Lenovo's Star Trek Enterprise computer boldly goes where no PC has gone before

At the Tech World 2018 conference in Beijing, Lenovo unveiled the new Tiburn Enterprise Star Trek PC. It's a fully-functional computer fashioned after the Enterprise NCC-1701 starship from the popular franchise. It doesn't look exactly alike because a few liberties had to be taken to get all the pieces to fit inside, especially around the warp nacelles, but the fan service is palpable. This isn't just some collectible model (opens in new tab) or gimmicky pizza cutter (opens in new tab), it's a desktop computer loaded with new and powerful hardware, along with some other great features.

For one thing, part of the starship will work as a mini projector. Gather your friends over to binge watch some of the better Star Trek movies (opens in new tab) (not looking at you Final Frontier) and become the king of movie nights with your new PC. The other technical specifications include a 9th-generation overclockable Intel CPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics (the newest available (opens in new tab)), 32GB DDR4 RAM, a 1TB M.2 SSD, and a 2TB hard drive. It has plenty of connectivity with all the standard connections you'd expect on a regular desktop computer. Plus, the saucer section and other areas light up with custom LEDs.

It's odd that Lenovo chose to unveil this in China since Star Trek isn't nearly as popular over there as it is in America, but for now that's the only place it is available. When it does come to the U.S. it will start at a minimum of $2,180, although Lenovo has not revealed that it will be coming here just yet. Get ready for your new system with some of the more interesting Star Trek games available right now, including the virtual reality Star Trek: Bridge Crew (opens in new tab) or the ever-expanding MMO world of Star Trek Online (opens in new tab).

John Levite
Deals Editor

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  • Enterprise D is far more better and bigger
  • I already spent about $4,000 on a Borg Cube PC (https://mycherrytree.com/hardware/borg-vr-cube/) that I don't use, so no, I don't think I should give in to my NEED to get this one, too. Even though I'd LOVE to, I shouldn't. Once in a while I turn on the Borg Cube (looks WAY cooler than the Enterprise!) to update the OS and such, but as it's not my main PC, I don't use it at all. If ONLY it could help me contact the Borg to have them come by and pick me up and take me home! :-)
  • So it hasn't assimilated your other tech yet? Probably better to leave it off, I guess.
  • Enterprise C
  • Cool! Although several other ships would've made for a more functional shell without compromising the design (e.g. Defiant or Nebula-class), none of them would've gained the attention of the Enterprise.