The Lenovo Yoga 900S is the world's thinnest convertible laptop at just 12.8mm

Yoga, Lenovo's convertible laptop lineup is getting a new star in the lights of Las Vegas with the announcement of the 900S. The headline here? This is, right now, the world's slimmest convertible laptop.

Made possible through a combination of premium materials like carbon fiber and Lenovo's unique watch band style hinge, the 900S has about everything we'd want to see in a convertible right now.

It comes in at just 12.8mm (0.5-inch) thick and it weighs a mere 999g (2.2lbs) so you're not going to feel bad about throwing this in your bag when you hit the road. Battery life is apparently pretty good, too, with Lenovo claiming enough video playback time for travelers to watch movies for the entire 10-hour flight time between London and Las Vegas (where they're unveiling this laptop at CES, naturally).

The Yoga 900S boasts a 12-inch display coming in an optional 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution, processor options up to a 6th-generation Intel Core m7, up to 8GB of RAM, 512GB of PCIe SSD storage, Dolby Audio and support for an optional stylus pen. The Yoga 900S is truly a portable productivity machine with plenty to offer.

Oh, and it comes in gold or silver, if that's your thing. Price wise, the Yoga 900S will start from $1099 and will be available beginning in March. Stay tuned for more from Las Vegas as we go hands on with the Yoga 900S at CES 2016

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • In your full review, I'd really like to understand how the USB-C ports on this and other laptops fit into the docking scenarios we're seeing on display at CES, like single-cable docking.  Does this thing have USB-C 3.0 plus video like the 900, and if so, does it play in single cable docking scenarios?
  • Lenovo (like Dell) said they will only use full-spec'd Type C ports with video/data/power support so there won't be any confusion.
  • Good! That one google employee is paying it forward by reviewing all the USB-C equipped laptops, but I'm so glad we're starting to get ones that don't have limitations/restrictions.
  • I guess they were able to make it so thin because they took out all the Spyware
  • Bahahahaha! Ba-zinga!
  • I dont like how the hinges look.
  • I cannot speak for this model, but if it is identical to the Yoga Pro 3 (and it looks like it is), the watch band hinge is actually quite nice in person and very effective. Have been using one for over a year now and it has held up very well and looks very elegant. People remark on it all the time. My only dislike about the Yoda 3 Pro is the keyboard--keys barely press and if this thing is even thinner pretty soon the keys will be too big for the case. There is such a thing as TOO THIN, OEMS I'd willingly trade an extra half an inch for twice the battery life    
  • That looks sexy - hopefully the keyboard has some decent travel so the typing experience is good - someone at Apple is looking at their macbook and thinking what went wrong lol
  • Why couldn't the entry Surface Pro 4 also sport an M7? Microsoft cheaper out at an M3
  • Take that, Failbook(2015)!
  • Loving that color scheme.