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The Rainbow Six Siege 'Around the World' Battle Pass is out now and is bringing a whole host of new challenges for players to undertake. There are two types of challenges: Community challenges and Personal challenges. We have the full list of challenges below. You'll have until the Battle Pass is over to complete all of these challenges, so take a look at what's needed and start earning.

List of Rainbow Six Siege 'Around The World' Battle Pass Rewards

Community Challenges

Destroy Defender Gadgets (+850 Battle Points)

Help destroy 15,000,000 defender gadgets across the Rainbow Six Siege community.

Destroy Attacker Drones

Coming soon. Expect more details over the weeks ahead.


Coming soon. Expect more details over the weeks ahead.

Play Rounds as a Team of 3

Coming soon. Expect more details over the weeks ahead.

While many Community challenges currently say "Coming Soon" we expect the exact requirements over the coming weeks, as they go live. Given that these are challenges for everyone to work on together, it'll expect high thresholds for each.

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Personal Challenges

Blind Enemies (+850 Battle Points)

You'll need to blind five enemies for this challenge. This can be achieved using flash grenades, or Operators like Ying and Blitz.

Explosive Kills (+850 Battle Points)

Ten explosive kills are needed here. We recommend using attacker Operator gadgets or defender secondaries like Nitro Cells and Impact Grenades.

Match Win Streak (+850 Battle Points)

Win three matches in a row. For the best results, teaming up with friends and communicating provides you with a fair shot.

Secondary Weapon Kills (+850 Battle Points)

This is the biggest personal challenge, with 40 secondary weapon kills needed. You'll need to grind this out, over the next four weeks.

The Premium Battle Pass costs 1,200 R6 Credits to access or 2,400 R6 Credits with a 12-tier advantage. There's also a 30 percent discount for Year 5 Pass holders, dropping the price to 840 R6 Credits. As with all Rainbow Six Siege Battle Passes, Around The World remains live for 28 days, concluding on 22 April, 2020. That's not a particularly long span of time, so if you're interested in any of the different rewards, you'll want to start playing soon.

List of Rainbow Six Siege 'Around The World' Battle Pass Rewards

All Access Pass

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass

The Year 5 Pass unlocks the game's next six Operators, alongside exclusive in-game gear, progression boosters, and much more. With Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Void Edge update here, it provides all you need for 2020.

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