Logitech G gets colorful with vibrant takes on gaming gear

Logitech G305 Press
Logitech G305 Press (Image credit: Logitech)

What you need to know

  • Logitech today introduced a colorful batch of additions to its gaming accessory lineup.
  • There are new colors for the Logitech G305 mouse, a white version of the G915 TKL keyboard, and the new G733 headset.
  • Each entry in the color collection is expected to be available in September.

Black or white? That's the typical decision you've had to make when picking out gaming gear. With its new Color Collection, Logitech G is shaking things up by launching a range of colorful accessories across its lineup.

At the top of the new lineup is the Logitech G733 headset, which launches in four colors. Available in white, blue, lilac, or black, the wireless headset is pretty light at 278 grams. It's flanked by memory foam earcups, and it builds on the colorful shells with even more colorful straps.

You'll also be able to pick up separate headstraps that are all available in different colors to add a little more flair to your setup. Plus, Logitech is offering a set of playful mic covers in the shape of things like lips, a str, and a mustache.

Beyond the G733, Logitech has launched new colors for accessories already a part of its lineup. Those include black, white, blue, and lilac versions of the G203 gaming mouse and G305 wireless gaming mouse. There's also now a white version of the Logitech G915 TKL mechanical keyboard, which is a nice option to have for a keyboard that can hold its own against the best gaming keyboards.

As for pricing, Logitech says the G733 Lightspeed wireless gaming headset is expected to be available in Spetember for $130. Likewise, the rest of the accessories are expected to launch in September at $230 for the G915 TKL gaming keyboard, and $60 for the G305 mouse, $40 for the G203 mouse. Mic covers will be available as a set for $10, while extra straps for the G733 will be available for $10 as well.

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