Cloud first cloud first cloud first
  • MSFT is at a state where it's "cloud first mobile last"
  • I don't see myself using this device. It's function looks too gimmicky. I have concerns about the durability of this device. On this prototype a bulge in the middle of the screen can be seen when the device is set from bent folio mode to tablet mode. With the screen on the outside brings all sorts of risks of breaking and scratching half or more of the viewing screen when in your pocket, bag or after a drop. It's going to be a challenge to put a case on this device. I think this device will be for a niche market who know how to handle such a device. I think the use of the foldable screen would be more valuable if the screen could be bent inwards, like a clamshell design.
  • I agree, but outside they could make it like a 'YotaPhone' with e-ink.
  • Agree with Wevenhuis, folding screen technology shown here is not up to it.
  • What Microsoft have to do to succed is not only to invent a new form factor, but one on which the current app model doesn't apply, a cool device only possible with the power of Windows 10 and the flexibility of UWP. A new form factor is easy to copy, and if current apps can adapt to it Microsoft will be in the same app-gap situation again.
  • The thing with this is that ms will probably execute this better than lenovo
  • I don't like it.
  • Neat. Just a prototype showing screens that fold. This lenovo design is not there yet obviously. I'm sure Surface team will make a far better device if they release it.
  • This would be great. If it's price competitive. I'm am patient with that development, quality must be excellent.
  • Anyone else wondering how long it would take before the fold in the screen breaks and the screen needs replacing?
  • I shaved my legs for this?
  • MS cannot possibly target consumer market again. They can't compete on specs (specs doesn't really matter to make a device unique), they don't have a mobile OS which we are all satisfied with; they don't have apps, and also ignore UWP; murdered their mobile fans; and also pretend that they don't need fans for the progress of their next attempt at phones; and all last, the form factor hype is already gone with Lenovo showing such a device. Now, Mobile is crucial, they must approach it, and in 2018/2019 they can't expect to launch a device with such a capability to shake the world. What I can't understand is, what is MS thinking? If they're targeting Enterprise only, then what's wrong with the existing W10M? And if they want to target consumers, then why delay for so long and ignore their own ecosystem so much?
    And if they just want to show-off a mobile device which will have a cult following in the future, then what's the long term plan? Not to forget that MS has already made a mobile-type device which is circulating in their campus. Alex Kipman is working on its screen and it doesn't come under the 'Surface' team. It features CShell and is extremely buggy (all according to Brad's podcast). So, everything has already been done. They're experimenting with a device which may end up next year (if everything goes well). And I think if it doesn't feature improved OS and native apps, then it'd be a fail.
  • is this a good thing? They rushed and botched something as simple as the web browser on their last entry level phones to the point that the processor would wig out and bake the battery from looking at any kind of web page. If they screw that up again, I'm not sure I can trust maliable material around something that could overheat so readily
  • Just a thought : a foldable Phone would only need one camera, which can be used as both front and back. right?
  • Yes
  • but wouldn't it be a low megapixle front facing camera then? video calling would be impossible if the camera was on the back.
  • Thats the beauty of it. A phone like this would have screens on both sides. Suppose there is only one High MP camera in the back, you just use the screen on the other side and voila! the camera is now front facing.
  • The only way the Surface Phone succeeds is if it is the first to the market. Samsung comes first, people will buy that and not take a second look at Microsoft. But again, under this clown CEO, that isn't going to happen unless it makes him rich immediately.
  • Considering that Samsung has the actual facilities that manufacture the screens, they're likely going to be ahead of MS in developing the tech and getting it to market.
  • No way Microsoft comes out first with this. Where are they going to get the display? Microsoft doesn't manufacturer displays and definitely doesn't manufacturer displays this advanced. It wouldn't help anyways. They still won't have the software or experience required for a great touch device.
  • Really? No comments?
  • Dont see why they need to reinvent the wheel. It can be a ordinary phone with surface design elements, with W10 for arm, running the OS supersmooth, without stupid glitches like not showing call history right unless you hit the search button, not the one on your phone, but the identical one just above it in the app.   Then make it dockable, support two external monitors, and we are good.
  • What I think is that graphene screens are far too expensive to even consider selling them in the consumer market for quite some time. In 5 years or so, MSFT might be able to position such a device as an enterprise product. Putting android on such a device right now is a complete wast of time - no one is paying thousands of dollars for an android tablet.
