Is the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam good for 1080p video streaming?

Logitech C922
Logitech C922 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Is the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam good for 1080p video streaming?

Best answer: The C922 is a perfect choice for streamers who want 1080p video, great quality, and a good price.Amazon: Logitech C922 ($88)

The C922 supports 1080p video in all your favorite streaming software

For a great quality stream, there are two important aspects to note about the Logitech C922. The first is it does support 1080p video, and the second is that it works just fine with all major streaming software.

The C922 is limited to 30 FPS video, at 1080p, which is the only minor flaw if you're running a 60 FPS stream. You can up the frame rate to 60 FPS, but you need to drop the resolution to 720p in order to do that.

But the C922 is also entirely plug-and-play, and while it does have a companion app, you don't need it. Use it with XSplit, OBS, Streamlabs OBS, Elgato Game Capture HD, AVerMedia RECentral, and many other programs. Whatever you use to stream, you'll have no problems using the C922.

The C922 is a great quality webcam

Supporting 1080p video is one thing, but if it's poor quality 1080p video, then it's not worth the time. Thankfully, the C922 produces great quality video and has been a popular choice with many streamers.

You will need to make sure you're in a well-lit environment, as the C922 has no lighting of its own, and when it's a bit dark you will encounter noise. But that's normal for basically any webcam. Keep plenty of light shining on your face and the C922 will make you look fabulous on your stream.

A green screen is still better than the software background removal

One neat trick of the C922 is that it comes bundled with software that will remove your background and simulate a green screen. In theory, this is great, but in practice, it's not. Not only is the effect not particularly high quality, but it also adds a fair bit of load to your system, and you'll be wanting all your system resources dedicated to pushing your stream.

So, a green screen is still a better bet. Thankfully, you don't pay any extra for this feature with the C922, so there's no harm done.

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