Lumia 950 gets a price cut to €299 in Europe, Lumia 950 XL also cut down to €399

Microsoft has now cut the price of its Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in Europe by €100 each. The 5.2-inch Lumia 950 is now priced at €299 and the 5.7-inch Lumia 950 XL costs €399.

The new, and apparently permanent, price cuts for both Windows 10 Mobile phones in Europe (via MSPU) follow similar large price reductions for the high-end Lumias in North America and the UK.

You can find the Lumia 950 with its new lower price at the Microsoft Store sites in Ireland (opens in new tab), France (opens in new tab) and Germany (opens in new tab). The Lumia 950 XL, with its new price, is also available in Ireland (opens in new tab), France (opens in new tab) and Germany (opens in new tab). The latter two countries are also offering a free Display Dock with the purchase of either phone.

John Callaham
  • Nice, almost $199
  • $150 is when I pull the trigger. Maybe Christmas 2017. 1020 holding up just fine.
  • Yep... Waiting for that too Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The final sales before closing Lumia Product line
  • That means The Savior will soon be here!!! /S
  • Lol!
  • Probably means that shareholders will soon demand the mobile division be shuttered. I am a fan of Windows mobile, but at some point finances will determine whether it stays or goes.
  • It's done already.
  • I would be happy to stay with W10M but I have no choices on Verizon (I have an old unlimited DP that I will not give up!)_
  • The mobile operations are effectively ceased this year. Aside from "a few development teams", and 270 marketing personnel, the mobile division in Finland effectively no longer exists. RIP Nokia. RIP Lumia. Thank you for the good times. They are getting rid of the last of the Lumia line.
  • I think you are right
  • This happened at the same time it did in the US. And it's across all of Europe, not only in those countries. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cut down prices in INDIA too....that'd be great.
  • True. You hardly see these things in stores here and online they still ask around $470 I guess
  • Why not in India ??? What's the matter with MS ??
  • Yet nobody is buying it
  • You are so wrong. Got mine yesterday. In The Netherlands people are jumping in, been waiting for a pricedrop.
  • A few thousand Dutchmen buying a middle-aged Lumia is a good start of the end! ;-P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When in India? ;_;
  • Keep cutting till it hits $0
  • They'll want this stock gone before Panos brings the new hardware lineup. I gather everything is under his team now?
  • No L950xls in stock in India.No price cuts, no deals. Is this the way to market a flagship phone? No wonder they lost out.
  • John, you can add The Netherlands. No free Display Dock.
  • flogging off the old stock making way for new...hold on!!
  • Buy, sell, win.
  • Please reduce the price in india too..... im waiting
  • Hii dr frndz!! Im planning to buy a lumia 950xl , bt my frnd told me his 950xl selfie camera capture always the mirror many times get irritated.. so anyone conform how is the selfie camera capture the image.. its mirror face? How to fix it ?? Plzz reply soon as possible!! Bz today im planning to buy a mobile!! Thankz in advance.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android