Lumia Denim still planned later this year for some Lumias, early in 2015 for others

In a bit of non-news news, many Lumia owners are wondering about the status of the Lumia Denim update. Some sites had reported that Lumia Denim would begin rolling out sometime in November, but such claims have since proven to be false.

However, Microsoft did note in September that at least some Lumias would get the update by the end of the year, with older devices continuing into 2015 as carriers approve the update.

Today, there are two bits of information to add, although some context is needed. First up, news site Puhelinvertailu is reporting that Denim is not due until early next year, implying that the Q4 time-frame has been pushed back.

The source of the Puhelinvertailu article comes from Facebook where the Microsoft Lumia Finland account responded to an inquiry from a customer:

"Denim päivitys lähetetään kaikkiin Lumioihin, joissa on Cyan, ensi vuoden alusta lähtien operaattorien testien jälkeen."

Roughly speaking, the translation states that those phones with Lumia Cyan get Lumia Denim early next year after carrier operator testing.

However, this statement in and of itself is nothing new. Indeed, we reached out to Microsoft today regarding the update and whether or not it was still planned – at least for some devices – for December. As of today, it sounds like things are still on track:

"Lumia Denim update is being tested in selected markets ahead of broader rollout, which begins later this year as planned. It is expected to be available for all Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1 early 2015, following partner testing and approvals."

In other words, to our knowledge nothing has changed.

The first phones expected to get the Lumia Denim update include the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520, as the Lumia 535 , Lumia 73x and Lumia 830 already ship with the upgrade. Still, some carriers like O2 do not expect Denim until that 'early 2015' date and our guess puts most Lumia users in that category.

Previously, AT&T was the first carrier to roll out Lumia Black nearly one year ago for the Lumia 1020, so it will be curious to see if they once again lead the pack with Lumia Denim.

Lumia Denim brings numerous imaging enhancements to PureView Lumias, including passive-listening 'Hey Cortana', 4K video, Rich Capture (Dynamic Flash, Auto-HDR), latest-generation imaging algorithm along with the most recent version of the Windows Phone 8.1.1 OS. Recently, some users reported having the Lumia Denim update on their phones, but this is due to a bug with Extras + Info.

Thanks, palmujukka, for the Finnish story tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Hopefully it will fix this group messaging glitch on my 1520
  • Oh my god I hope so!
  • Agreed! The bug is frustrating!
  • They have special shampoo for bugs.
  • Agreed, although the glitch only occurs once or twice a month for me.
  • Were you able to fix it?
  • Yes, my thoughts exactly. Bugs the hell out of me, to the point where I've spent hours on the phone with AT&T to see if it was a connection settings glitch in there end. I'm glad I'm not the only one that had this problem.
  • Care to explain what the bug is, exactly?
  • No idea here on my 1520
  • Sometimes, group texts mysteriously included my number in the list of recipients. So every time I responded, I'd get a duplicate copy of my text. It was very annoying, but it only came once or twice a month, and after a few days, it would stop. The only quick fix I found was to turn off group texts, power cycle the phone, then turn group texts back on. It is definitely not a permanent fix, but it has worked for me every time.
  • ha, I would kill for that "bug" my L920 (which is two months old) gets really hot, battery drops like a rock (about 2 hours and its dead from full charge), its been back to Nokia several times. I usally notice it because my pocket is burning hot, a reboot fixes it. Usually have to reboot it 3 times a day...pretty annoying, Nokia support is not that great either.
  • Have you tried the Lumia Rescue Tool to basically reflash your phone? I posted in the 920 forum yesterday about my experiences. I had your heat issue plus many more. I used the Rescue tool and now all is working well and has been for about 1 month.
  • Yep, I have tried it multiple times...still waiting for a call back from Nokia...they are pretty slow about repairs
  • The bug is that when someone replies to a group text your number is included. If you tlreply in that thread the text get sent to you as well as the group.
  • I'm really torn here. My 1520 had the phantom touch, and now my warranty replacement is already showing signs. Tempted to ask for a 830 or a htc one for replacement. Ugh.
  • Re: BSobotta,
    May I ask, what exactly is a phantom touch?
  • The screen will act as though someone is touching it in random places. It can launch apps by itself, or cause other mischief. I think it's because of how large the 1520 is, it gets tweaked and causes this to happen. People have reported that bending their phone can sometimes get rid of the problem...temporarily.
  • Experienced the phantom touch thing on my 625 as well. I don't think size matters in this case.
  • I have to the touch I just put it down to sensitive screen, my screen has been freezing lately on my 625. Also since Camera changed to Lumia I have taken a couple of photos but can't find them anywhere, also my video been strange on play back. I'm on dp with update 8.1.1
  • My 720 has the same problem, not sure if it's after 8.1, or 8.1.1.
