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Ubisoft has launched "Around The World," its second Battle Pass to hit Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The 35-tier progression system returns with Operation Void Edge, further exploring backstories across a handful of Operators, and laced with limited-time skins and rewards. That includes exclusive skins and charms available for this month only, alongside randomized Alpha Packs, and consumable Renown boosters. We've wrapped up the full list of tiers and content included with the Around The World Battle Pass.

List of Rainbow Six Battle Pass Free Rewards

Rainbow Six Siege Around The World Battle Pass DokkaebiSource: Windows Central

While the full Battle Pass experience mandates investment from the paid Premium track, Around The World features 12 rewards obtainable for all players. Progressing the tiers requires Battle Points, earned by completing matches and challenges, and playing any aspect of competitive multiplayer.

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  • Level 2: Corsica Memories Universal Charm
  • Level 4: Epic Alpha Pack
  • Level 6: Iron Ship AR33 Weapon Skin (Thatcher)
  • Level 9: Health Career Universal Charm
  • Level 13: 1 Day Renown Booster
  • Level 16: Flush Snowfall Headgear (Dokkaebi)
  • Level 20: Epic Alpha Pack
  • Level 22: Scarlet Punch Uniform (Ash)
  • Level 27: Steel Impact Vector .45 ACP Skin (Mira, Goyo)
  • Level 30: Crash Armadillo (Mira)
  • Level 33: Legendary Alpha Pack
  • Level 35: Boonie Beaver Universal Charm

List of Rainbow Six Battle Pass Premium Rewards

Rainbow Six Siege Around The World Battle Pass BuckSource: Windows Central

Rainbow Six Siege Around The World also features a Premium track, unlocking an opportunity to secure every limited-time reward through gameplay. This track features exclusive cosmetics alongside a wealth of Alpha Packs and additional R6 Credits, earning back your investment over time. While priced at 1,200 R6 Credits, Year 5 Pass holders receive a 30 percent discount, dropping the cost to just 840 R6 Credits.

  • Level 1: Castle Blacksmith Bundle (Uniform, Headgear, UMP-45 Skin, Charm)
  • Level 2: 1 Day Renown Booster
  • Level 3: Mission Blacksmith MPX Skin (Valkyrie, Warden)
  • Level 4: Blacksmith Valkyrie Universal Charm
  • Level 5: Trawler Slam Uniform (Thatcher)
  • Level 6: 120 R6 Credits
  • Level 7: Field Medic Uniform (Doc)
  • Level 8: Mission Blacksmith Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Skin (Ela)
  • Level 9: 1 Day Renown Booster
  • Level 10: Blacksmith Ela Universal Charm
  • Level 11: Rare Alpha Pack
  • Level 12: Six Relief Headgear (Doc)
  • Level 13: Fitness Tech Universal Charm
  • Level 14: 120 R6 Credits
  • Level 15: Legendary Alpha Pack
  • Level 16: 1 Day Renown Booster
  • Level 17: Flush Pillar MK 14 EBR Skin (Dokkaebi)
  • Level 18: Flush Blizzard Uniform (Dokkaebi)
  • Level 19: 120 R6 Credits
  • Level 20: Boxing Club Uniform (Ash)
  • Level 21: Mission Blacksmith Uniform (Valkyrie)
  • Level 22: 1 Day Renown Booster
  • Level 23: Brawler's Pair Universal Charm
  • Level 24: Mission Blacksmith Headgear (Ela)
  • Level 25: Director Mira Universal Charm
  • Level 26: Legendary Alpha Pack
  • Level 27: 120 R6 Credits
  • Level 28: Modern Cuirass Uniform (Mira)
  • Level 29: Mission Blacksmith Headgear (Valkyrie)
  • Level 30: 1 Day Renown Booster
  • Level 31: Epic Alpha Pack
  • Level 32: Mission Blacksmith Uniform (Ela)
  • Level 33: 120 R6 Credits
  • Level 34: Peak Excursion Headgear (Buck)
  • Level 35: Mike Hike Uniform (Buck)

All Access Pass

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass

The Year 5 Pass unlocks the game's next six Operators, alongside exclusive in-game gear, progression boosters, and much more. With Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Void Edge update here, it provides all you need for 2020.

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