Live from Samsung Premiere 2013 in London later today - 2PM ET

We're live from London's Earls Court exhibition center for Samsung Premiere 2013 -- the Korean manufacturer's big event where it's promising to show off new Galaxy (Android) and Windows (ATIV) devices. So we can expect to see more Galaxy S4 phones -- and on the Windows side, there's the possibility of more tablets and ultrabooks, and maybe some new Windows Phone devices too.

The show kicks off at 7pm BST (2pm EDT, 11am PDT), so remember to bookmark this page for live coverage. You'll find our liveblog and the livestream after the break!

Alex Dobie
  • Meh they can suck it !! :)
    Samdung wil be challenged by Nokia agian ;) soon :P
  • More Windows Phones from any vendor is a good thing for Windows Phone.
  • I approve this message.
  • Absolutely. Most of these comments are from people who have never used a Samsung Windows Phone product.
  • I thought you would be the first in here. Samdung, how original, did you come up with that all by yourself or did the Nokia Fangirls help?
  • buthurt?
  • Not really, this is a Samsung event not a Nokia event and seeing as I'm an ATIV S user I don't think that makes me "buthurt", does it?
  • Cry all you want ur the reason im here pal u = nok hater
  • Who says I'm crying?
  • Sorry, but I agree with neo158. People, actually fanboys & fangirls, who always call Samsung, Apple or other competing OEMS some stupid, lame, unoriginal name like "Samdung" or "Crapple" are just plain annoying.
  • Fangirls?? Oh, right...because misogynists like you think that women are weak and inferior so calling someone a girl is your 'clever' way of insulting them.
    Grow up. Its people like you who are turning this site into a cesspool.
  • I'm sorry, but how is using the term "fangirl" related to misogyny?
  • Fine, you want to accuse me of misogyny then I'll accuse you of misandry, how's that?
    You need to look up the term misogyny because it's in no way related to the term "fangirl", so don't even think of accusing me of being sexist if I call someone a fanboy!!!! YOU don't know me so YOU don't get the chance to judge me, simple as that!!!!
  • "don't even think of accusing me of being sexist if I call someone a fanboy!!!!"
    But you didn't call them a fanboy, did you. You specifically went for the feminine indicator, relying on the old trope that feminine equals weak. "YOU don't know me so YOU don't get the chance to judge me, simple as that!!!!" Methinks you doth protest too much. Man, what a rant. I can just picture you stomping up and down in your squirrely rage. But there your are...judging others by calling them fangirls.
    I'll add hypocrisy to your many 'talents'.
  • Who was it who tried to call me a misogynist, yeah, YOU. So who's the one protesting too much?
    Like I said before, YOU don't know me so YOU don't get the chance to judge me, simple as that!!!!
    Not going to call anyone else out for saying it though are you!!!!
  • I often wonder how old you people are....
  • This is how fangirls behave ;-)
  • Whoa! Nokia has a troop of blonde fangirls? too cool!!! Team Nokia baby!!!!
  • +810
  • Well, that escalated quickly!
  • Samsung is not that good as it pertains to Windows Phone 8 support. I would never again buy any of their phone myself. I do like their tvs however. It would be nice if they would promote the Ativ S, Odessey, and expose their Windows Phone to the market.
  • Hope more ATIV phones for Verizon. Would be good to have an alternative Samsung on the carrier besides the tiny Odyssey...
  • How much is that Ativ phone on Verizon? $50? If you praise that phone over the 50-99$ Lumia 928, I will shoot myself in the foot!
  • Naw, I got myself a Lumia 822 and it's great! More options aren't bad though :)
  • Nokia isn't the only brand personally I prefer the ATIV S over the 920 except in camera and screen. I love the size, build and look. I use the 8X though since I'm on Tmobile. O do tend to hop from the 920 fro time to time though and the ATIV S is my media player and has all my games installed for easier access with full 16GB using games! 8X has my favs and new games at launch with most my music in cloud. 920 is random everything but I hope Samsung has some new phones native to Tmobile to compete with the 925 thats coming. Also hope HTC launch a colorful HTC One design with camera and storage in tact. I'd buy that in an instant!
  • The ativ cost more then the galaxy 2 before the g3 came out.
  • I think it's the perfect size...if only it was higher end and looked better.
  • Would love to have had the Ativ S on AT&T or even more offerings. Maybe an Ativ S Note. Still thinking of buying the Ativ S but I'm finding it hard to convince my wife that a third off contract phone is necessary.
  • From what I can gather the ATIV S works on AT&T but not on LTE.