  • This normally happens when I use the the double tap to wake the phone.  All I do is hit the power button, then rewake the phone no issue.  It's either a firmware issue or software on the double tap to wake.  You can always disable the doublke tap to wake and you should not have this issue.  It gets buggy for me 2x a week so no biggie.    
  • Thanks for the suggestion. This seems to have cured my "Phantom Touch" issue for now. Hopefully they fix this issue so we can use double tap to touch in the future.
  • Im with you, its so awesome.but it has alot of.issues, especially typing which is ironic because I thought it would be the best due to.its size. I hope they learned and fix all these issues on its successor!
  • My 1320 also suffers from this 'Phantom Touch' and the frequency of its happening is increasing day by day :(
  • I've only experienced the "phantom touch" when my 928's screen was dirty/wet. Or in contact with some type of metal that drew interference. 
  • I tooo have had the phantom touch issue on my 1520. Good to know it's not just my phone. Annoying though. I love this phone and done want to get rid of it. Come on Denim!! Get here and fix some stuff.
  • I get an occassional problem with screen but its always after long periods in my pocket. I just place thumbs starting at top ( on each side) and give a firm squeeze (both sides at same time) top, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 bottom and all the over sensitive stuuf goes away. takes 3 seconds so not a big deal or dont put in pants pocket.
  • Everything is glitching on my 1520 it's ridiculous.. I have to get another one.
  • This! I cant even send a group text anymore!
  • heard they were fixing this in the khaki update. ^__^
  • That's not the only bug with messaging at least for me. Not only does my number become included ina group text, but I can't send any myself. It won't let me create my own. I can live with the duplicate text but not being able to group text, I can't.
  • I recently got a 1520 and I'm wondering if the glitch you're talking about is the same one I'm having. Is it where your own number shows up and replies in the group message....after you? 
  • Yea, that's the one. I just got my 1520 last week, and got this surprise...
  • Let them take their sweet time I already switched to Android, never using WP as a daily driver again.
  • Let us know when you get lollipop...
  • HAHAHA! WIN :'''D
  • Sooner than you'll know anything concrete about Windows phone 10 that's for sure. :-)
  • Lollipop SUCKS!  I put it on my Nexus 7 tablet and now it's CRAWLING slow!  There is literally a 3 to 4 second delay in opening anything on my Nexus 7 tablet.  I'm going to have to flash it back to Jelly Bean because KitKat was slow on it as well!  It seems that with every Android update, the system requires more and more resources to work and older devices get laggier and laggier!  I'm so over Android.  My Windows Phone is smooth as butter.  I'd rather take some of the glitches in Windows Phone than deal with the laggy crap of Android!
  • Not surprised if it's the 2012 version with the crappy NAND issue that plagues it thanks to Asus and its fairly easy to get Lollipop with many carriers and manufacturers already setting dates for the release of Lollipop on their phones, plus with custom ROMs out there, you can easily root and BAM, Lollipop Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Group messaging has NEVER worked for me since the days of WP8.0 on my L920.
  • with my l1520 the stock cam tap to shoot doesnt work, it just shoots without focussing! Terrible, i had it fixed and nothing! Just not fixed what is Nokia or MSFT customer care doing?!
  • and the bug that causes overheating and random turnoffs in some WPs
  • Nice although i really wish they had announced new apps when they announced denim like they used to specifically snapchat cause i just go locked out of my account
  • That's funny because I already have the Denim update (after waiting months for Cyan on T-Mobile)
  • I highly doubt you do unless you bought a Lumia 735 or Lumia 830. Read the last part of the article.
  • Hey Dan I got a att 635 pay as you go phone to use it when running and after I synced my band to it I was asked to be part of a preview for the Band and it updated my phone to Denim. I can show it to Sam next week when I go to Redlands for work.
  • You don't sound like a crazy person AT ALL.
  • The exact same thing happened to me. Got my 635 on Friday. Synced it with my Band. As it set up the sync, it asked me to be a part of the developer preview to unlock extra content for my band. When it went through the 3 different updates, my phone says it has Denim on it. Now, this may be the same glitch Daniel is talking about, but mine is showing it only after going through that special process with the Band.
  • That's a "glitch". It says Denim, but it's not.
  • I do, I have a Lumia 925 and it says I have Denim, unless I'm reading it wrong
  • Read...the...article...
  • What does reading say anything, she got it case closed Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • READ
  • I'd like to exactly when 925 will get this update. Isn't the 1520 getting it first as well? I may just fix that screen and use it if that's the case. (I've read the articles guys it just slipped my mind as I was commenting don't get mad)
  • What phone and carrier do you have? I know a lot of people thought they had it a couple of weeks ago but they didn't.
  • The Lumia Icon is still listed as Under Development for Cyan. So maybe by March or April for Denim, if we're lucky, noting Verizon's time schedule.
