Crackdown 3 was supposed to launch many months ago, but was pushed back to February 15 to polish up the experience. Luckily, it's available right now through the Microsoft Store. You can buy it for $60, or you can grab it with Xbox Game Pass, for $10 a month.

Crackdown 3 is split into two different downloads and supports Xbox Play Anywhere and Xbox One X. The campaign is separate from the "Wrecking Zone" multiplayer mode. The campaign doesn't feature the cloud-powered destruction, so you'll have to battle other players if you want a taste of that. Unfortunately, there are still some issues with the single-player experience. You can read the problems identified by the Crackdown 3 developers below.

We're really happy to see so many people jumping into Crackdown 3 and having fun. But we've been listening closely to your feedback and wanted to give you an update on three main issues: Xbox Party support, campaign co-op saved games, and locked 30 FPS for campaign co-op on PC. The short answer is: we're working on all these issues!

Xbox parties

  • The team went in with a lot of caution and expected the online multiplayer environment to exhibit issues. Luckily, that wasn't the case and Xbox Party support is already in testing. It should be added to the game very soon.

Campaign co-op saves

  • Campaign co-op saves are quite confusing at the moment because it allows you to keep all of the progress made by the host. The team has promised to revisit this, but in the meantime don't override your single-player save because you will lose your progress.

30 FPS lock

  • There is a 30 FPS lock for campaign co-op on PC. This is due to network limitations. Right now, the smoothest experience has been prioritized, but it will be unlocked later.

Frame rate issues

  • Gamers with high-DPI mice on PC are experiencing frame rate issues. This should've already been fixed with the latest patch.

There are some other problems that the team is monitoring and will provide another update next Tuesday. Crackdown 3 may be a little dated according to some reviewers, but it's still a lot of fun and surprisingly polished. Hopefully the team will be able to make it even better in the coming weeks.

In our review, we said, "Crackdown 3 just doesn't meet contemporary standards as a premium $60 title, with dated visuals, thin gameplay features, and an under-delivered story. There are too many open world superhero-style games that simply do it better. That said, it's not a bad game, by any means. To enjoy Crackdown 3, you probably need to be the type of person who really likes basic sandbox mayhem, because that's effectively all Crackdown 3 has to offer."

Explosive playground

Crackdown 3

Your every day sandbox

Crackdown 3 is a decent sandbox experience that falls short of modern standards, but as an Xbox Game Pass title, it offers some good mindless fun.

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