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Life360 ends support for its Windows Phone family location app

Life360 is no longer supporting its Windows Phone family tracking app, telling a customer that it "does not have any plans at this time to further develop the app for the Windows mobile device platform."

Life360 first launched on Windows Phone 8 in 2014 and later the app was updated to support Windows Phone 8.1. It allows parents to keep track of their kids and friends. While the app is still available to download in the Windows Store, an email sent to a Windows Central reader confirms that it won't be updated further.

We are unable to support the latest version of Windows devices. Life360 does not have any plans at this time to further develop the app for the Windows mobile device platform. The current version of Life360 is designed to work only on iPhone and Android smartphones.

Thanks to Dave for the tip!

Download Life360 from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Life360

  • Well, there goes another one down the drain.
  • Satya Nadella: "The fact that your latest soccer app is not available, or some social networking app is not available is not much of an issue.."
  • Thats actually correct. What do you need them for eh ? Sent from windows central app for windows 10 mobile
  • To keep track of your kids, b? Sent from Windows 386
  • Lul. Nah. But most pf my ftrienda have windows phones. Wpuld. Makes things easier when you want to know where they are when they don't show up/ or and to plan things. Always nice to have it
  • Actually not having SnapChat is an issue, so....
  • Actually no it's not unless you're a hipster, in which case you probably aren't using a windows phone any way. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • He said that?
  • Of course he said that. Go here for full statement:
  • Of course its not an issue to him. He and most MS executives use iPhones.  
  • It's all well and good having the platform retrench, but all these developers are going to just vanish in the meantime. x.x Gah.
  • Then they have to start over again to gain them back smh. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my 5x or V10)
  • Conspiracy! Apple is trying to make windows phone users no longer safe so there will be nobody left!
  • F-them Sent using my awesome Microsoft Lumia 950! (AT&T)
  • Why? They made a completely logical decision.
  • Your right Zeem. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my 5x or V10)
  • They will all be sorry!! You'll see!!! You'll be sorry I tell ya!!!
  • You sound just like Homer Simpson.
  • Heard it for the frst time
  • I did download it long back...maybe in 2014... on Windows and Android phones of my family! Never used it though. Sad news for those who use it.
  • well then they can kick rocks that was a garbage response because they could easily make a new app via islandwood so there just being lazy. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Microsoft Garage are the laziest because despite being under Microsoft they are not using Islandwood to port apps to Win 10 Mobile.
  • No offense, but you are speaking out of ignorance here. And I get it, the way people report on Islandwood you just take an iOS app or game, drop it into a magic box and out comes a port. Islandwood, however, is a work in progress with its own roadmap. Currently, it has some severe limitations and the SDK is equivalent to around iOS 6 with bits of 7. There is no SWIFT support and it does not support iOS 9 apps. It will get those things, later this year. But let's not pretend that Islanwood is some fairytale dev tool that people are just blindly ignoring. Please think before posting as the world is a more technical place. Calling people "lazy" when you have no insight into the actual process is actually proving the point.
  • Daniel any word from Windows Central regarding Intel's cancellation of their mobile chip projects? If so is or was MSFT doing a in-house solution with a custom chip with Intel? Before their cancellation. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my 5x or V10)
  • And in a few days they will announce a universal app ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why should they, when the functionality is built into Windows 10 with a Microsoft account? Posted from my Stone Tablet with a hammer-and-chisel stylus.
  • Because not everyone uses a Windows phone... actually, most don't.
  • Figures
  • Life360 is probably a much bigger company than I realize, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this article was, "Who?"
  • I think this with pretty much 95% of the apps that Windows Central reports as discontinuing their app. But like you say these companies must be a lot bigger than we think otherwise they wouldn't be reporting on it.
  • A pity. The location app of MS garage doesn't work on 10 mobile either. So there is no decent location app left on mobile 10. I used it on a daily basis to know where my kids were. I think its a serious setback for mobile, this together with the inferior windows maps navigation and inferior camera app. I want to use windows mobile, but I find it harder and harder to justify it to myself.
  • Try Glympse. It's a great app for sharing your location and tracking your family. You don't even have to install the app if someone sends you a Glympse of them, for it to work.
  • I looked at glympse as an alternative, that's ok if you have a specific event they are going to. But if they don't answer their phone on a normal day its handy that I can see where they are hanging without them having to take action.