  • You meant March or April 2016, right? We're talking about Verizon here.
  • That's just for Cyan. Since the phone is D/Ced it won't get Denim.
  • Cue the madness! Though I have to say, can Microsoft be more deceitful? Never mentioned anything about 2015 before, just "Q4", now its "2015". They really should stop announcing updates that take many months to be released.
  • Uhh cyan isnt even on many of the phones yet
  • Just Icon...
  • I have a 1020 and 930 and both are running Cyan. I'm pretty sure the 530 sitting at home has it to (would have to check)
  • Not just the Icon. All three Verizon WP phones don't have it.
  • That's all Verizon's fault. They pushed it back to MS just because of their shitty Verizon apps that no one uses.
  • I know. I'm just saying it's more than just one phone. The mere fact they think that they, as developers, take precedence over the release of the firmware is so obnoxious to me, as a developer. That's not how it works. That is the most inconvenient and selfish attitude you can take.
  • I know what you mean, i look at the junk att installs and all i can do is shake my head.
  • I don't buy it one bit. Its a lame excuse. I think the apps work fine they just want to drag their feet. Think about it. They sell the HTC One M8 for windows with 8.1 installed. Obviously their apps work on that or they wouldn't have sold it.
  • But it's not 8.1 they rejected, it is Cyan; which is something the M8 doesn't run since it is not a Lumia.
  • And 810 and 822...
  • Only Verizon. Everyone that is going to get it already has it everywhere else.
  • When have they said the rollout would finish in q4?
  • They never said that. They said "to be rolled out in Q4" which will be true as long as roll out occurs. The term "roll out" itself will mean it will keep rolling out for few months till there is no phone left to roll out on. If you check on update pages, many many Lumia 1520s across the globe still are under Cyan roll out phase. It's gradual.
  • Hopefully ATT wont postpone their L920 update like they did for Black.
  • Considering its age, I don't think it will be a priority. You might have more luck with a 925.
  • Wew I thought it is coming this December
  • If you are a Verizon customer, don't expect it until late 2017.... Can't wait to no longer be a big red customer 5/2015.
  • +Icon I'm going to TMobile as soon as they get a flagship Lumia
  • I guess you aren't going to T-Mobile then. You could buy a 1520.3 (AKA the 1520 RM-938) it will work on TMo.
  • I feel ya. I was in your shoes and now very happy with at&t.
  • Dumped Verizon for the Lumia 830..fantastic phone and ATT Support is awesome.
  • Can't justify dropping my Icon for anything right now. :/
  • Couldn't justify supporting a crappy carrier like verizon after this mess. I dropped my Icon for a 1520 and couldn't be happier.
  • +928. 6 months to go.
  • One more wrong move by Verizon & I'll ditch them for T-Mobile HTC One M8. Can't lose since they're willing to pay the ETFs.
  • Does not releasing Cyan tomorrow on their Windows Phone fleet count? :)
  • We are looking at changing to AT&T.
  • We'll probably get it in late March (T-Mobile)
  • High hopes for February
  • Late 2017 for some *Lumia Icon
  • That is quite a bit sooner then never. I would put my money on never.
  • Its discontinued, so I doubt it will get denim.
  • Dying for some new features. On dev preview. Kind of exhausted with updates that don't offer much
  • Ridiculous Microsoft. That's why I think of switching to the iPhone.
  • You're unrealistic...
  • I'm switching to the iPhone 6 in january, althogh I really like my Lumia 925 I'm tired of waiting...
  • IPhone gets 1 update a year. Windows phone at least 3 this year alone. Such short term memory we have...
  • Unless you have a Verizon phone or the TMo Lumia 810...
  • The iphone 6 launched with 8 and has recieved 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 already. That's 2 updates already. I hate apple and the iphone, but don't say it doesn't get updates.
  • iOS 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 are not "updates," they are "fixes".  There is a difference.  An "update" adds functionality to the OS.  A "fix" corrects problems with the OS.  All 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 did was fix issues that people were complaining about in the iOS 8 update.
  • What he said ^
  • Like Windows never gets bugs or cause problems smh Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oh, you're tired of getting updates?
  • I agree. I've been with Windows Phone since 7. I've devoted a lot to the ecosystem, and it's just been a waiting game the entire time. It's absurd. It's boils down to fantastic ecosystem and support for me, and Windows Phone has taken up too much of my time and money waiting for these two things to change. Yes, ecosystem as far as apps has changed dramatically, although, the support for those apps is atrocious. Having an app for a device is one thing, support is another.
  • +920
  • Hopefully this will resolve "resuming..." on the 1020 and 1520 after the last update...