  • I am k. Lte. At&t needs to upgrade their network
  • Is it just me, or is that countdown clock off?
  • Works fine for me, iPad 4
  • It's just you Lumia 925 here.
  • How do you like your 925 so far?
  • Samdung fan ?
  • Ha ha ha you picked a wrong guy to ask If I am a Samsung guy. I don't like Samsung from the lagdroid days. I hope this answered your question?
  • I really don't mind if they bring a new WP8 flagship, competition is required to grow WP8 popularity. Moreover, this would push Nokia even further in their innovation :)
  • Samsung has fanboys just like Nokia does. More Sammy WPs would only help the OS.
  • +1
  • I'm hoping they finally announce a sprint Windows Phone
  • I believe they will. :)
    Edit: Actually, seeing that the event is in London, I doubt they're going to announce any Sprint bound phones. :\
  • I don't know, they may announce new phones with a variant coming to Sprint.
  • another SAMYUNG event?!.. what's next huh!?.. SAMYUNG "UNIVERSE" line up!?!? fock outta here..... 
  • Yeah that was intelligible...
  • Actually it was :)
  • Then don't watch it, just like Vb2012 won't be!!!!
  • Maybe ill watch it just for comedy
  • Oh right, like I watch the laughable Nokia events for the comedy
  • lol... for shits n giggles - why not = P
  • Prepare to be disappointed.
  • Told you.
  • he he he I new it too! I like the line when he said Xeon flash is their innovation. Samsung really in love with Apple line and design.
  • I've had no plans to buy anything from them, so no real expectations from me... but, WOW that was BAD! I'm sure some android heads will gasp and swoon over it, but that was weak.
  • Pretty sad the "Omnia" name got dropped, I found it classier and higher end than "ATIV"
    Then again, If you go for WP, you go Nokia, Android = Nexus, iOS = iPhone
  • I don't think ATIV name is bad, or even important enough for me to care, but Omnia design was indeed much better, classier and distinctive.
  • I think Ativ is bad simply for the fact that a lot of people don't know how to pronounce it.
  • I believe it's pronounced "8-iv", not sure about that though.
  • I heard it was pronounced Uh-teev. Ha.
  • If you think about it "8-iv" would be the right way to pronounce it, all the products under that brand run Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8
  • At = 8?
    PLEASE introduce me to your English teacher.
  • It's a play on words, you do know what that means, don't you?
  • Welp, there you have it on the stream. No ones playing with words. At stays at.
  • I also pronounce it that way. In fact everyone I know does.
  • When put in front of a consonant the letter A is pronounced Ayeh. Not aaaaah. So Ativ is pronounced Ayeh-tiv.
    Quite easy to see it as a play on 8. Which is pronounced Ayeh-t.
  • In my opinion, these novelty names for electronic devices these days are so lame. I realize that it's a marketing strategy to establish an "identity" with consumers (and a credible one at that), but who else is a fan of those bare-bones alphanumeric names Nokia (and even Sony Ericsson) used to use? (N95, W580, N900, E71, E72, etc.)
    I always think of how luxury car makers don't consistenly use all those lame, gimmicky names for their creations. (M3, R8, F1, A6, 911, etc.) I always felt like my Nokia E72 was the equivalent of an Audi; Now my Nokia 'lumia' 920 (as much as I love it) is like a Chevy Bronco, lol.
  • I think they help define device "families" e.g. Galaxy = Android, Ativ = Windows.
  • But so do letters like E, N, W, A, R . . . Ahh hell, the whole alphabet, lol.
  • True, but names are more descriptive though and stick in a potential buyers mind more than a letter or number.
  • Ativ = windows pro / rt
    Not windows phone :)
  • Ativ is the whole windows end of Samsung. Galaxy is the android end.
  • So the ATIV S and ATIV Odyssey aren't Windows Phones and don't exist then?
  • Hoping for some low budget tablets.
  • This
  • I'm ready for some more variety on AT&T. I like the Lumia 920, but the screen seems too "warm" and dark (even at full brightness), in my opinion. The HTC 8X is much more crisp & bright, but the hardware has the "wearing out" issue (and don't get me started on memory).
    ATIV S (or better) on AT&T's screaming fast LTE? Yes, please!
  • Having both phones, I feel exactly the opposite. My 920 is exceptionally vivid while the 8x is a little washed out. Both great phones though.
  • I hope they will announce the Ativ S2,
  • For the ones interested: you can stream the event live from youtube:
  • Yessss!!!! A new episode of my favorite drunken women Broadway show! I wonder what those happy gals have for us today, maybe they will tempt the men into raunchy dancing!
