Lenovo posts 'Starting to use Windows 10' guide to get customers up and running with ease

Lenovo has posted a 'Starting to use Windows 10' guide to assist consumers in better understanding the new operating system. Since Lenovo will be selling many of its devices with the new operating system pre-installed after the July 29 release, the company wants to make sure that customers have the easiest transition possible. Whether a new or experienced user, odds are that some things about Windows 10 may confuse you. Lenovo hopes this can help, and it states the purpose of the guide as:

Windows 10 is the state-of-the-art operating system from Microsoft. Lenovo is glad to provide computer products with Windows 10 preinstalled.The operating system is a very important part of a personal computer. Your experience with your computer will be at its best if you're comfortable with the operating system installed on it. With that in mind, we have provided this publication to get you up and running with Windows 10.

The guide is available in a PDF format, which contains 17 pages of information. Topics vary from getting started, to adding accounts, and even restoring the computer if necessary.

Source: Lenovo; Via: Microsoft-News

Jared DiPane

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