  • It could been software issue. Whatsapp keeps giving this annoying resuming while the latest wechat doesn't. Since yesterday's wechat's update. I stop seeing resuming on wechat (excluding settings) any more, but whasapp still gives lots of resuming in the same time
  • Funny, reading down this forum I have not experienced a single glitch or issue you guys describe on my 920 and 1020 both are on the developer preview though. could these be bugs with cyan? if so switch over it is free and updated more frequently. ciao ^_^
  • They needed to fix my Cortana it don't work without my headphones
  • You are mostly on 925 and it's a hardware issue
  • Is he mostly? Is that a new word to save alphabet letters? Are they expensive on your plan? I'm just wondering?
  • Nope mine works like a charm...
  • you mean to tell me they're still on schedual after announcing this in september....shame on you microsoft i would've preferred to hear they didn't play to have to wait this late but oh well. I just want my 930's battery to last a day *shrug*
  • And even the phones that have, supposedly, the Denim update don't have the Denim features. The 830 lacks everything related to the new Nokia Camera.   As for the update itself...well, so much for "we need the hardware and software teams together to work better and faster". As with all Microsoft does, it's "coming soon™"   Honestly, they should stop announcing updates months ahead of them being ready.
  • "As for the update itself...well, so much for "we need the hardware and software teams together to work better and faster"."
    Integration is still not complete yet as both groups use different software, etc. I'm not sure why you think this would be easy to accomplish. They are certainly doing better today than they did months ago. The only reason things seem like they are always "coming soon" is because everyone here in comments hangs on every word, every rumor, every early announcement. If you were part of the Android crowd those things (including apps and games) are still "coming soon" too. Even today, I'm trying this Lumo Lift connected device. iOS app? Check. Android? Nope.
  • So far development has only slowed down after they bought Nokia. They have yet to prove that things will speed up. I'm sorry but with my Lumia 920 it feels like a long wait for a worthy successor in late 2015 with Windows 10. :/
  • Late 2015? Where have you gotten that information? I'm with Dan on this one... We have a very spoiled community, and the speed Microsoft is moving at is why we have phones that work perfectly from $99 to $600 which is unique.
  • W8 consumer preview came out in late February, and consumer availability was in late October. With W10 consumer preview rumoured to start in January, it's not a stretch to assume consumer availability in September.
  • ofcourse they slowed down! They have to merge an entire dievision that microsoft neve rhad into their current workflow, how can you realistically not expect a slowdown? Let alone expect them to speed up...
  • Makes sense. It takes time for a big move like that. I suspect they will speed it up next year.
  • WP8.1: April
    Cyan: July
    GDR1: End of July
    Denim: ??? Even GDR2 is kinda late. I think we won't have it (like MS did on PCs to focus on 10)
  • I agree. GDR2 should be released this year since there's a huge possibility we will get Windows 10 consumer preview for phones early next year, maybe January?
  • I remeber evleaks (RIP) say that GDR2 will come in november :(
  • The deal closed on the 25th of April. They had enough time to, if not fully integrate, integrate enough to quicken the pace. Specially when they just had to integrate half the 25000 employees they got from Nokia's ex-D&S division. Actually, just look at the app situation. The only updates that were issued to the former Nokia-apps where updates to rebrand them. Nothing else since then (apart from the return of colour-pop on Nokia Creative Studio). So, sorry, but I think they are certainly doing worse.   Also, they announced a firmware update in September that is only arriving in 2015 broadly. Firmware. And it wasn't people hanging on rumours. They threw an event at IFA. And even the phones they announced that would "already be shipping with the Denim update" don't really have any of the advantages of the Denim update. If they were not ready, they shouldn't have made a fuss about it.   Lastly...I am part of the Android crowd. You know I switched my daily driver to Android (albeit keeping the Nokia 1020 as a dedicated camera). But we're talking different leagues here. I think you could do better than bringing up apps to compare.  Because if we're going to compare the app situation, we both know how bad it will go for Windows Phone. You could have brought to the table to compare with WP's endless "coming soon" updates, Lollipop. But then I would argue that, unlike Android, every Windows Phone update is much more crucial because of how behind WP is the other platforms. (Well and Lollipop is already reaching Android devices).   On Android, Lollipop is mainly esthetically (and horrible at that IMO, but you probably disagree on that). On WP, every GDR, every firmware, is important to enhance and build up the OS. If they don't have it ready - which would be acceptable - they shouldn't announce it. Or at least don't announce it on the launch event of phones which WILL have more coverage than just "tech press".
  • I work at an ISP that has a habit of purchasing other small ones. We bought one 2 years ago and still haven't finished integration. So, "plenty of time" since April may work in your head, but in the real world you have no idea of what's involved.
  • I bought a Lumia 830. In a video add it is presented with HDR camera, editing video software etc. Now I see that the add is from the future.  Oh, I watched it over and over. At the end it didn't say "Coming soon™..."
  • I can just imagine. Just got my 920 updated with Cyan, and it was delayed by the Bitlocker thingy. I wouldnt expect Denim will be available soon for this Lumia Grandpa...