  • Why don't set up child accounts for your kids in Microsoft family and then use it to check the location of the phone?
  • Doesn't this company have a website you can view location on? That would get around it assuming your kids don't have windows phones (I didn't think they were popular with kids these days)
  • My kids have windows phones, but not for long anymore I'm afraid. They miss out on all the cool apps of their classmates. They are both saving up for an android phone.
  • How tragic.
  • Just get a cheap iPhone and stop wasting your time with a dead end OS.
    This platform died the day Nokia left the building.
  • Lol, cheap iphone ? No single iphone is cheap, even 2nd hand piece is also costly...... You can purchase 10 Lumia phones or 25 android phones with single cost of an iphone.... ~ Windows 10 on Nokia Lumia 730
  • Absolute nonsense. As an example, you can get an iPhone 5S 16GB from O2 in the UK for £96.
    That phone works better than most Windows phones...has a fingerprint scanner (Hello is laughable by comparison). & get this...there's no app gap.
  • Why in God's name would you want a phone with only 16GB of non-expandable memory? My sister just got this exact phone and is already complaining about how little space she has. As have other people I know that cheaped out on the 16GB iPhone. 16GB make sense in a phone with an SD slot, but there's a reason why the decent iPhones are more expensive. They charge an arm and a leg for their built in memory.
  • lol... i live in INDIA and iphone 16 GB costs way higher than what u mentioned, besides what i am supposed to do with phone 16 GB ? its not enough for me...... i had 100+ apps, 30 GB data in my SD card..... i compared photos from iphone 5S and L730 and L70 wins, iphone 5S photos are not that good when compared to L730..... L730 first hand phone is way cheaper than iphone 5S used one....
  • My dad picked up a 5S through US Cellular, I think it was about $100.  He's the type that would never need more than 16GB anyway.  He actually got it, because his glucose meter is compatable with an iPhone app, that his current Android phone couldn't install.  WP doesn't have it, so he never even considered it. I wouldn't say Nokia leaving would be the root cause of WM dying, MS is directly responsible.  The loss of Life360 isn't "huge", although I do use it.  But their restrictions on things are worse than Apple, which is why I don't like Apple.  I want to like W10M, and I run a Lumia 640 "casually".  But I always find myself going back to my S5 Active for one reason or another.  I WANT to hang on for the Surface phone, but given all the current shortcomings, I don't think that's going to happen.  It's either going to be a mid-range Android, or maybe the CAT S60.  The built in IR camera is very tempting, and the hardware is better than my current phone.
  • Im starting to feel the same
  • There doesn't appear to be any quality alternatives.
  • I've never find it too be reliable on wp or android. I sorted using after each time I need to find someone out had stopped connecting to weeks ago.
  • Yep, great app when it worked.  Not connected most of the time and really not consistent.  I liked it and hoped it would be updated...ah well.  
  • Still works just fine on all the various Windows Phones and iPhones in my family. It used to be the only decent platform agnostic App in it's class. If it stops working I'll have to look seriously at switching to iOS, which I would hate to do, but Microsoft is just not doing anything to keep out attract important apps to the ecosystem. It's getting harder and harder to maintain the necessary functionality.
  • "I've never used the app"
    "They'll be back with a UWA"
    "I never heard of them"
    "We had this app?"
    "It's Nutellas fault"
    Etc.../S Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my 5x or V10)
  • Also, "Smartphones are dying"
  • Oh yeah haha. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my 5x or V10)
  • I don't think Nutella are to blame for anything except maybe nougat cravings ;). And yeah, I saw your sarcasm flag ;)
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my 5x or V10)
  • To be honest I've tried this app several times (during the course if their updates) and it never worked properly. They never really "supported" windows to begin with...
  • So it was just a "throw them a bone" type deal eh how sad. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my 5x or V10)
  • Look at their Facebook page. People are ******** about everything. Seems like a blessing in disguise. Sent from Windows 386
  • Has worked fine for my family for years
  • This is one app that I have come to depend on. Currently paying for three circles. Will continue using it until it no longer works I guess. Am islandwood port would be nice about now. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • With the universal thing, and the number of possible users (not necessarily this app) I don't get why they struggle to get more apps. Devs kept screaming numbers. The number of Windows PC's out there is unheard of and the number that are moving to Windows 10 is rising fast. Baffling.
