Lumia 640 and 640 XL evidently becoming big sellers in US, Russia, and India

Microsoft's Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL Windows Phone are arguably their best budget-minded Lumias to date. Since their announcement, there has been strong interest from users and positive reviews from many publications.

Now, new July data from AdDuplex finally lets us see the impact of these phones on a few markets, specifically the U.S., Russia, and India. The AdDuplex data is collected monthly from advertising data on the Windows Phone platform.

United States - Lumia 640 off to a good start?

The Lumia 640 went on sale only a few months ago in the States on various carriers, including Cricket. Since that time, it has managed to grab 5.6 percent of the Windows Phone market and to become the fourth most prevalent Windows Phone. It is now tied with the Lumia 520.

The Lumia 635 is still doing very well too with a staggering 32.5 percent of the Windows Phone pie, and it is closer to 40 percent when you toss in the Lumia 630.

No word on AT&T's massive Lumia 640 XL, which only went on sale in the last few weeks.

Of course, with a contracting Windows Phone market in the US these numbers only show that users are replacing their older phones. It is not clear (even unlikely) that Microsoft is adding any new customers to the mix.

Russia - 'White label' phones doing well

Over in Russia things are not too different with the Lumia 640 picking up 3.4 percent of the Windows Phone market there. Additionally, the Lumia 535 has jumped by 1.7 percent for an 8.1 percent total slice.

Overall, Russia has a ver mixed market with the Lumia 630 owning 16.2 percent of the Windows Phone pie and the Lumia 520 picking up the next biggest chunk. Interestingly, "Other" accounts for nearly 40 percent signaling that white-label phones are doing some considerable business there.

India – Lumia 540 and 640 XL enter the top 10

Finally, in India we see the entry of the Lumia 640 XL, which now owns 3 percent of the Windows Phone market there. This number is still relatively small as the Lumia 530 is 3.2 percent, and the Lumia 535 is nearly 20 percent. Still, this is still a fairly strong entry.

Likewise, the Lumia 540 is now the seventh best selling Windows Phone entering the top ten with 3.9 percent.


The budget-friendly but well spec'd Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL have all the right ingredients to be excellent selling Windows Phones. Despite the somewhat negative environment right now for Microsoft in mobile, their pricing, feature set, and relatively large displays seem to be resonating with customers. Considering Microsoft does not have any real flagship phones on the market for 2015, this is the best they can do right now.

The good news is at least these budget phones appear to be selling, reinforcing that 8.4 million figure a few days ago cited by Microsoft for the last fiscal quarter. The bad news is Microsoft is unlikely to be growing much overall market share for smartphones and instead are just maintaining a presence.

