Lumia 550 sees its price lowered to £59.99 at Carphone Warehouse

The affordable Lumia 550 is now even more affordable thanks to a recent price drop at the Carphone Warehouse, which now lists the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone for just £59.99 (excluding the required £10 top-up). That makes this handset an absolute bargain just in time for the festive holiday, enabling consumers to walk away with a capable smartphone for less than £70.

As previously covered, the Carphone Warehouse holds exclusivity rights over the white variant of the Lumia 550. For specifications, we're looking at a 4.7-inch display (720p with Glance), removable 2,100mAh battery, Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 1.1GHz quad-core processor, 5MP main shooter with f/2.4 lens, 2MP selfie camera, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of expandable internal storage.

Hit the link below to view the store listing and for more details.

£69.99 at Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab)

Via: Neowin

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • C'mon guys.....give us the win 10 mobile release dates...
  • Comes pre-installed :)
  • The firmware for all the device Is be work on
  • Should i expect for a new built this week?
  • May be NO , Bcoz they are busy in Firing their employee's who were working in building the Software....
  • Ha all these companies firing ppl after working so hard made me change my career choice. We live in such a sad world.
  • are you professionally unemployed now living on the money the people that still work hard generate?  :) 
  • Sorry am still a student... BTW My dad runs his own business... Am afraid of getting placed in a company with CEOs like Satya Nadella in future
  • Was a carpenter in my early life. I was unemployed everytime I finished a project. Then I changed careers to technology, with the sudden PC revolution of the late 80's\early 90's. Contactor. Again, unemployed after I finish every job I am hired to accomplish.  It's really not an insult or punishment. Microsoft is probably an awesome company to work for. But if you finish what they hired you to do.........
  • Am student of IIM Bangalore and the acceptance rate ofour college is 1.718 % . I cleared my entrance exam for the college is staggering 99.02 percentile..
    Once getting placed in a company with a CEO like Satya Nadella [firing specialist] after a week , if he announces massive layoffs which my include me . Imagine "How bad I would have felt for my past 20 years of education for bright carrier gets ruined by those kind of CEOs"
  • Ha,ha,ha.. Lol. It's a good one.
  • When will we get windows mobile 10 update?
  • From what I've been told, the Lumia sales within the CPW have nosedived during the past few months. Without any new 6, 7 and 8 series handsets, that won't change anytime soon. The 550 is not good enough for a lot of people, the 950 is too expensive for most people. At least a 7 series would be important right now. Nobody is going to "upgrade" from an 830/920/925 or even a 730/735 to a 550 or even 640, but for many of those people a 950 would a step too far financially. A lot of people managed to get cheap 925 contracts (a friend got one free in Dec 2013 for £27 per month, she can't upgrade because the 950 is the only "upgrade" and with equiv usage it's £54 per month! But on the flipside the 925 slaughters the 640 and 550 for specs so she isn't interested in downgrading lol. Shame, but the lack of a suitable midrange will finish Microsoft. A new 830 variant with better cpu and smiled would be perfect right now...
  • Ah, another one of those armchair analysts.
  • Ah, another one of those armchair trolls, with nothing useful to say, and no purpose in life...
  • That's a lot of assumptions you made there Matt, just saying....I mean, do you really know most people?
  • Fair play, you have a point. But, yes Lumia sales have been nosediving at CPW, and CPW themselves are not pulling support for them, so the reason has to the consumer mindset. Whatever way we look at it, the 950 is top dollar (those who spend £50-60 per month generally want an iPhone etc) abd the 550, whilst cheap and adequate for general use, is pretty much bottom end (forget the 4 series). But there is no middle ground. I bought a 950 direct from Microsoft and I wouldn't change it for the world, amazing handset! But how many people are going to spend £450 on a windows phone (most people don't by handsets outright). I bought it because the prices on contract are ridiculously high for it, so it made better sense financially, but when the masses see the S6 Edge, iPhone 6s or Lumia 950, they ain't going to think the Lumia represents the best value. For me it would have been £50+ per month for two years for a Lumia 950 on contract, I may be a massive enough windows fan to buy it outright, but to pay that sort of money (over £600 for the handset in relative terms) for it would have been crazy. We need a decent handset that the aforementioned 730/830/925 users can upgrade to within a similar price range to what they're paying now, that is actually an upgrade. I don't think there can be much doubt over this, it's good business sense to make a range of products that suit each market sector. That doesn't mean the previous strategy of flooding the market with a new device every week leaving even the experts confused! But to completely miss the middle segment of the market is a bit of a precarious position to be in.