  • From what I gather, there is a lag because MS didn't have the developer tools available when Windows 10 officially launched. Even if a developer started working on the apps on day 1 of SDK availability, there is substantial time in testing before launch. Facebook, in all its might, just got its apps out, and Instagram just got their app (which looks like an Islandwood port) out of beta last week. If two of the bigger social media players took this long, then it would stand to reason that other companies working on apps should be following soon. I know I'm waiting on Collector by ESRI on W10M, and they are promising a Q2 launch window. ESRI has traditionally been a big Windows Mobile supporter, but they skipped WP8, and I suspect it was because of a lack of feature parity with iOS and Android. UWP appears to have fixed that problem.
  • FB used their own in house porting tool called Osmeta. I don't think Islandwood was involved.
  • Microsoft themselves is still porting stuff to UWP. It's gonna be a while.
  • "Unable". Umm, yeah, ok.
  • Very sad.  I convinced my family to switch over to this app from Find My Friends so that I could include my windows phone in the circle and now I'll be gone again?  It's a much better app and everyone loves it.  I just hope that the updates don't get too advanced that the current WP version will have to be retired.
  • Wow. This was the only such app that was available for both WP and iOS. It is a solid performer and very useful if you need it. To me it's not a small loss. MS has to find a way to stem the App loss. A portable computer is of no use if it can't rub the Apps you need.
  • What they are saying is your windows phone user kids don't deserve to be safe. Sounds like apple had a hand in it...
  • Good one
    (rolls eyes)
  • Just used this app over the weekend in new orleans for jazz fest to find my friends. Worked well. Not perfect. But well. Im fine with it going. Served its purpose for the few times I used it
  • Yeah, apparently won't need that functionality ever again /s
  • Honestly it was like pulling teeth to get my friends to use it. We're so used to texting or using group me to locate each other. And again, the app performed well but not perfect. Would show my friend who was next to me.... Two blocks away
  • Not surprising. Life360 knows how many downloads they have on Windows Phone and its obviously not enough for them to support the platform. Perhaps in a year or so IF MS increases phones sales this app will return along with all the others that have left the platform.
  • A pipedream
  • Microsoft is not doing enough to get more phones out there. The OS is complete locked down for the OEMs. These OEMs will continue to push Android.
  • I (and my wife) use this app almost every day since we use public transportation to go to work and home. It helps a lot to check our current position when we need to meet at a meeting point (restaurant or groceries or bus stop). Great app, bad support. Time to move on.
  • Well, crap. After SquadWatch stopped working, I got my family on Life360. Even added my younger son's non-smartphone and my mother's iPhone. I had *just* updated to Premium, too. Fortunately I can cancel it in the 30-day trial period.
  • I use this app almost weekly with my family to track two iphones and an android. Hopefully they'll leave it be as it works well for me, and not "brick" it.
  • Considering you can already track windows phone using a Microsoft account and adding family members, updating would just be an attempt to keep up with what the phone OS can do natively. Posted from my Stone Tablet with a hammer-and-chisel stylus.
  • I think the point was that the app was cross-platform. So you can track a family with a mix of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.
  • It also send location alerts that you specify. Very handy for mowing your kids have gone where they were supposed to go etc, without having to access the App itself.
  • Didn't know you can do that via Microsoft account. But it looks like it only let you locate "child". How about spouse?
  • Didn't I just hear about a Microsoft app called Family Finder coming soon to all platforms? Not sure this is a great loss.
  • Yeah i thought i read something like that recently. Can't find the article though... And I can see why MS wants to do it on their own; think Cortana.
  • Ah
    yes, the old Microsoft coming soon trick. Don't. Hold your breath.
  • Go search "Family Finder Cortana" and you will find articles from earlier this month. It's alreay in Redstone Cortana.
  • Which is not available for iOS or android. People, the point of this App was that it was service and platform agnostic, and it didn't kill your battery, and it sent out alerts when someone arrived/left preset locations. There were no good alternatives to it and I think there are still none. It's a big loss.
  • I think this may have something to do with the news that W10 Redstone comes with some sort of location tracking feature similar to Life360's offering. The CEO is probably not happy about that (he hoped for MS buyout perhaps) and is now saying FU to MS. Too bad because my family use this nice app.  
  • Somtime i feel like i should move out of window company is using routematic app for transportation...u know wat..this app is not available in windows just doing checkin to the cab through my friend Android mobile....i dono how many days am going to happy with phone but no apps like other mobile OS that keep on pushing the value of windows phone down...
