Lumia 800 White now available at Phones4U UK

Phones4U has recently announced exclusive availability of the Lumia 800 in white and now the Windows Phone is ready for purchase from the UK retailer at an attractive price. The splash page also states that up to £100 cashback is available.

The Lumia 800 is a mid-level Nokia Windows Phone that sports a 1.4Ghz chip, 3.7" AMOLED display (with ClearBlack technology), an 8MP shooter and 16GB storage. The handset is available for free on contracts starting from £20.50 /mo.

Source: Phones4U

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Hmm it sucks there's no outright pricing (no contract)
  • Cannot understand why Nokia would do this. The white 710 is also "exclusive" to Phones4u. I know that Phones4u will be paying Nokia some royalty to get the phones on an exclusivity contract, but imho, Nokia need to get handsets into peoples hands rather than taking a few miserly quid, and in the process limiting the appeal of the handsets to a certain demographic. I want a 710, but I want a white one; black is plain boring and old-fashioned, and the white handset with the blue back stands out from the crowd, looks sporty and stylish, and suits the design of the phone better. However, I've just got a new contract from Three (moved across from o2) on sim-only, with the intention of purchasing a white 710 when they are released. Phones4u are refusing to sell the 710's sim-free, and they are also refusing to sell them on Pay&go, preferring only to sell them on contract. Nice one Nokia, only people who are at the end of their contract/looking for a new contract, can now buy this phone, and Phones4u have a horrible "pushy" reputation, which means most customers try to avoid them (most people who upgrade will either phone upgrades, retentions, or visit the store of their network rather than an independent) and as a result, you have cut-out 99% of the UK public by doing this pathetic "money-spinner". If I were Nokia UK, I'd be seriously re-assessing the effectiveness and competence of the UK marketing/sales department, because they really have excelled themselves in this deal; alienating your customers and other providers, at a time when you need volume sales to revive a brand, is nothing short of incompetent at best, pathetic at worse. A lot of people were saying similar things on the Facebook post, mine and other peoples posts got removed, Nokia obviously don't like the truth.
  • At least you have Nokia options... :-)
  • I'm sitting in Canada jonesing for a white 800, and knowing I'm not gonna get my fix. Black has been done to death, and I just played with a cyan model yesterday; it's not for me...
  • Also, now the 800 is mid-level? Why? Because it has a small screen?
  • Midrange because it lacks high end features such as gyroscope, front facing camera, dlna, tethering...bigger screen helps but is not essential to make it high end. iPhone 4S has smaller screen than lumia 800
  • Does anyone know how well the white rubber surface on the nokias will prevent staining from hand oils/dirt etc