List of Gears Tactics known bugs and launch issues

Gears Tactics
Gears Tactics (Image credit: Microsoft)

Gears of War ventures in the turn-based strategy space with the launch of Gears Tactics, taking inspiration from XCOM and other genre leaders, set within the universe of Microsoft's prestigious shooter. That includes an impressive amalgamation of robust combat and story, offering a worthwhile pickup for series veterans of fans of the genre, as detailed in our full review.

While Gears Tactics offers a robust array of gameplay offerings, as with any modern release, players may face various hiccups. Microsoft is yet to provide a full list of known bugs, but we've wrapped up some of the confirmed issues as of April 27, 2020.

With Gears Tactics still rolling out worldwide, some issues may be missing, or fixed by the day-one patch. Check back for additional updates over the days ahead.

List of Gears Tactics bugs and issues (so far)

Gears Tactics

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

With Gears Tactics rolling out across the globe, some players may face issues when purchasing via the Microsoft Store, Steam, or downloading the title via Xbox Game Pass. While worth staying aware of documentation, current issues solely impact visuals, and performance.

General bugs and issues

  • Xbox Live sign-in may fail if the computers clock is not synchronized.
  • Using "Reset Defaults" in the video settings does not properly reset the resolution scale.
  • Variable Rate Shading may introduce artifacts to characters in the convoy.

Performance bugs

  • Variable Rate Shading may reduce performance when focused on areas veiled by the fog of war.
  • Async Compute may not improve performance.

Expect additional clarification around launch issues and potential workarounds over the hours (or days) ahead, with Microsoft expected to deliver dedicated support documentation.

Gears Tactics is now available exclusively on PC via the Windows 10 Microsoft Store and Steam, retailing for $60. The game provides a smooth transition through the shift in genre, embracing the cover-based combat that defines Gears of War, thriving in turn-based form.

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