AdDuplex's final numbers will be posted Monday, July 27 on their blog at

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Big sellers in US. AT&T better listen, get their heads out of their asses' and offer the 950 XL.
  • Buy unbranded and unlocked, you'll thank yourself later.
  • Exactly
  • Losing out on the 2-year-contract subsidies would cost you hundreds of dollars. You can get an $800 flagship phone for $100-200 on contract. Not doing that is like flushing money down the drain, since the monthly service charges are the same regardless. This is especially true if you're buying for an entire family. It can amount to thousands of dollars saved every two years. That's why people do it.
  • If your services charges are the same with or without a phone you should rethink the contract you have :) the Carrier sure makes to much money on your contract
  • Lol I I'll never get rid of my 6gig 60$ super plan! (Rogers) which in today's contract is like double the price.
  • I'm on unlimited (10GB fair use before throttle) plan that is no longer offered by  my carrier. As a result I buy devices outright and just drop my SIM in.
  • Same here,  I have a telus plan that is not available now,  got it through the business center,  6gb data, free incoming calls all day 1500 min daytime call out,  all call features, and free evenings and weekends for 58 bucks plus tax.   I have to figure out how to switch it over to my new business.  ha ha!
  • Exactly.  What people don't realize is that the full cost of the phones are built into the service contract.  I am working off my last contract and plan to go contract free.
  • I paid more for 2 years contract plan than without contract on similar plan. This is AT&T. No more contracts for me. Just Go plan for now.
  • Not exactly. Device charges per month on ATT are not the same. BYOD and Next are 15.00. While on contract is 45.00. So on contract you are paying 600.00 more in service/device fees over the same 24 months than you would if you did BYOD. with Next you are paying for the lease price of the device and 15.00. The gist is you are still paying for the device at full price even with the so called 2 year subsidized contract.  
  • I'm now looking at Cricket, which is an AT&T MVNO. $35 gets me everything I need and just enough data for what I want. With Data Sense and Wifi Sense, this is where I'm going once I lose my corporate discount.
  • The monthly service charges are not the same in many if not all cases. Trust me you are paying for that phone in your contract.
  • I'm pretty good at math. I examined it from all angles. Anyone on the carrier I use who didn't receive a phone subsidy for his or her phone, either via 2-year contract commitment or one of the early upgrade plans is subsidizing the phones of those who do. You either pay $X per month and get a free phone with it, or you pay $X per month and don't get a free phone with it. Only a fool would pay the same amount and get less, if he knows for sure he will be needing a phone for at least 2 years.
  • The key words are "on the carrier [you] use". Swap to Cricket or MetroPCS and buy phones outright and things suddenly look a lot different. I've been buying phones outright for a decade. Often used units, taking advantage of people selling of perfectly good 9 month old handsets for a song because they had to upgrade to the absolute latest and greatest.
    Also, buying handsets outright can get you better handsets. For example, the Mexican Lumia 1520 (the "Unicorn") is way better than the AT&T 1520. The dual-SIM Lumia 640 and 640 XL are better than the carrier variants. That kind of thing.
    Then there's the question of whether your carrier even offers the handset you want.
    No, I can't find a single good reason for me to buy handsets from my carrier.
  • This guy gets it. I've been buying used phones since the candy bar and flip phone days. That's when I became a huge fan of Nokia -- because of their design and quality -- which lead to me becoming a Windows Phone supporter. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Like I pointed out above.  2 year contracts have higher monthly line access fees. Both AT&T & Verizon charge 40.00 per device with a 2 year contract vs. 15.00 per month with BYOD or Lease. Take an Iphone 6 @ 649.00 retail. as an example. 24 months @ 15.00 = 360.00 plus 649.00 for device and you pay 1009.00  for BYOD                                  24 months @ 15.00 = 360.00 plus 27.00/24mo for device and you pay 1009.00 for Lease 24 months @ 40.00 =  960.00 plus 199.00 for device and you pay 1159.00 for 2 yr contract. Unless I'm missing something there is no subsidy. You actually pay more with a 2 yr contract. I dont see the upside.  
  • Absolutely untrue.  I have an unlocked iPhone 6 and am running it on a $30 unlimited data T-Mobile plan.   
  • I was happy to do that once again with the L830. I was tied to Rogers for the L920 so I could use it with T-Mobile USA. I have since made the move to Cricket Wireless!
  • I was happy to do that once again with the L830. I was tied to Rogers for the L920 so I could use it with T-Mobile USA. I have since made the move to Cricket Wireless!
  • I would be interested to know WP market share in India, since a few of the phones are doing well there.
  • It's aprrox 18%. WP is behind Samsung and approximately has the same market share with Micromax. They would beat Micromax easily and become 2nd soon.
  • You are comparing the OS against specific OEMs.  Doesn't Micromax make WPs as well as Androids?  If WP is 18% in India, that is great, but I doubt it is that high.  That would be a huge number of users.  Not sure how many smartphones user there are, but India has a population of over 1 billion.  If even only 50M people have smartphones, an 18% market share would be 9M WP users.  That would be over 15% of all WP users.  Last time I heard, the US was still the largest WP market in terms of users (maybe 5M+ users), not market share.