  • Hey.....if Sammy comes along with more serious support for Windows Phone, I welcome it. The more alternatives we have, the better. As a Nokia owner, I can't say I will ever jump ship to another Windows Phone manufacturer, but I can't say I won't either. We need to be open to ALL other WP manufacturers, and realize that any exposure, no matter how small, is positive for the platform.
  • Exactly. I wish more people had your reasonable view towards other manufacturers. My next phone will be the 925, but I hope selecting the manufacturer for the one after that will be a tough choice.
  • Yes, exactly. If Samsung comes along with a compelling device when I am ready to purchase another phone, I would not be against purchasing from them. Don't get me wrong, Nokia's support, their exclusive apps, and their support for their customers, is nothing to be taken lightly. But as the WP platform expands and grows, (as it will), all the Android groupies will start jumping on the WP bandwagon. Exciting times are ahead, and I do not want to limit myself to experiencing the awesomeness that is WP, by restricting myself to just one or two choices in terms of hardware.
  • And, that's exactly what they DIDN'T do. 
  • im getting my Lumia 928 today  and i am so excited, does anyone have any tips to provide or some cool fact about the phone thats not listed in the manual.
  • Just enjoy :)
  • thats the best advice i ever received
  • Just download Baconit, find NSFW... It's all good ;)
  • You mean the WTF section?
  • Porn app.
  • Have a play around with your 928 when you get it, that's the best way to learn about new devices!!!
  • Same with girls...
  • Not a tip, but just came across hd photo viewer, you can see your photos at their original resolution, and congrats!
  • Hoping for Ativ S2 & maybe some support for S-band (samsung version of jawbone) to connect my Ativ s would be nice. A man can only have a wishlist huh...
  • Samsung is a very big name in the mobile industry, whether we like it or not. Many people buy Samsung phones just for the brand name, just like many are Nokia loyalists. Moreover, Samsung seems to provide a couple of things that MANY care about - removable battery and SD card slots. So no matter how much one dislikes Samsung for their lack of effort on the WP platform, them releasing new WP devices can only mean good news for the platform we love.
  • Those are the exact reasons why I bought the ATIV S. Showing support by buying their Windows Phone devices will show Samsung that people do want their devices but some of us don't want Lagdroid.
  • Yup, Lagdroid the worse investment of my money.
  • I like the Ativ S phone better than my 920 but Nokia's got the exclusives that won me over
  • That's the problem though, Apple and Google introduced us to app-centric devices and people think that masses of apps make the phone.
  • Well there is little other than use apps to do on a smartphone.  What do you want a smartphone for?
  • Wtf lol web browsing / taking photos / videos / e-mails / gaming / texting / phone calls etc
  • Right so you can do that from any phone.  But I for instance have alot of productivity apps (not talking about Office which I know have) on my phone and alot of speciality apps that makes my phone that more useful.  So for some people the lack of apps is a factor.  If all you want to do is browse the web, take photos text and make calls then any OS even WP would do just fine.  But there are some people who do a little more than that.   
    I think belittling the usefullness or importante of 3rd party apps, something that has practically created an entire industry, created new millionares is rather silly.  If WP had more apps (and its selection is getting much better) you wouldn´t complain.  So don´t let the syndrome of Fox and Sour Grapes get you.
  • You said what do you want a smartphone for you can't do all those things from "any" phone.
  • I just hope they announce a high end WP8 device as an exclusive of Sprint so that Rubino blows a couple of gaskets and has to beg for an appology to all the Sprint supporters here.  That would be a classic!
  • Why do they never say what time it is GMT?
  • It's at 7pm GMT
  • Who farted?
  • Nice video buuut android is still android cant stand the os windows phone for the win !
  • Same here, as a long time Android user I got frustrated by the lack of responsiveness in the whole OS and migrating to Windows Phone was like a breath of fresh air. Not only that it helped me prune the apps I had installed, I genuinely found that half the apps I had on Android I hardly used enough to miss them.
  • Good man good man indeed i mean im not biased iv tried android iv even tried iphone and blackberry just did not like the os though i do use the ipod 5th gen touch since the Zune player died of death many moons ago in the uk at least bottom line i like windows phone os most even windows phone 7 was great it never wiged out on me lol
  • I did have an HD7 as well and I was very impressed with it, the only issue was battery life as it wouldn't last me a day. Sorry to hear your Zune died, hopefully through overuse :), as here in the UK we never got to see it but I did manage to get a Zune HD through a UK reseller and I have to say that I was and still am, my Zune HD still works to this day, very impressed.
