Lumia 820, 920 available in Germany at Media Markt by November 1st [updated]

German retailer Media Markt has listed both the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 on its website with release dates of November 1st. Both Windows Phones are expected to be made available on that day, should the reported date hold true, and will be priced at €449 (approx. £360) and €649 (approx. £520) respectively.

Update: It seems Media Markt has bumped the date from November 1st to November 15th. This change has occured the same day a German Vodafone store stated on its Facebook page that they will be stocking the Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets at the start of November. We'll have to see if the date sticks. Thanks, Schneppe, for spotting the alteration!

The date comes in a few days prior to AT&T's expected launch of the Lumia 920, which is exclusive to the US carrier. Microsoft is to reveal Windows Phone 8 on October 29th at a number of locations with what appears to be a synchronised multi-market event. Windows Phone Central will be in the front row to bring the latest news. 

Lumia 820 Lumia 920

The Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8 handsets are Nokia's next line of defence in the company's downwards spiral since ditching Symbian back in 2011 in favour of Microsoft's mobile platform.

Source: Media Markt (opens in new tab), via: GSMArena; thanks, Anirudha, for the heads up!

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  • We need some UK dates as the lack of UK dates is worrying me.
  • Surely, its got to be no more than +/- 3 days after the dates in this article, that seems to be the range around nov 1st, that i've read about on the web. We know its coming to the UK. dont worry.
  • At least you've had plenty of information on these standards.. Seeing that Nokia is from Finland and there has been absolutely zero information from carriers, Nokia or retail stores about pricing or availability in Finland, it's really ironic :D
  • why the 820 and 920 released so late in Germany, i have seen the 820 replacement parts for about two months, you can see here:
  • Will this have the same bands as the us model?
  • No, that's the global version with 9 LTE bands.
    AT&T has totally specific LTE bands from test of the world. 
  • I'm looking for Canadian bands.
  • US as always differs... I feel pity for you Americans, you are bound by your crazy carriers.
  • What aboot Canada, eh?
  • Coming soon.
  • how do you know...
  • I will be there! How about them UK dates? Any chance of getting one before the 1st?
  • Hopefully they get the 8x.
  • So is Europe going to get the 920 before AT&T? Or is that Nov 4th date looking unlikely at this point?
  • Probably, America isn't the centre of the earth, and Nokia are from Europe.
  • It usually has more to do with the size of the market, but sure. Did Europe get the 800 or 900 before the US?
  • We got the 800 before the US, but got the 900 a lot later.
  • The united states is the center of the cell phone world. GET SOME!
  • Maybe now but soon China will be the center of the cellphone world. LOL! Much as I hate it but it's the fact.
  • Well China already has a billion cell phones which is way more than the US. The problem is, most of those are cheap phones.
  • Last time i checked the US always gets messed up carrier branded phones...
  • LOL and so much whining about carriers. US is the only place I don't want to be in when it comes to phones. 
  • Too much. I can't justify 850 or nearly 600 dollars on a phone that really isn't THAT amazing. The Lumia 920 should be 600 and the other should be 400. Not 850 and 600. Insane.
  • If the Lumia 920 isn't amazing, then no other phone is!
  • Nokia 808.
  • but only if you prefer laggy and old Symbian over modern Windows Phone.
    Both have a PureView camera.
    Nokia 808 has no optical image stabilisation and "only" a f2.4 lens.
  • Every time with these comments. You can't simply convert euro prices to USD and expect that to be the price. For reference, the 16gb iPhone is $600 and the 32gb is $700.
  • +1
    Usually euro=dollar or even less dollars.
    So max 449 and 649 dollars.
    449 is pretty cheap really as a starting price.
  • Wow, you people just don't learn. NEVER convert euro prices to dollars.
    This thing raises time after time in car and gadget forums. It doesn't work that way. 
  • Let me show you something. Go to and search for "iPhone 5 32gb unlocked". Here is the link in case you are too lazy:
  • Sure, although some of that price is because the iPhone 5 ended up being on backorder for so long.  People wanting to get one by going around the wait their carrier is telling them are making demand for unlocked iPhones go up enough to raise the price as well.
    That being said, iPhones are really overpriced...
  • Preordered my Lumia 920 yesterday. The good thing about Media Markt is, they will offer the same price if you happen to find it for less money anywhere else in Germany.
  • can't find it on
    anyone got a direct link? I want to pre order
  • Anyone have any idea if they will be offering it in the matte cyan here in Germany, or is that a US AT&T exclusive at first?
  • I wrote a PM to the Nokia Germany Facebook Fansite today and asked for an unlocked cyan Lumia 920. I even asked whether I can find it elsewhere in europe if not in Germany. They simply answered:
    "At sales start, the Lumia 920 will be available in black, white, yellow and red."
    Not even the gray one :/
  • Ugh... Not sure if I will wait or what. Was really hoping for one at launch, but oh well.
  • I'll check Amazon first then go for french resellers. At least France will get the gray one and
    cyan > gray > rest!
  • These are all specualtive adverts where pricing is a guessing game. it would be a bit weird for a discounter like MediaMarkt to ask more than suggested retail.
  • That is the Nokia Germany suggested price. Italy's suggested price is 599e for Lumia 920. They are asking 50 euros less of the Nokia suggested 820 price. 
    it's all in the country specific press releases Nokia issued couple of weeks ago. 
  • 1th of Nov in Sweden @
  • I really can't wait to see the US prices. I want this phone really bad but if it's more than $500 then I will have to pass.
  • I am going for $150/2year contract on AT&T for the 920, and $100 for the 820. But.. if they really want to move some boxes.. it should be $50 for the 920 and free for the 820. 
  • I won't be getting a 920 until at least March when my current contract runs out, by which time I hope EE will have lost its exclusivity and I can buy an unlocked one (and possibly slightly cheaper than launch price). That's of course if Nokia doesn't announce new phones by then.
  • Do remember that the reason this is ATT exclusive is that ATT subsidizies the entire phone by itself, so they would pay for cheap deal like that
  • Wait till after new year and you'll get it much cheaper
  • I think Nokia and Microsoft are going to offer a deal of all deals and get all Nokia 800 and 900 customers the ability to upgrade in between contracts. They need to get everyone on windows 8 phone. This will make life easier for Microsoft and they have the money to do it
  • I think we all know this is wishful thinking. MS has no problem with dumping its previous userbase, did it with WM 6.5 and again with WP7. Dont expect them to change now.
  • Media Markt has changed the publication date to 15.11.2012 (11/15/2012)!!!
  • Like I basically said above before the US bashing began. Made no sense for them to get it days before AT&T
  • Actually TIM Italy and Vodafone Germany just today announced they will have the phone November 1st.