Lottery Results for Windows Phone keeps you in the loop with life changing numbers

Millions of people participate in lottery draws with hopes to win jackpot prizes and change their lives for the better. To help keep up-to-date with frequent results from multiple lotto draws, Lottery Results for Windows Phone is a gorgeous companion app, enabling users to check numbers when on the move. It's worth noting that this app is restricted to certain draws and is not available in the US.

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The more important feature of Lottery Results is the ability to check out results from numerous draws in seconds, not to mention just how good looking the app is compared to competitor solutions. There's no initial setup screen, no loading, no waiting. Users fire up the app and select the draws they wish to view. Not only are the most recent numbers available for users, but also results from previous draws too.

Lottery Results also fetches the latest numbers right after the machines churn them out, just in case you require immediate access to said draws.

Some of the highlighted features in Lottery Results include the following:

  • Stunning new Windows design
  • Instant Lottery results - updated right after the draw!
  • Automatically check if your numbers win
  • Prize breakdown for every draw
  • Save your numbers
  • Create your own lucky dip with Number Generator
  • Lottery Statistics

The prize breakdown for each draw with the ability to compare and check your own numbers is a great addition to the experience. Then you have the lucky dip generator, just in case you wish to go random and try your luck. Here are a few of the supported draws:

  • Lotto
  • The Health Lottery
  • Hot Ticket
  • Euromillions
  • Thunderball

Lottery Results is definitely one of the better lottery apps available for Windows Phone and we recommend you check it out. Looking at the app we can see why it's the top rated app in its class within the UK alone. It's just a shame the app isn't available on Windows 8. You can download Lottery Results from the Windows Phone for free (Windows Phone 8 only) with advertisements. The app is region restricted.

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Rich Edmonds
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  • Works on my 920
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