You can now buy the entry-level Lumia 550 from the Microsoft Store online... in Russia

Russian residents can start buying the budget-priced Lumia 550 smartphone from Microsoft. The company's official store site in that country has started selling the Windows 10 Mobile device for the price of 9490 Rubles, or about $141.

The site listing doesn't make it clear when orders for the Lumia 550 will begin shipping to Russian customers, but the wait should be a fairly short one as Microsoft had always planned to release the phone sometime in December.

The Lumia 550 has a 4.7-inch, 1280x720 display, a 1.1GHz, quad-core Snapdragon 210 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 200GB with a microSD card. It also has a 5MP rear camera, along with a 2MP front-facing sensor.

Buy the Lumia 550 at the Russian Microsoft Store{.cta .shop}


  • $140 thats pretty steep :(
  • Probably won't work on Verizon either.
  • Lol ms probably don't even bother to sell it in US
  • Actually, MS submitted it for FCC testing and it passed, so you're incorrect. It's a great native device to test this on.
  • Looks great, hooray outlook mail and calendar mobile has a new update with combines inbox and much extras
  • Lumia 535 is better than this....
  • It has bigger screen and lower resolution. Also worse battery
  • 550 also has glance right?
  • Yes it does. Glance on a device on that size is great. Also, HD screen too.
  • Lumia 535 has the worst screen sensitivity issues and Microsoft refuses to replace it
  • Is Outlook Mail and calendar update available for 8.1?
  • This app is only available on Windows 10.
  • Fuck logic
  • In Soviet Russia...
  • ...Lumia buys you.
  • This or 640?
  • Comparison shows the 640 to have better hardware, which is expected given the model number.
  • Basically if you want a smaller sized phone, and a better front camera, the 550 is better in those respects.
  • It is so sad that the front of this device is visually indistinguishable from the 950 :(
  • Almost all phones are indistinguishable from the front.
  • So they're ditching the camera button? That's unfortunate.
  • Have you seen the 950 ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • camera button now just for top end phone 830 930/icon 950/xl etc
  • Is the snapdragon 210 better than the snapdragon 400?
  • In a parallel universe, yes. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  •  in day to day use it will be about the same, game play will be a lillte bit weaker.  but 210 is 64 bit ready, and bluetooh 4.1 400 is not
  • This is great to know, thanks!
  • This soc might be 64bit ready, but Windows 10 mobile isn't.  :P
  • Ha And ios and android blackberry phone more for going over 4GB of ram
  • But it looks better than the 950...
  • Russia before the US is kind of amusing.
  • this model is not coming to the US ...
  • I doubt that. MS wouldn't submit it for FCC testing if that was really the case.
  • Obama is trying to help his friends in Kremlin.
  • Well, 12% market share vs minuscule 2%, what do you expect?
  • Outdated hardware
  • 210 came out last year
  • Lumia 520 had Adreno 305 while the 550 is having Adreno 304? Really? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumia 550 will sell good in India
  • I stock with my 930. Best phone ever and running a good build 10586.11 at the moment
  • 930 is a great device, unfortunately it's unavailable where I live, the best phone I can get in Mexico is the Lumia 1020, 925 or 820 which is a shame, since there are much better devices: 930, 1520, 950, 950XL, but are only for premium markets, europe and India.
  • Wow $141? I'm interested, does anybody know what is the javascript Octane benchmark score for this device? If it beats my Windows 8.1 Intel Atom BayTrail tablet with 1GB RAM I'm very interested to purchase it.
  • ooo i still want one
  • They should had least made this with snap dragon 410
  • Ok
  • But wait no flash ?
  • It has flash.
  • I've seen in a youtube video, that the viewing angle of this display is god awful (comparable to the 630's viewing angle) The only thing that this phone has better over the 640 is the 2mp frontfacing camera, other than that, it is another piss poor device which will make Windows mobile (and lumia) look bad at the average non suspected user.. I'm crossing my fingers to see some decent midrangers in the first quarter of  '16  (750,850?) with specs comparable to that on the Japanese NuAns phone shown a couple of days back and subsequently for windows mobile, to have a full range of devices FOR THE FIST TIME EVER! For now, there is no reason to buy anything other than the 640 if you want a cheap Windows Moblie device and I'm saying this having in mind that the 640 is prised at  ~140 euro where I live..
  • Regardless, I want to try it. Having Glance at that size is great.
  •     I would get one... if it becomes available here in the States.