  • Ah another dumb ****
  • Care to explain? Or are you just another internet warrior?
  • I personally splashed out out and bought my 950XL direct from Microsoft too. Got a nice price match so saved £84 and also got my free dock. Only reason I went this way was because I was due an upgrade with EE but they had no plans to carry the XL. (only available in a business contract for some strange reason) Anyway really happy with it and made a perfect replacement for my 1020 ☺
  • They really good phones, I agree. How are you finding the camera compared to the 1020? I like the speed but I find night shots aren't as good as my 920 even and the OIS is certainly inferior. Here's hoping for future cam updates!
  • Loving the camera, the speed of the camera on the 1020 really was something that annoyed me at times and led to many missed moments! On the other hand the 950 launches and snaps pictures almost instantly. I'm hopeful that more improvements will be coming soon as more lenses, such as panorama, need to be brought back asap.
  • Don't mind them, obvious they are trolls. This phone in my view is a nice 520 succesor, just need proce to drop a little bit. You are right, there aren't real succesors to 735,830,920,925,820,620. I have 735 and with this MSFT line I don't see succesor to it. It'll be soon time to upgrade, my phone is over year old and battery will soon start dying. They are counting on other OEMs, but none of them have introduced almost anything. If they don't change strategy soon, another year will fail.
  • Yes it's a real shame! The Blu phones and the like are great, but they rarely, if ever, get sold through mainstream retail channels. So right now, we have the 550 (and 640 whilst stocks last) in the £50-£100 segment, and the 950 in the £400+ segment. Nothing to target the £150-£300 segment, and nothing for previous mid-high range users to upgrade to, without the high cost of the 950, or potentially lower specced/featured 550. I don't think it will kill Microsoft Mobile as,they're in it for the long run, but devs need handsets in hands, and the last thing we need is current users ditching the platform for better specced droids within their budget...
  • Let's see: According to Kantar World Panel Windows Phone lost about 1-2 % in all major markets (in Italy even -2.5%!) in October 2015 (and there was already a huge decline in September 2015, i.e. WP lost about 6.5% from August to November in Germany – one of its biggest markets). But then there is hope: IDC is predicting that Windows Phone will grow about 5 % from now until 2019 and will then have an overall marketshare of 2,3% (+0.1%)! "Windows Phone: Despite all the effort Microsoft has put into the launch of Windows 10, IDC does not expect Microsoft's share of the smartphone OS market to grow much over the coming years. In 2015, IDC expects the average selling price (ASP) of Windows Phones to be $148, which is $71 lower than Android's ASP of $219. This was brought about by the Microsoft/Nokia push into the low-end mass market. While this approach helped drive shipments up to 34.9 million units in 2014, IDC is forecasting a year-over-year decline of -10.2% in 2015, followed by further decline in 2016. The weak results can largely be attributed to the lack of OEM partner support."  
  • Stopped reading at "7 series would be important". According to earlier article here, 7xx and 8xx never really sell well compared to 5xx and 6xx so why bother?
  • Then create a 6 series with OIS, wireless charging, glance, snapdragon 6 series cpu, equiv or better camera of the 830, similar thickness. Give it the name of the 7 series if required. Simply missing an entire market segment is a bit silly. Tbh, I'm not surprised the previous 7 series didn't sell, when there was so many number flooding the market (confusion) and the fact the 730 wasn't a significant upgrade on the 630/635 but never received the discounting ( I remember the 630's being £19 on paygo upgrade and £7.50 per month contracts when the 730 was £150 lol. The 830 was always a case of stunning design, overpriced, underspecced. It was too near to the 930 at retail price. If it had featured an apple logo it would probably have sold just fine. Availability of the 730 and 830 was also an issue.