  • The bitlocker issue was resolved months ago.
  • My Lumia 630 is waiting patiently
  • Mine is waiting impatiently..
  • Haas, lol
  • Nothing makes me believe that the whole schedule for WP OS updates and firmware updates is not delayed!!
    If this timeframe is real by the end of April some devices will be still getting Denin update. So the supposed second update for WP8.2 will be released only in the middle of the year, letting W10 for mobiles only for the 2015 Q4! This make sense?? I think the whole chronogram is delayed.
  • They said Q4 and early 2015 back in September. Today, it is no different. Doesn't seem to be delayed, but rather, you are confusing "delayed" with "It's not fast enough for me/I want it NOW!". Very different.
  • Daniel Rubino, always the voice of reason.
  • Q4 could be October, November or December. So regarding this even me or your can be right. The question is why announce something months before the actual release?? So, no more OS updates before Windows 10??
  • Why would you think there are no more OS updates? OS and firmware are developed separately.
  • Almost the entire team is working only for Windows 10... They have MANY THINGS do implement before launch!
  • What? What the hell reasoning is that? "They said Q4 and early 2015 back in September." "Q4 could be October, November or December. So regarding this even me or your can be right."   Q4 is fucking Q4, it doesnt matter what month in Q4 it is, if it releases in Q4, then they are on time =/ wow you guys pick the dumbest things to whine about...
  • Why do they say Q4???? Why not dec/early 2015.
  • I feel bad for Verizon users!
  • Probably Windows 10 Developer Preview will be early than Denim in some carriers
  • No new features for older lumias? Oh well, wait for 10 i suppose.
  • I'll probably get a 1030 with it on already :)
  • I'm hoping my Icon just gets Cyan and Denim lumped together.
  • Good luck with that. It might get Cyan, but its the T-Mobile 810 version 2.0 (IE it won't get updated or supported anymore)
  • Hope
    denim does not let me down...
  • By early 2015 I will have already switched to an iPhone 6.
  • Good call. They get feature-updates once per year. You wouldn't be spoiled with updates like with WP.
  • They get feature-updates once per year but there is nothing lacking on iOS!!
    And they get every good app and game in the day one, not in the third year!
  • iPhone doesn't need much update unlike WP because the OS is already mature and feature rich. Updates are always welcomed for WP.
  • That's one of the reasons I'm switching. All microsoft services and other apps I use are on iOS and almost every app works better on iOS than on WP ( like Office apps). 
  • Their idiotic decision to offer superior apps and services on every platform other than their own will be the last nail in windows phone's coffin. Unless you're a big fan of Cortana & Nokia camera's and  hardware there's increasingly, absolutely NO REASON to stick with the platform.
  • It took something like 18 months for WP8 to get it's first feature update in 8.1. 8.1.1 came out surprisingly fast though, but now we are looking at 12 - 18 months for the next update in W10.
  • What do you expect from an already feature rich OS unlike Windows Phone. Not only that but updates happen regularly albeit bug fixes and enhancements. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I respect your choice but if you have the money to purchase i6, why don't you have a L830 instead. it comes with denim out of the box and money to spare
  • Is this the affordable flagship with one gig of RAM and Snapdragon 400? Sure you got money to spare if it is but for the price point of 450 you can get a Nexus 5, the OPO, Moto X 2014 with some deals and some fantastic Windows Phones like 1520 all having much much superior hardware with 2 gig of RAM and Snapdragons 800's. Now that's more bang for your buck Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Which update will come sooner, HTC's 8.1 or Lumia Denim? XD
  • I hope carriers are in on this.
  • MS should have roll out Denim before or during the holiday season. So us as the windows phone users can show off some of the features to our friends and family during the gathering. This is a miss opportunity for MS, such a shame.
  • I mean I hope they are spread testing~!
  • I don't care anymore. I lost all faith on Windows Phone. Seeing how Microsoft is putting more effort on other platfforms. Also, the updates take FOREVER!! , In Mexico, we are still waiting for BLACK.
  • Exactly the same I feel.
  • Why are your carriers not seeding you the updates?
  • I am from Mexico (Telcel) and all my WP get updates.
  • Updates take forever for Android too. And most old device don't get it.
  • That's the problem with cheap crappy android phones, don't expect updates for such a paltry device Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If you can't wait just back up phone and hard reset your phone, it will reset with the denim update (I own a 1520 with developers preview, don't know if it will work for other phones)
  • Will this work for my unlocked att 920 that is now on T-Mobile, or work for an international unlocked 930 on T-Mobile?
  • So its released for 1520 for sure? Just need to downgrade to upgrade like cyan?
  • No, I dont know what this guy is talking about, dont reset your phone, it will NOT get you Denim, he probably got the fake Denim bug after resetting his phone.