  • You are comparing WP with other OEMs like Samsung and Micromax as if its a separate OEM. Even Micromax markets a WP handset. :)
  • It's about 7.5% marketshare in India in Q2/15: "Microsoft-Nokia slipped to the fifth position in the overall mobile market, with its market share falling to 7.5 per cent from 9.4 per cent in the previous quarter."
  • Have they said they wouldn't?
  • I bought Lumia 640 from Walmart the other day and I'm loving it - battery's life is really good too.
  • 640 is a good choice. 540 sucks with snap 200
  • Battery life is amazing! I'm running w10 though and the sd card issue is driving me bonkers. Hope it gets addressed in the next preview. I have to open any apps installed to it via the store...
  • Same with the 640xl. I barely even think about the battery life. And it is hard thinking of it as a budget phone. All my friends seem pretty awed by it. It is just missing one app that the others have that it's crucial to us, as many of us study Chinese. Because of it, I have debated the switch in the past, but just can't do it.
  • You and me both, I haven't had time to play with it really, but will this weekend. I recnetly finished transferring data from my Nexus 5, and can't wait to use this fully. Highly impressed with the 640.
  • I'm impressed that the Lumia 640 is already part of the pie, and it's not like 1% or anything in the US. I'm also loving my own 640 as well.
  • Looks like it will take a lot to overtake the X2X series
  • Didn't they say they gained a couple million users?
  • Went to get a 640 from WalMart and they were sold out.. Also in front of me two people actually bought the 435 for $50
  • these AdDuplex numbers just ahow how sales of windows phones compare to each other. A new phone would normally sell better than old phones. it doesn't represent how well the phones are selling overall. these reports are kind of pointless except to see which phone is most popular.
  • I can sense a drama!
  • "these AdDuplex numbers just ahow how sales of windows phones compare to each other."
    Yes, as we stated ad nauseaum in the article.
    "these reports are kind of pointless except to see which phone is most popular."
    No, they're not. There is not reason to assume that a new phone will automatically sell better. For instance, if the Lumia 640 was bombing on Cricket that would be interesting. Also, when the WP market is more mixed, we can see if high-end phones are selling well in comparison to low-end.
    "it doesn't represent how well the phones are selling overall."
    We all know that, not sure why it's relevant to mention it again?
  • True, but the way you have worded your headline people would tend to assume that you are implying that the 640 is selling by the bucketload.
  • Since these are cumulative numbers (*all* active Windows Phones using apps on the AdDuplex network, including WP7.x handsets), they clearly ARE selling like crazy to debut in such high positions! They're selling millions of them for them to debut so high.
  • These are just breakdowns of current users by device, not sales.  Phones currently selling are going to rise, while older phones decrease.  This isn't meant to compare against the overall market.  Microsoft sales figures tell us that.  Sales are not keeping up with the market overall, but hopefully great devices like the 640/640XL can help to begin to increase market share.
  • Whooho love my 640xl
  • Foreseen.
  • The Windows phone market in the US didn't contract. They sold more phones then the previous quarter and year over year. The smart phone market grew faster as a whole in the US so Windows phone market share percentage of the whole it's smaller. But they still sold more phones.
  • Facts and logic have no place in a comment rant.
  • Marketshare is a simple concept, I don't know why some people don't understand.
  • My 640 screen is already covered in small scratches. It may be some kind of gorilla glass, but it's way less durable than my 920
  • Tempered glass screen protectors are your friend. Should be less than $5 shipped from China on eBay, feels same as the real screen and protects very well. Also, a lot of lower end phones lack oleophoebic coating (anti-fingerprint), and most protectors have it.
  • 640 is a great device. I love it & use it over my iPhone 6. Design is amazing. 950 next stop for me
  • 640 is a very neat phone.  Amazing value for money in the US.
  • I still wonder why Microsoft does not offer the smaller Lumia 640 in the Philippines.
    Are they copying a Nintendo strategy for some territories?
  • Although it didn't grow the market we do have something else we can take away from this - that the Microsoft brand may not be inferior to the Nokia brand afterall, as that was one of the major "worries" some people were raising when the transition was made. So for those people who says that in markets outside of US that it is only the Nokia name selling WP, can we say now that is not the case because the 640 is a purely MS device?
  • Yup, I mentioned that a few articles back for AdDuplex when it was revealed the Lumia 535 was doing very well in places like India.
  • In India Nokia and Lumia name are very famous..and I think now a days general public are also following smartphone news a bit more than previously..its a good thing..