  • That's the problem with the 7xx and 8xx, they're overpriced and underspecced. You know what? You probably are the minority who wants variety while the majority prefers simplicity of the lineup, and Microsoft is leaning towards the latter, so deal with it.
  • That's odd. The Lumia 435 and 535 have been CPW's best selling PAYG handsets for the past 6 months.
  • I did say the past few months. 6 months ago the 435 could be picked up for £4.95 on path upgrade, so not surprising. I think the 535 in summer could be had for as little as £9.95. Also, where are you getting that info? If it's from the website, I wouldn't believe it, they list top sellers as those they need to clear/want to sell. I was informed this by the manager of the local branch, who seems very pro-Lumia to be fair.
  • You make a good point with the wide gap of phone specs. One is top end and iphone money, and the other is pretty much worthless for anyone age 12-25. However, I'm not sure about sales being bad as companies and businesses are buying the low end phones. I know at least the UK police and the company I work for have low end lumias as work phones.
  • Yeah, we rolled out Lumia 635's in the summer...But the company will use them for as long as possible since the previous handsets where 5 year old blackberry's lol.
  • Same here, i have a 925 and there's no reason to upgrade now cause it would be a downgrade lol
    AND I'm waiting for the 850 too
  • I have been running Lumina 925 for over two years, now on post contract £9 month SIM data deal until get a decent successor next year. But I have bought a Lumia 640 for W10 testing and its a really nice device. Just lacks storage, but I have added MicroSD card, and otherwise just as decent as the 925, and possible replacement, The display is much nicer and W10 does look good on it.
  • The camera must be a bit of a downside though? Lack of OIS? Also doesn't the 640 lack glance? It's a shame as it seems only "fans" are loyal to WP, whereas the cheaper devices just gain market share on price. The 950 is a wonderful device, every bit as good, in some ways better, as the competition, but in the mindset of the general public, it's not relevant, so far as not even a consideration. Many people will dislike me for saying this, but Microsoft have to shoulder some of the blame for this. Now we finally have the original goal of a unified OS across platforms, and the expectation that there won't be yet another reboot of the platform in a year or two, Microsoft seem to be pulling the rug from under the feet. I only hope that HTC or someone can bring something to the table. It was always a dangerous strategy buying Nokia Devices and Services, not least because Microsoft won't bat an eyelid if they stop selling phones, but also because it alienated all the other OEMs. Google buy Moto got away with it because they weren't the dominant OEM in the platform and the ecosystem was already strong whereas windows phone was still in it's infancy and Nokia had come totally dominate the platform. We saw it happen when 3dfx bought STB, delays hit in, products fell behind the competition 'stopgap' products were never deemed good enough to worry the competition and slowly but surely they became irrelevant within the industry. The biggest killer was that OEMs took their business to NVidia, ATi (and PowerVR) which meant that 3dfx was then solely responsible for the whole supply chain on their own. A couple of year later, boom. 3dfx were no more. 3 years before they were too big to fail. Microsoft it seems, never learnt the lesson from this...
  • Nope the 640 has partial Glance, which is enough to display the time, if any alarms/quiet hours/vibration are/is set, and quick notification status. 
  • There are already more than decent successors to the 925.
  • 550 or 950? The 950 is sky high pricing, the 550 isn't even a match specs wise. The x30 and x40 series is dead, and not native W10M. The 925 made a really good mid-range handset once the 1020 and 930 came along (it seems Nokia couldn't shift it at it's original price). The successor was the 930, but in reality, on the basis of price, it was actually the 830. The 830 was more of a side step however. There is no successor to the 640, 730 or 830. A lot of people with 925's in the got good deals on them back in late 2013/early-mid 2014. Those people will now be looking towards upgrades, and the choice is either top dollar for a 950, or bottom dollar for a lesser specces 550. Or jump ship to one of the many great specced, similar priced droids. Microsoft WILL lose market share with this policy, unfortunately :(
  • Well I must be one of that person who contributed to that stats since I cancelled my 950 XL order with them and got it from Amazon instead because I can't be bothered waiting for the stock until 22nd.
