LG Optimus 7 unlocked on offer in Australia for $159

The LG Optimus 7 is available unlocked for an incredibly low price of just $159. The special offer is at Catch Of The Day, an Australian deal site, but you'll have to act fast should you wish to snap a purchase as the handset is only at this price for another 13 hours.

The Optimus 7 (some hands-on footage) is a solid first generation Windows Phone, packing a 3.8" display, 1Ghz CPU, 5MP shooter and 16GB storage. At this price, who could complain? The same Windows Phone experience at an incredible price. There is one slight issue, as WPDownUnder points out, this device is a 900 band 3G unlocked phone that will be restricted to Virgin and Optus (no Telstra NextG).

Source: Catchoftheday (opens in new tab), via: WPDownUnder

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • A great price for a good phone! Isn't Vodafone going over to 850 soon? So really only for Optus customers?
  • My bad, Its Virgin not Vodafone.
  • I would buy one for this price if it worked on AT&T
  • Nice phone at first but the longer I owned it the more problems it developed until finally it stopped working altogether - dead as a dodo :-(
  • So I called a friend in Australia to buy me one :)
    And he did :)
  • I have two of them and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone..there are many users (including me) who report many unexpected reboots and it seems that LG doesn't care at all about updates.
  • mine died after a month, and I bought it overseas. hence the warranty won't be honored in my country. I will never buy LG phone ever, my 7 pro has been  through hell and back, but is still reliable.
  • I got this phone at the same site for xmas, was $20 more, but still a great price and so far happy with the phone. Suits my app development needs very well. No glitches in respect to it functioning and the build quality seems good.
    Some criticism however is (compared to my Samsung Nexus S):
    Both back and screen gets hot when using it for even a short while
    battery takes a long time to charge
    screen not as good as my Samsung Nexus S
    Heavy compared to my Samsung Nexus S
    speaker not that great
    Still not sure I like the physical buttons.
    I would say this though. It would make sense to me to use this phone and others like it for getting into emerging markets than say the cheap Nokia's at the moment. At least these potential markets would get a phone that still and possibly in future will function fully and not scaled back, especially given that at these type of prices for these gen 1 devices being still cheaper than some of these upcoming Nokia 610's. Call me crazy, but it would give the OEM's a chance to extend the life of these still capable phones, rather than making whole new phone that to me effectively do less.
    Works on the Vodafone network well and has had no issues with getting updates.
  • Why even bring this phone up. Screw LG! They have no love for Windows Phone and the volume button is horribly placed and the camera sucks big time.
  • I ask you guys to be beware of deals like these. LG phones have overheating problems and restart randomly. I have a LG Quantum and its a nightmare after upgrading to Mango 7.5. It keeps restarting when using apps on WiFi. Its better to buy a Samsung Focus from Amazon by paying a little more.
  • I also have a Quantum. While it is a descent phone, it does indeed restart randomly.