Littlewoods UK listing Samsung ATIV S for a low £699

No, the title isn't a typo. UK retailer Littlewoods has the Samsung ATIV S listed for £699. That's over $1100 should you be reading this article from across the pond. Now, it's understandable that hardware (particularly the latest smartphones) can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. But for a well known and sizeable retailer to charge £700 for a mobile phone is slightly baffling.

This is merely a heads up that there are cheaper sources out there, including the likes of Clove (opens in new tab) and Expansys who have the Windows Phone listed around the £450 ($730) marker unlocked. So should you be shopping for a new Windows Phone this holiday season, don't always go for the first price you see, do shop around as there are some good deals out there.

Littlewoods ATIV S

As for Littlewoods, while it's known for the company to be on the expensive side, we wish them all the luck in the world to try and shift units at that price. It's positive to see the device listed though. Do note that if you go ahead and place an order through the UK retailer, the expected delivery is January 8th.

Source: Littlewoods; thanks, Ryan, for the tip! 

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Littlewoods is a pay monthly company. Everything they sell is way overpriced to make up for the 0% interest they offer.
  • Just as a comparison, recently bought a washing machine for £450, at Littlewoods the identical machine was £800!!! At £6.50 a week it would have been way over £1200. Still waiting for the Lumia 920 to be freed from the EEvil clutches so I can get it on O2...... Ativ looks like a nice phone though......
  • Hold on let me look for my jaw...
  • Do leave me a note if you happen to find my eyeballs while searching for your jaws. They popped out a while ago while reading the article.
  •   Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)
  • My jaw did a Nokia and smashed the floor open.
  • 1000 internets to you, sir. ( ok, geeking out right now at WP8 keyboard. This is the first time I've used that phrase on my new Ativ, and when I hit the space button after typing 1000, internets was the first suggestion to appear. Now THAT'S attention to detail!)
  • That's pretty cool!
  • That phone is like less than $500.- on
  • that is crazy.  beautiful device.  but HARDLY worth a grip
  • As said its purely because its pay monthly at 0% apr, people see the 0% and think its awesome, but clearly not, if you were buying it out right and had the cash THEN you'd be an idiot buying it there
  • If you go on this site
  • See that's funny to me as they are both the same company.
  • Yeah ikr, Littlewoods has the Lumia 820 for £549 yet very has it for £249 (roughly £100 less than it costs them to buy in he first place!)
  • Would an unlocked one work on Verizon?
  • No. This is GSM variant. Verizon is strictly cmda.
  • Littlewoods would be the last place to look, on there site you'll see the stupid mark up on everything there sell.  It's alright though as you can pay in weekly installments,  (going down that route on the longest term would actually cost 
    "£6.87 per week - over 156 weeks (34.9% APR) Total £1071.54" Your £699 is looking like a bargin now 
  • There are people who can only afford £7/week instead of shelling out £600-£700 in one go. Its more to do with our culture of not saving for a rainy day. Most of us who don't have a family live payday to payday.
  • If you're on the breadline so much, then you don't buy a £600 phone full stop. It's amazing that the skintest of people seem to be the ones most willing to pay more for everything by buying everything on credit and paying interest. Didn't anyone ever explain to them how save-then-buy is cheaper than buy-on-credit-then-pay-interest?
  • The fact that these people are in business shows that idiots with money do exist and thrive in the UK.
    Just take a browse through ebay with the search for broken mobiles, so many of them have weird stories of the latest longphone being smashed apart and yet another £700 device brought within a couple of weeks even though the device is clearly just in need of a new screen.
  • £700 !!!!!!!! Love that the arrival claims an incredible low price !
  • If it was an auction, I wont pay more than £350 for that plastic. *puts on a Nokia cape*
  • Baffling? iPhone costs that much or more here in Finland... and it is selling quite well. 
  • Yep. In Brazil the OFFICIAL price for the iPhone 5 is ~$1300.
    The result? Sold Out.
    Even though there are way cheaper and better options in the market.
    Stupid people will always be stupid.
    And there will always be stupid people.
    Never forget that.
  • Mine was £451 including next day delivery from