  • What will this add to the 925? Cyan didn't seem to add much besides turning BT LE back on. Also, IE will glitch and force close any tabs and go back to start screen.
  • Omg that's annoying with IE
  • Is there any way to fix it? Or needs a patch?
  • Nothing. Although it will reach all phones, Denim is only for devices launched for sale by Microsoft Mobile (ie, the x30 line) with the exception of the 1520 because its specs didn't leave them much space for maneuver.  Also, Cyan f*cked up the camera on the 1020. So, from Denim, I'm just hoping it doesn't make it even worse than Cyan already did.
  • Will Denim make any perceptable difference to the 1020 user anyway?
  • My AT&T L1520 is ready...
  • Not as ready as mine.
  • Then how did you get the picture for the article?
  • Will we have to remove dev preview to install denim?
  • Nobody knows, but probably not.
  • Have you ever had to remove the developer preview to get a firmware update? No. Why would it change this time?
  • Actually, to be fair, people had to do that for cyan
  • Yea, and the people who has to roll back where only on 1 or 2 models and it didnt effect everyone(a small % of the phones). Not really something to say you will 100% have to uninstall the DP to get Denim...
  • Actually I downgraded to get cyan from dev preview so did many others
  • I downgraded but it was because I was too impatient to wait for the bitlocker fix....
  • The whole cyan fiasco has shaken my faith in Verizon's commitment to WP. The fact that we're talking Denim and their flagship.Icon doesn't even have Cyan is a joke. I feel like I'm at a crossroads here. Either switch to at&t or switch to Android.
  • Icon is dead, praying for WP 10 to have firmware pushed my MS and cut out carriers.
  • if google can do it with the nexus devices why cant microsoft with their lumia line? we cam only hope and wish. 
  • Becvasue everyone one wants a nexus device, if google refused to let them sell it, then they would hurt, if microsoft took the lumia from them, then theyd just dhrug, microsoft has no pull, so the carriers will keep control over the updates
  • "Verizon's commitment to WP" LOL
  • My camera has been having weird shaking issues for about a month now. Anyone else experiencing or experienced this? Someone from the Microsoft Store suggested that I do a hard reset,as he said that he thinks that it's software related,but I hate hard resets and was hoping that Denim fixed it,but I don't think I can wait that long to find out.
  • I had a flickering on my screen that was very annoying, at first I thought it was a hardware issue cause I saw other Lumia owners online with the same problem, I did a hard reset on my phone and still had the same issue, so I figured out what apps I downloaded last before I started to get the flickering on my screen, so I deleted at least 10 apps of of my phone and after I did that the flickering completely stopped, so that tells me that there is an app with a bug in it that's causing the phones to flicker, (must of the apps that I deleted were games but don't know which app is the one with the bug)
  • Well that's not good. I not about to delete all of my apps trying to figure that out... lol Thanks for the input!
  • The flickering issue could be because of an improperly installed screen guard, you might want to check this
  • Thanks for the information. However I don't use any screen protectors.
  • I guess this explains why Lumia camera isn't available yet. Happy Lumia 830 user here on at&t.
  • Anotherwords......verizon's Lumia Icon will hopefully receive the update by 2016, long after the phone has been retired
  • funny thing i have demin on my att L1520
  • No you don't.
  • Actually, He can. Of course, If he's a developer.
  • Nope. You dont
  • I recently reset my 1320 dev preview and after checking, I now have the Denim update.
  • Today there was an update on my Lumia 930. it said lumia ipdate but no denim.
  • My wife got the same. It's still Cyan somehow but you now should have the new Lumia Camera after this update.
  • Can't wait for the update? Just hard reset your phone and it will reset with the Denim update, (just remember to back up your phone first)
    I own a Lumia 1520 with developers preview on it
  • How do you figure?
  • uhh... no it wont..
  • Umm. Nope.
  • Screenshot, pleace.
  • I just hope this will silence all the whiners who thought denim was supposed to be rolling out already.
  • No Daniel, clearly the 920 will be the first to get the update since it's the most important WP to date. /s But honestly we're in December so they have 31 days to at least update 1 phone....
  • Some phones are already running denim.
  • If you're talking about the info settings saying Denim, that's a bug. Not even Microsoft released Denim so why would anyone have it? Besides you know... the developers of Denim.
  • because.. a bunch of phones wer ereleased with it? like the 830. 730...735.. they all have Denim pre-installed
  • What about Lumia 630?
  • Is this where I say Verizon still sucks for not pushing Cyan? Ok. Verizon sucks for not giving us Cyan.
  • After hearing about the new features of the Lumia Camera app after denim update....I came to know that these features will be limited to sme devices like 830, 930, 1520 etc.
    But why not for the 1020?? Its their best cameraphone till today.....but it left the list...its a shamae!!
