Lumia 510 available in Philippines for PHP 7,290

The Lumia 510 is available in the Philippines for PHP 7,290 (approx. $180) and can be picked up from Wellcom, Nokia Stores, and other supporting retail establishments. We recently looked at the Lumia 510 and upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 update, which the device will be powering once Microsoft rolls out the next release for 7.x hardware.

If you're not familiar with Windows Phone 7.8, or what's new in the upcoming version, be sure to check out in-depth information we took a look at recently. The Lumia 510 itself sports a 480x800 4” LCD display, 5MP camera (no front facing) and just 256MB of RAM with a 1300mAh battery.

Be sure to check out available offers are supporting stores (see promotion material for list of locations).

via: Jey Si

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Well done Nokia.
  • Seems curious that the promo image shows 7.5 start screen and old Windows Phone logo.
  • Its because it was made before w8 and runing w7.5
  • I think Microsoft isn't going to put their new logo on the start/home button for non windows phone 8 devices. Makes it easy to visually distinguish maybe? Or they don't want people thinking (you won't believe how many uninformed people there are out there) they are buying a Windows Phone 8 device when they are buying a Windows Phone 7.8 device instead.
  • Incorrect
  • Thanks for the correction because I also thought all new WP7.5/7.8 devices will continue to carry the old logo. Nokia announced they will produce new models of WP7.8 OS. Alcatel also said they're coming out with a new phone that will carry the WP7.8 OS. I wonder how people will identify which is which if they all carry the same logo because they may look similar but WP7.8 and WP8 are different from each other.
  • Makes sense. Actually, after re-reading article, I picked up that 510 buyers will have to wait for 7.8 with the rest of us.
  • Just for the record, it's been avaliable in India ever since it was announced. But, the thing is that it is carrying WP 7.5, seems like nokia is rushing in the 510 without waiting for the 7.8 update. Probably to take advantage of microsoft's recent Windows 8 marketing push in the country. Hopefully the next batch of 510s will ship with 7.8 out of the box. Anyways, Here's the link (It's avaliable in 3 colours):- NOKIA LUMIA 510
  • Problem here is that there is no touch enabled hardware to take full advantage of Windows 8.
  • Its available in India for ₹9,999
  • This should be credited as well to the original post:
  • The Lumia 920 will be released in the Philippines January 2013, a nokia philippines support confirmed it while there's no  details for its price.
  • Lumia 920 on PH
  • i got a hold of the Lumia920 yesterday at SM North EDSA, as a Windows 8 promotion.... it was awesome to hold, simply gorgeous, beautiful... wOw!  tried some exclusive apps... city lens, very useful.
  • Mind telling us how much was it or at least a possible pricing? And, is it an exclusive to Smart/Globe? hopefully not.
  • If the 920 gets locked-in to either Smart or Globe plans, I'm absolutely sure it would still be available unlocked somewhere else. This phone is too expensive to be locked-in completely in the whole country by either Smart or Globe. For them to do it, they have to be as rich as AT&T, which they are not. Smart did it for the Lumia 710 in the Philippines because it was affordable.
  • Wha?!?! Why did I not hear about this??? How much and are they still selling??
  • not for sale yet, for promotional purposes only of "windows 8" (not WP8?), maybe for consumers to be familiarized with the modern UI.  L920 & L820 for demo. try at silicon valley SM North.  the clerks are somewhat not familiar with the product and specs. ano b yan? kahit tiningnan man lang sa GSMArena sana.   how can they promote?
  • Eh. Not running wp8 means you are buying into an os that will almost certainly see little to no support bu third party devs. Price is good, but that's about it.
  • If only Xbox Live was available in the Philippines. :/
  • Actually it slowly is becoming available. Not as full featured as other territories, but one could go to the xbox live website now and choose Philippines as country of origin when creating a gamertag. This was not possible before. The features are limited but at least it's there.
    While i do have an xbox live account which works pretty well playing online, but i had that created when i bought my xbox around 2008, and is registered to HK.
    Hopefully Microsoft opens it and makes it full-featured for the Philippines. 
  • It's so late here. o_O
  • I will buy low end windows 8 phone from nokia