  • Actually, only in the next quarter we will be able to see how Microsoft is accepted in the Indian Market. While the phone was rebranded, the stores that sell them still had the Nokia Branding. So many people I know bought the phones because they were used to buying their phones from Nokia Stores. Microsoft has now started rebranding most of the stores with the Microsoft branding, so in the next quarter we will know how strong the brand is in India.
  • Then again the loss of market share might speak against that deduction.
  • The 920 being there still just says that there hasn't been a phone that is worthy of upgrade yet. Hope the upcoming release fixes that
  • I have a 920, broken screen and messed up mic, thinking about buying the 640Xl. See it as better option than buying say a 930 or so and definitely not buying a low range phone
  • the 920 was amazingly designed. One of the best phones I've ever owned, it was like a piece of art that was also a phone. Of course this is just my opinion.
  • it is indeed. i used it untill recently and now using it as a win 10 test device. The battery doesnt last much these days with cortana etc in background, so  using a dual sim 4000 mah android for now  which is usefule esp when you are travelling abroad.
  • Mine still works very well, except for the battery losing some of its endurance and the ever-present dusty FFC problem. I have an itch to get the 640 anyway but balance that with the expectation that new devices will appear around Windows 10 when it hits Mobile.
  • I see people with the L435 and L640 all the time. I also have two co-workers with Windows Phones. A L635 and a L640. Walmart sells the L640 for $99.99 without a contract. That is unbeatable value for what would have been a flagship device 2 years ago. And the haters say WP/W10M is dead?!? Far from it.
  • Did they raise the price? I bought mine for $80 on Saturday.
  • No, they didn't, Walmart sells two variants of the 640. The T-mobile branded one is the one that is $99. The AT&T GoPhone one is $80.
  • LOVE my 640!
  • 640 went on sale today at corporate AT&T stores. Plus, AT&T has the surface 3 lte 64gb for 399.99 with a 2 yr contract if you get the 640xl on Next. I already have the 640 xl and love using it over my iPhone 6 plus!
  • Pffft. They're probably also big sellers because they're the only NEW devices with decent specs to come out in the past year or so. City/talkman can't come soon enough!!
  • After, watching a few  positive video reviews of the 640 on Youtube, I was thinking about getting the 640 as my first Windows Phone (as a back up to my android phone) and I see others are thinking and doing the same. I think if Microsoft continues offering great budget friendly, well made products like the 640, many people will give Windows Phone a try and love it, especially with the redesigned look and feel of their Windows 10 mobile OS. But, my issue is wanting to wait for the Windows Phone flagships devices to be released, knowing that they'll be priced beyond what I'm willing to pay for a Windows Phone, but want the specs and features of a flagship. I'm hoping they'll consider a mid-range phone, with great specs, camera and features in the $300 range.
  • My grandma had a 520 which she liked. It died a week ago and she got some android for the time being and she already told me she misses WP... Which one would you recommend me to get her 640 or 640xl?
  • 640
  • The L640 would be the right size for her. Especially if she was used to the L520.
  • 640
  • Reason behind Lumia 540 success ahead of Lumia 640... Many girls like Windowsphones here and they are born for selfies.... So 540 got good start than 640 in India
  • No, 640 has less market share because its Flipkart exclusive.
  • Yet you both are right.
  • IDC numbers are already out since yesterday: Microsoft has 2.49% markershare.
  • This Lumia model will be my next device.
  • Loving my unlocked 640xl 4g dual sim with switch out matte and glossy cases with different colors running windows 10.
  • I'm still waiting for T-Mobile to start selling the 640XL...
  • They haven't said that they would. Your best bet is to buy an unlocked one.
  • I think people are discovering the value of the 640 for the price. It's really hard to beat for what you pay for it. I bought mine as a stopgap until the 950 but I might not be in a rush to upgrade when that comes out because I'm pretty content right now. Both my parents have them and love them and my friend is planning on upgrading from her 521. The jump in quality with the newer Microsoft branded devices from the Nokias is more significant than people realize. Microsoft didn't skimp on things like HD screens and front facing cameras and it makes a world of difference. I think if they could just convince the carriers to put a little more effort into promotion, by the time the 950 hits things should be on the up and up.
  • As someone who had a 521 and upgraded to the 640, this would be a great upgrade for her. I am impressed and I have had my phone for a month and some days now. Still loving it.
  • I know this is off topic, but I'm constantly amazed how fast technology is changing. I bought my first smartphone 7 years ago for $400 off contract. It didn't even have a touchsceen or even 3g data speeds. It had a 2 megapixel rear camera with no flash. HTC Shadow. A phone like the L640 would have been technologically impossible. And if it was possible, would have cost close to $10,000. Unbelieveable.
  • LOL. Good point.
  • Original Cityman was apparently priced ~ 5000$
  • What I noticed in the USA is that WP is largely an entry-level ecosystem. The dominant phones are the 635 and 521, both of which sold for little money, as well as the 520. There doesn't seem to be much of a market for a handset much over $100 out the door. There had better be pent up demand for x50 phones (or conquest sales) or W10 Mobile will be no more important in our market than 8. Furthermore, it seems Tmo/Metro does a lot of the heavy lifting selling WP, seeing how many 521s there are, and they sell the 635 as well. Cricket seems to sell a goodly number, too, I seem to remember seeing the 630 on this chart not too long ago, and that was a Crocket exclusive in America. What I'm trying to say is I don't think there's too many WPs on postpaid service nowadays.