  • Because the hardware doesn't support the features.
  • Because all the camera goodness is reserved for the Lumia 1030!
  • Just do it quick Microsoft
  • Maybe Verizon can just skip Cyan and go straight to Denham
  • So the x20 should wait on their seats...
  • who needs 4k? We want SlowMo vids
  • This, SlowMo...
  • I do and want 4K....but, yea, a slow mo option would be nice as well...
  • Twice on my 830 my camera crashed to start when trying to take pictures. I hit the button either physical or onscreen and it just closes. Reboot has resolved but, I hope this isn't due to Denim. I have to try a different default camera app to see if it happens again.
  • Dan what about Lumia Icon? GsmArena stated it will get the denim update.Check
  • Hope if this update will solve the over heating issue on Lumia 920. used for browsing or playing a game about 15 minutes, battery drained pretty fast and getting hotter as well. 
  • I think all the first generation windows phone 8 devices with dual core processors suffer this issue including my HTC 8x. Don't know about latest devices. Any idea guys?
  • I think we all know who isn't getting it till early 2016.. Hint: Verizon
  • This year for the Icon, right?
  • What sucks is no new high end phones. Also being on Verizon sucks too. My Lumia Icon is still waiting. I am a fan of MS and the phones but they are tying my loyalty. I have been responsible for the purchase of 12 personal phones and 35 business phones running Windows Phone and they are seriously slacking. I think the major focus is on Windows 10 and we will have to wait till its done to get the love we need. Some how this relationship with Windows Phone turned into a struggling marriage... I really want to stay but work with me!
  • I hear ya there. I just left the platform temporarily, at least for my phone, and hope to be back for Windows 10, once they finally announce fully competitive hardware. Using an iPhone 6 has really made me miss the Windows Phone OS (try disconnecting from a Bluetooth device without having to turn Bluetooth off altogether, and same for Wi-Fi); but the hardware is fantastic and Microsoft would do well in having at least matching hardware with a great camera, awesome screen and great battery life with lots of storage (or a microSD slot). One can hope... I really miss Cortana!
  • Re: digiacomo,
    Thank you for these comments. Most of the world seems to think the apple phones are perfect.
  • Will Lumia 630 be getting the denim update
  • 1020 is history. It will not be getting as much attention as before, regardless of carriers or MS. I wouldn't be surprised to see 1020 has a much crippled Denim version running on it.
  • Can we get 8.1 first plzz!?!?!? +928
  • "After carrier testing"... Aka after 12 month extensive research by Verizon intern
  • Hurrayyyyyyyyyyy,here is the list of supported phones on Microsoft website.Check link.
    Nokia Lumia Icon,
    Nokia Lumia 1520,
    Nokia Lumia 1520,
    Nokia Lumia 1020,
    Nokia Lumia 928,
    Nokia Lumia 925,
    Nokia Lumia 920,
    Nokia Lumia 830,
    Nokia Lumia 822,
    Nokia Lumia 820,
    Nokia Lumia 810,
    Nokia Lumia 735,
    Nokia Lumia 635,
    Nokia Lumia 630,
    Nokia Lumia 630,
    Nokia Lumia 530,
    Nokia Lumia 521,
    Nokia Lumia 520  
  • And so what? It means all these Lumias will have lumia camera classic, which is the same as Nokia Camera (4.9). New features are only coming to Lumia Camera (non classic), aka v5 or above.
  • WTF MS. Where is Lumia 625??? (which is by the way far better than 520 who gets Denim).
  • Cool
  • So slow
  • I still have the Denim on my Icon. Anybody know how long it stays there? I reverted my phone back to 8.0 over the weekend then used PFD to get 8.1 and a bunch of updates its on there.
  • ohhh I cant wait  
  • Microsoft needs to find a way to get the carriers out of the update process, for both main OS and firmware. Otherwise, they will always trail Apple, and continue to underdeliver to those customers who want to have access to the latest features that their devices support.
  • Re digiacomo,
    YES. I agree.
  • Duh
  • So never on Verizon...
  • Why am I so impatient. I want to say "Hey, Cortana" already.
  • Microsoft should buy Nokia. N1 shows that their hardware, design & software capabilities are top notch.
  • It's strange but my 920 has the denim update installed since about 3 weeks ago, at least that's what it shows on the information. I don't see any changes. I don't have the moving images from the pictures nor anything different..... Anyone has any clues??? I'm in Mexico TELCEL carrier with unlocked 920 from Rogers Canada
  • I've got a 928 on Verizon running stick, and I got the denim update about a month ago. So, yeah, old news.
  • lol
  • Lol. Sure buddy
  • People have been reporting fake displays of 'Lumia Denim' on devices which are actually on Cyan, so yeah, that's an old story you missed.
  • Early in 2015? Meaning anywhere between Jan 1st and May 30th.