  • just leave it
  • Just leave it, man, the OS is great in many ways, but developers are just not interested in creating new applications... Microsoft has always said that they are planning "something" well, at this point I'm sure they are planning a funeral.
  • The kill all surface phone is coming. Don't fret.
  • Lol here come the anti windows mobile crew trying to convert people off.
  • Don't let it hold down your goodness. You can have all three options if you wanted. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my 5x or V10)
  • If you need a real-time passive cross-platform tracking app this was the only game in town on windows phone. It was already Sub par on windows phone compared to android. I don't think there is an alternative with the same functionality unfortunately.
  • GPS Tracker by FollowMee gets the job done. But I will probably just use MS's Family Finder in Redstone.
  • Neither are cross platform Apps.
  • FollowMee is cross platform. So is the plan for MS's Family Finder mobile app. Go read the damn site and articles on it before posting false information multiple times this thread.
  • Really bad news because I use the app every day to keep track of my family... I'm moving to Android, sorry, but Windows phone or Mobile IS dead.
  • Sadly yes for now or forever. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my 5x or V10)
  • They're just entrenching. Whoever came up with that idea at MS should have their ass kicked
  • My phone carrier has a service for phone tracking never used it though it comes with my extended warranty.
  • Which you will find only works for phones on the same carrier as you are, and in the case of Verizon, they have gone to an App based service, and they don't sorry windows phone. For many people, that's a double fail.
  • It keeps raining apps.   :(
  • I'm unable to support your latest app. I have no plans to continue using your app at this time. Sincerely, One Ticked Off User
  • Thanks , I own a Windows phone, my family isn't important to me anyway ............ A$$holes !!
  • I didn't think my reason to leave this platform would come as something related to my family's safety. Anyways all those who are still in this platform, seriously you are marvelous. Keep fighting as long as possible. Hopefully I will return to this passionate Community one fine day. Tc :)
  • Or just use the family finder feature in windows 10
  • Oh thank you so much... It works even on android... Thank you
  • How are they able to support only Android and iOS and not Windows Phone?
  • They're run by Apple. "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife"
  • Congratulations windows family.. I hope you receive such a news from each and every application development company like whatsapp and all..
  • And the story goes on and on and on... Windows on mobile phones is dead, that's for sure...
    I still use my L920, but that's the last one for me...
    No way I'm gonna buy a W10 phone, just to get even fewer apps...
  • I'm running 10.0.14332.1001 (fast ring) and Life 360 works perfectly on my Lumia 640. It did not work on the previous buid but does now (at least on  my phone)
  • We've been using FollowMee GPS on all of our family Windows phones, and it works flawlessly.
  • I liked it because it was cross platform (I'm the one with an 640 XL... rest of the family is Android). It works well most of the time and I was satified with it. This should be a message to MS (one of many) that they can't wait one year to produce the Surface phone along with corresponding sw (just ask BB and Nokia what happens when you wait so long).
  • My family has used this app since its arrival on WP. You don't know how great it is until you and your family have used it for a while. At least they're not pulling it from the store.
  • I now read Windows Central like the greatest generation reads the obituaries. Which app did I know and love die today? :-(
  • Downloaded it but was not much of a use to me so its a bad news to me just because we lost another app! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ya know, it's quite possible there just weren't enough people using it to justify the expense of developing maintaining a new updated app. Do that many people use it? Or just a relatively small number of users of an already very small user population? Clearly they are more than happy to take your money to keep using it, just not enough to keep it updated. Sounds like greed to me. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I didn't know what app this was until I saw the icon.
  • I had a similar requirement in that I wanted to know if someone from my network was physically close to me, but not track them all the time. I looked at this app, but eventually developed my own, which supports Windows Phone, . Feel free to download ContactsCloseby , it might fill the gap.
  • Life360 really pulled the plug. The version installed on my 640XL stopped working and it's not in the Store any more. 
  • Guys, know this thread is old now but if you're looking for a replacement I've tried them all and the only two that cut the mustard (for me at least) are "Simple Latitude" although this has the limit that it only updates every half hour in the background and can't be refreshed on demand. I then discovered that Microsoft Garage team had an app which has the same kind of functionality called "Squadwatch" which seems to do the same as life360 for me at least and has actionable refresh on location. Hope it helps some of you.