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Ubisoft has released its second Battle Pass for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, expanding upon Operation Void Edge with a new range of limited-time cosmetics, tied into its tier-based progression system. Following the Road to S.I. 2020, themed around an Olympic-style sporting event, its new Battle Pass explores Operator backstories and providing additional tales on the Rainbow Six roster.

The latest Battle Pass is titled "Around The World," encompassing the varied nationalities of playable heroes, with additional lore. It couples with the return of the 35-tier progression system, where players earn Battle Points for completing matches and challenges, unlocking cosmetics, Alpha Packs, and consumables at specific milestones.

List of Rainbow Six Siege 'Around The World' Battle Pass Rewards

Rainbow Six Siege Around The World Battle PassSource: Windows Central

Given the new spotlight on select Operators, Around The World is divided into six stages, each themed around various Operators. The stages feature cosmetic uniforms, weapon skins, and other unlockable items, with a focus on Thatcher, Doc, Dokkaebi, Ash, Mira, and Buck.

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The Around The World Battle Pass is split across two tiers, with select rewards reserved for those who purchase its Premium track. A free tier features a small selection of rewards, alongside a content-packed "Premium" track with 35 exclusive rewards up for grabs. The Premium Battle Pass costs 1,200 R6 Credits to access or 2,400 R6 Credits with a 12-tier advantage. There's also a 30 percent discount for Year 5 Pass holders, dropping the price to 840 R6 Credits.

As with all Rainbow Six Siege Battle Passes, Around The World remains live for 28 days, concluding on 22 April, 2020.

All Access Pass

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass

The Year 5 Pass unlocks the game's next six Operators, alongside exclusive in-game gear, progression boosters, and much more. With Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Void Edge update here, it provides all you need for 2020.

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