  • I would gladly update from my Lumia 820 but do not want to pay in excess of 600€ for a 950. The 640 doesn't quite cut it because it lacks the camera button. So I am one of those who is holding out.
  • College bought on for 130 euro in Belgium. Played around with and was impressed with the performance, and light as a feather. Screen was reasonable. Now I want Windows 10 mobile, please release asap for my Lumia 930.
  • What, fire sales already? And it seems update madness has arrived!!!
  • Do they have plan to release colorful frames? I love my yellow 720, I love my flashy orange 930, I don't like boring and common white, gray and black phones.
  • I don't think Microsoft are doing any, but mozo will be making accessories for the 550. Maybe reach out to them and see if they have plans to?
  • I found a website that sells mozo's colorful backs, will post in the forums! They have blue, green and orange replaceable backs for the 550.
  • Maybe get a BLU WIN HD LTE? The yellow and orange versions are very eye catching.
  • The Lumia 950 and 950XL are now available in my country but the 550 is another story.
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  • All things are well except its processor..wwhy Ms can't give mobile with proper orientation?
  • Just bought my girlfriend a 640 from o2 for £79.99, no top up needed, so for £10, I feel I'm getting a lot more.
  • Fire the shareholders and not the software team. Software should be released when it's ready, not when a bunch of rich shareholders say so.
  • I agree. I don't see why people are negatively receiving your comment.
  • Surprised to see a price reduction already, but I wish it would just be released in the US already. Microsoft is playing with fire, lol. If B&H releases first, I will go with them and ignore Microsoft taking their sweet time to release here.
  • How come this phone is less spec'ed than the Lumia 540?
  • It's not? The only better spec on the 540 is more mega-pixels (doesn't mean it has a better camera though). Otherwise its either the same or worse on the 540. e.g. No glance screen, worse processor (SD200 vs SD210 on 550).
  • My mom's phone (540) has 8MP, and my phone (730) has 6.7MP, but pictures on my phone are way better than on my mom's. Idk, if it's due to the "Carl Zeiss" optics, and yeah, 8MP camera of my sister's phone (iPhone 5s) was again better than my friend's phone (an Android phone with 13MP) so, MP does not define the camera! Software and few minute details of the camera hardware, like the aperture and lens does matter. Don't expect 550's camera to be mind blowing, I'm only saying, lowered MP might not mean it's worse than 540.
  • My Peugeot 308 has a 1.4liter engine while my dad's John Deere has a 3.7liter engine. The ride is smoother in my Pug, however :P
  • I actually went from a 925 to a 640XL. It's actually quite an upgrade.
  • I concur​. Went from a Lumia 820 to a 640 XL and it has been a huge upgrade as well. Way better camera, 2X the battery life, and much larger screen. Don't miss wireless charging at all. 640 XL is virtually perfect phone for me.
  • According to Mr. Rubino the 650 will be available on Cricket in spring next year. Probably GoPhone as well. My future is secure so now i can quit worrying about a future W10 device. Still i always enjoy reading these phone articles. ​
  • Aren't a lot if these posts off topic???? We should be bloody happy to have 3 devices released, especially considering 6 months ago no one really new what was going on!! I've got hands on with one of these little devices. I dare android to run their OS as smoothly as this 550 does. No glitching, no stuttering, very snappy. I ended up buying one for my son!!
  • My experience to. Surprisingly smooth.
  • Ooh now both of you have me wanting it more now
  • Does the Lumia 550 have the phone call recording feature (like the 950). Anybody know?
  • Snapdragon 2xx with HD display is a joke.
    Microsoft should not exceed screen resolution with this as more than 960*540
    Stick to snapdragon 4xx for HD
    Also are snapdragon 6xx able to support 1080p display? I read thatit supports "hey Cortana" considering snapdragon 800, 801 & 802 phone the oneplusx was launched as affordable
  • actually the SD 210 can run a 720p dispay with a gpu core tied behind its back ... even on a bloated and skinned Android devices ... it's even smoother with Windows Phone