Littlewoods UK listing Samsung ATIV S for a low £699

No, the title isn't a typo. UK retailer Littlewoods has the Samsung ATIV S listed for £699. That's over $1100 should you be reading this article from across the pond. Now, it's understandable that hardware (particularly the latest smartphones) can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. But for a well known and sizeable retailer to charge £700 for a mobile phone is slightly baffling.

This is merely a heads up that there are cheaper sources out there, including the likes of Clove and Expansys who have the Windows Phone listed around the £450 ($730) marker unlocked. So should you be shopping for a new Windows Phone this holiday season, don't always go for the first price you see, do shop around as there are some good deals out there.

Littlewoods ATIV S

As for Littlewoods, while it's known for the company to be on the expensive side, we wish them all the luck in the world to try and shift units at that price. It's positive to see the device listed though. Do note that if you go ahead and place an order through the UK retailer, the expected delivery is January 8th.

Source: Littlewoods; thanks, Ryan, for the tip! 

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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