  • PS MSFTs patents don't all involve graphene. On simply involves a magnetic hinge like the surface book. THAT is doable right now. But its not what you are imagining exactly/ 
  • Screen will fall apart...goid idea though 
  • Bring back UMPC running XP. LOL
  • I don't think a foldable screen is going to set the world on fire, and the overall concept is nowhere nearly as compelling as the surface mobile mockup I've seen elsewhere in your columns and in those of others. Sorry!
  • I would like to offer a thought I'm having with the revelation of this foldable droid tablet. in a comment or two it's been noted that MS once again came up with a brilliant idea but once again the carpet pulled from underneath their feet for being too slow to market with the punch... I don't know, is that really the case? We know that MS is firstly a grassroots software first company, that they are very capable of making premium hardware,  as windows mobile users from day dot till now capable of making an excellent mobile OS. But we also know that MS sucks when it comes to marketing, when it comes to gaining 'mindshare'  no matter how great a product MS conceives of then produces, this is a lack they have little hope of filling. Who in the mobile OS anything has the greatest share of 'mind space' in the mobile market today? Is it Apple, Android, WM or other?  MS could never hope to capture attention long enough of Androids mindshare long enough for anything MS to be given serious consideration... Any attempt to gain android mindshare head on through marketing. It's a lost battle for MS before even beginning. If you're thrown from a boat into the river with a strong current, you don't swim against the raging current to get to where you need to be, you swim with it and let that current take you to where you're wanting to land. One comment mentioned something to the tone that MS knows they can't bring it so they register pantents. I think MS knew exactly what it was doing. MS form factor sells. It's mindshare of OS, APPS bleh that pulls MS anything mobile under. Not it's imagry in form factor Field of Dreams "if you build it they will come"  (Surface) giving birth to 2in1s everywhere. What is androids share of the 2in1 tablet form factor? "build it they will come"  how about 'patent an all new concept in form factor, see who follows and builds it for you, who introduces the entirely new form factor for you, who introduces into the space of an entrenched mindshare for you.  Sure let them launch with android. Go ahead we encourage it. Because you know what... we don't need to be first in this case, we simply need to do better what you're doing.  Android, you got us bet on phones but you don't got us bet on PC software enviroments. Thats all we need, see we're microsoft... We're a software enviroments company first.  Thats where we started, we're doing ok if that's all we ever will be. Because we're making adjustment to be present on your hardware.. Sure those tablets are running android now.  But it's android. Not the choice of someone who's wanting to do some serious nut's & bolts pc intensive computing... no problem you now have a fully fledged windows 10 professional that can accomodate your pc needs on that folding tablet you already bought... a fairy tale of sorts.  But that's how I would play if I were MS          
  • as an after thought. Going this route has the potential of bringing developers over to coding  UWP.  When you fit some crucial pieces together.  As oft said, for serious computing people go to their laptop, or desktop PC... for everything else they reach for their phones.  The domain ruled by android. First, get the form factor you're developing into the hands of the largest share of the mobile market (register a patent of said form factor have it picked up by OEMs). DONE Second: Make it simple for those lets (andorid OS) devices to be converted to a full version Win 10s or Win 10 Pro (partner with the 3rd largest mobile producer to develop roms to convert android to windows with telephoney) DONE lastly, with an eventual shift of people flashing from Android to windows pro on their foldable pocketable android devices. Make it easy for developers to get a jump on that shift coding for the emerging windows OS foldables while making easy forto do so and continue coding for their bread and butter market which is android with as minimal effort as possible. DONE. MS doesn't need to sell hardware to survive or excelle in their core business they never did.  We make the mistake of putting MS into the same catagory of hardware/phone makers they're not a phone makers. Hell, until recently they weren't even PC makers of any real description.
  • zzzzzzzzzz  I don't want a curved screen TV either...
  • How many people actually use their phone as a phone versus as a computer for online uses? That is the question to answer to understand where Microsoft is going with mobile. The idea of a foldable computer that you can use as a phone is a major step in the right direction. With voice use instead of keyboarding along with Continuum will most certainly make any device more usable and if the screen is big enough it will be one step closer if not the final step to having that one device that does it all for users no matter what they use it for.
    HoloLens type glasses can be refined to be used in everyday situations for all users making it simply one device with glasses. It gets really interesting when you try to imagine all the possibilities out there. That way it will truly be a "to each his own" preference for computing.
  • But the point is, Windows is dead as a consumer OS.  Why would anyone want to run it on their personal device?  These devices will come, and they will run Android, and that will be that.