Lumia Camera adds transparent tile and icon support with latest update

It's been a little while since the regular, non-Denim, Lumia Camera app for Windows Phone has received an update, but there is one available from the Windows Phone Store. However, it appears to be a minor update that adds transparent tile and icon support to the app for the first time.

There's nothing else that's apparently been included in this update, in terms of new camera features or improvements. Still, many Windows Phone fans will appreciate being able to use the transparent tile support that's been a part of the OS for some time. If you do notice anything else that's different in the app, let us know in the comments.

Keep in mind this is for the non-Denim version of Lumia Camera. Microsoft has three different versions of the app: Lumia Camera, Lumia Camera Classic and Lumia Camera 5.0 for Denim, and that's not event counting the Lumia Camera Beta app. You can learn more about each version of this admittedly confusing family in our special feature.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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John Callaham