  • Sweet i had the htc titan battery was pretty good lasted a day and then some no i mean when i wanted to buy one it was a bastard to get a zune hd player so i used my phones or ipod since maybe Microsoft will make a new player but i doubt it very much
  • Samsung = cheap plastic. No thanks.
  • +1
  • To be fair though the ATIV S is a well built device.
  • and looks nice too
  • Hahaha are u serious -.-
  • yes. it looks better than any galaxy phone
  • Yeah we are, looks better than that heavy brick of plastic called the Nokia Lumia!!!!
  • Its seriously not heavy your bones must be made out of jelly baby's xp
  • it's not that heavy, but nobody wouldnt mind if it would be only 135g "heavy"
  • I realy don't notice the weight iv recently held the 925 being the weight your on about i imagine makes no difference to me :)
  • Eagerly looking forward to the New ATIV. Always great news when there's a new WP device
  • I use a Nokia Lumia 920, and I've also owned many Samsung phones (no smartphones from them however), as well as Samsung products (SSD's, Monitors, etc.), and they're a great company, that makes a solid product. 
    As many in here have said - The more WP8 phones, the better for the OS & it's popularity. 
    I'm excited to see what Samsung is up to, as I traverse the middle-line of being curious about all companies in the technology sector, and what their doing. 
  • I have the Ativ S and its amazing, its just the S3... I want an Ativ windows tablet
  • I'm a Nokia fanboy, but I'm excited to see if they will offer any windows phones. I would love an Ativ S with the S4's goodies, minus the 1080 and quad core if it can't do it yet.
  • This site turned from WP central to Nokia Central. My Focus S works and works well. The Nokia phones I recommended to friends all had major issues be it syncing contacts, with the display, with the camera etc etc. Nokia is like 0-fer 10 with the 820, 900, and the 920s I have recommended. Samsung is 2 for 2. If They have a new Ativ based on the GS 4, I'd get that before the EOS that I am currently waiting for.
  • Really? I have one Lumia 810 and I don't have problem with it, and My friend has the same phone and he doesn't problem with it either. I do have problem with Samsung from Lagdroid days.
  • It would be great if Samsung started pushing Windows Phone as hard as Android.
  • To bad you can't view it on a windows phone. Oh the irony...
  • Video button doesn't work on my phone. And its 7 minutes past. I'll give it 10 minutes more, maybe it started late.
  • Lolz Samsung S4 ZOOOOOOMMMMMM ....
  • LOL, DJ Lee. says S4Zoom comes with innovation like xenon flash and OIS. :D :D :D
  • Samsung love Apple so much even the punch line "Innovation" Apple uses, Samsung uses.
  • No WP love it seems from Sammy at this time.
  • Yep no WP8 love I think Nokia has them beat and will start pushing these other OEMs out of the WP8 ecosystem. I believe that microsoft will indeed be purchasing nokia in the future.
  • This is how is done NOKIA! Good Advertising! ;)
  • I can't watch why
  • ATIV Q has dual OS!?.. HOLY!  i just wet my pants... 
  • Don't forget to clean up after yourself.
  • Oh my god... All of a sudden nokia presentations don't look so poor. What a bunch of morons... The dynamic duo :D
  • I quit watching after 3 minutes. The guy is terrible he was driving me crazy listening.
  • SPOILER ALERT: No new ATIV smartphones were announced. Only ATIV tablets. I watched the entire event
  • Android this, Android that. Even Android apps on a Windows 8 Tablet. Kinda doubting Samsung's commitment to Windows Phone a little more now.
    Guess it's Nokia or bust.
  • i had my doubts that samsung were comitted to windows 8 when they announced a single phone LAST year and never brought it to the USA.
  • That was my first clue too. Unleash 800 variants of the Galaxy S lineup, and 2 Windows Phones, only one makes it to the US, and it's a midrange device.
  • Nokia or HTC, don't waste your time with Samsung. The day free Android came out and made money for them that's all they will do.
  • bah no ativ s2. this sucks!
  • are you kidding me? andriod on a professional camera, with 4G LTE, what for? This just looks too much to me. I'd say, FAIL!!
  • In my opinion this is really really bad for wp....they don't have the brand power apple does to just have one phone or in this case manufacturer, everyone seems to have bailed except for the one MS is paying a money to stick around :/ what is MS gonna do?
  • So... now that this steaming pile of an event is over, and no WP devices announced (surprised?) does that mean "the sky is falling" on Windows Phone all over again?  ;-)  
  • please release a s4 with windows phone 8.