  • It's a bad idea to cancel the 750 & 850 Microsoft will surely suffer in coming months...really a bad choice to cancel 750...7xx series was one of the best among the Lumia lineup...really missing the its camera & design :crying:
  • They want the OEMs to fill those gaps
  • Awesome 
  • "I m a Lumia 920 owner for two years. still love its design & performance....especially its camera & display. Recently I bought Lumia 640 which is good in every aspect...sometimes I feel it has better display then 920.....But I miss the navigation, camera shutter keys & Nokia branding....."
  • I'd definitely consider getting the Lumia 640 for my kid to use as a gaming device. $79 off contract is a great price. I've long held the view that Microsoft should have struck strong partnerships with the prepaid carriers & MVNOs to grow marketshare. These buyers are price focused and not as much a slave to a brand. Something like the 640 and 640 XL should do really well and can actually help grow marketshare. I'm not talking about a jump to 10% or anything but a percentage point definitely. I'd argue they could probably have much better opportunity to sell more through these channels over the next year than with Verizon.
  • Wow, the $79 windows phone that covers all the bases (Size, quality screen, 1GB RAM, MicroSD, FF Camera) is a good seller? Well derp a lerp call me suprised.   Only wish they put an extra $1 into it to support Qi back covers...
  • Is that blue phone the 540 or 640?
  • I find it very odd that the African markets don't get talked about. In east Africa alone studies show that 51% of the population go online using a phone (that was in 2012 I'll bet its increased by at least 5%). It's true setting that twitter and instagram are a must have for anyone to not be called backwards let alone keeping with the tends. That been said, the Lumia 640xl touched down in Tanzania along with its younger brothers the 640, 540 & 540xl back in May of this year. Problem is most people are sold on android and see iPhone as a high class product to care for Lumia. I blame poor marketing from Microsoft on this regard. However telecoms and the government make it a law here to use smartphones. It would be interesting to see how African countries fair in theses discussions and polls since Africa leads in smartphone sales as compared to Europe and America. If I may also add that African countries pay in full for phones not contracts. Many would get a new model every other month just for kicks and bragging rights. This is due to the mentality of the culture.
  • I had to go to three different AT&T stores because they were sold out of the Lumia 640 XL. I think everyone has been really surprised.  (United States)
  • I've seen those Russian "white label" devices for myself, back in WP7 days. They looked pretty good to me, and were being pushed quite heavily in the stores I visited
  • My wife just got a 640 the other day. I set it up for her and found I couldn't put it down. I couldn't believe it was a "budget". I ordered my own last night. As much as I love my 929, the 640 just feels better in my hands.
  • I saw a teenage girl using a 640XL (I think - it was a large Windows Phone and it wasn't the 1520) the other day. I was shocked, frankly. Good to see though.
  • Nice to see the 640s doing well.
  • I would like to see the Other Windows Phone market share increase in India from its current 24.6%. Being a non-Lumia WP user, I know how good such phones are, especially the ones released by the Indian OEMs with awesome features and performance at a low price. Only problem is people barely know the existence of these phones and associate WP with Lumia.
  • I cant even find one to look at.
  • Bring on the 1030 45MP Camera
  • No Qi charging No Deal !
  • Should I get a 640 or a 735? O really like the design and display for the 735 but a lot of people say that 640 is better. Why is that??
  • 640 is newer and you get glance functionality which is missing in 735, apart from that i agree that Lumia 730/735 looks and feels much better and you get that AMOLED screen with deep blacks.
  • Good to see the 640 off to such a good start.
  • The achilles point for MS is their marketing department. How hard is it to understand that people like variety these days? The fact that you cannot have other design on your screen than Metro (tiles) is a handicap. It would have helped a lot if there were alternatives. Regarding the battle with ios and android there is a saying: if you can't beat them, copy them. What did Google do with Android? They copied iOS. What did Samsung do? They copied iPhone (Galaxy S was a complete knock off of iPhone 3gs). Have MS copied the strategy of others and offered more freedom for developers on WP the numbers would have been very, very different now. But no, they still think they have some holy grail of technology and the world will adapt to them! No, the world will look at you, if there's nothing there to be gained they'll just spit in your direction and move forward. That's how the world works. Unless MS gets rid of their stupid pride and starts learning and adapting they'll be more and more in the gutter.... Windows 10 will be a flop, just like Windows 8. Because it has the same wrong principles adopted from W8.
  • Selling well at one of the larger vendors in Norway also. 2. 4. and 8. on the top ten list​ ​ ​