  • Lumia Denim is out for 1020
  • Nope
  • Works for me, I am patient, have L920 on AT&T, like the OS too much to complain, nobody here wants to hear it anyways. Thank you MS!
  • People will never have much faith in Windows phones unless Microsoft stops letting the carriers dictate when updates are pushed out. Stop the madness please. I shouldn't have to feel like a second class citizen with my Windows phone.
  • unfortunately Microsoft can't do anything about it since this is also a gobal issue as well
  • Not quite true: Carriers only control the devices they sell. Devices bought through other channels aren't subject to the carriers making sure their bloatware gets installed testing, so MS can release updates any time they like. They choose not to. In some countries, handsets cannot be sold as a bundle with a contract. MS certainly has no "carrier" excuse in those territories. But then again, the idea that MS knows anything outside the US is preposterous.
  • Here in Europe a lot of people buy their phones without contract. microsoft delivers the updates directly. still they are slow as hell. Since early october lumia denim is out on lumia 730 and 830. But i have to wait until ealry next year, although i recently bought the lumia flaggship 930. image google would have released android lollipop on nexus 6 early november, but nexus 5 users would have to wait till February or March? What would you say? The internet would be full of protests and laughter. And like a always say, denim is not lollipop, it's basicly a tiny app update what takes them so long...
  • There's more than the eyes can see...
  • Windows 10 is the perfect time to ditch "Carrier testing". Seriously, I don't let HP control updates on my laptop, why am I letting AT&T control them here? Enough of this!
  • As I agree and dream of a time, about the most you will get is the DP (software), firmware has to be tested on the carrier's networks. Other fixes for cell performance will have to go that route too.. As it's a firmware any hardware updates would be processed at this time too, again carrier approval. I'm glad the DP is an I think I would be even more ticked off that Verizon has not given the ICON Cyan yet...
  • Release on Dec 24th for all,that'll shut everyone up with all the asking
  • Hopefully it will fix all our problems like world hunger and stop crime rate and put an end to the crazy evil American government
  • What about GDR2 ?
  • It is now #LumiaLate, enjoy the ride...guys
  • They should be more quick so that we can catch up with Android os and IOS. What about 8.1.1 updates?
  • I already have denim on my 1520... (att)
    Everything runs smooth.
  • No you don't
  • Verizon says "Screw You!" we'll put it out whenever we feel like it (if ever).
  • Bring it on ASAP
  • Bing*
  • Microsoft, you still don't understand? As long as carriers control your deployment of your software, you will fail. Think like Apple or Nexus. Apple and Google control, not carriers.
  • Why don't you ditch your carrier? I do and I don't have any issues with that.
  • I guess I will have to wait until I get another Lumia, hopefully Tmo will get one when my next Jump is available.
  • Hey guys! i just want to know on this article it says "The first phones expected to get the Lumia Denim update include the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520" what about Lumia Icon? T.T
  • Should be on time or before Christmas holidays.
  • I hate how Microsoft hypes. There's a difference between releasing a firmware to the carriers and to the people. It will be a long time before most devices actually see denim, and if you are on Verizon. Then most likely never.
  • Feel like I am always riding the Blackberry roller coaster of promising and never delivering on the dates and offering no transparency along the way.
  • When is later this year? Could it be the financial year? Before June 2015!?
  • Verizon will continue to suck
  • Soooo, Verizon and Sprint users can expect the update sometime in 2016, if at all... or is that being too optimistic.
  • I just upgraded my busted Lumia 920 (with Dev Preview) with a new Lumia 1520 (AT&T) and found that I now don't have start screen folders... will that be part of Lumia Denim?
  • I'm just waiting for a flagship windows phone on T-Mobile! However I love everything about my 925 and wouldn't mind keeping it for another year and a half. It's fast and sleek. Only thing that is terrible on it is the battery life. Dear god the worst battery on a phone I bet. I'm probably going to do a hard reset cause I do have a lot of apps running on my phone that I don't even use. But I'm waiting for a updated 1520
  • Hopefully it will fix the battery drain on this
  • hope my 925 will get this update too and fix some washed image that capture with it.
  • Already running it as DP....
  • No.
  • I just want the Lumia Camera 5 for my 830. Hopefully, it will come this month...
  • Same here.
  • I have the Denim update on my lumia 620. Thats what it says on extra and info. Can it be true ?
  • No. Are u new here?
  • Hmmm....Lumia Denim....Wonder if there is an HTC Denim?
  • Hmmm...... Seems noooooo
  • Hope they fix the biggest bug/lag of windows phone which is resuming.....i don't want it for a single second to be appear on my phone, also all the apps they meant to RUN in background not PAUSED, so there should be no RESUMING on my phone....hope that make sense.
  • Vodafone NZ is testing denim now :)
  • Verizon Lumias will get Denim in the 4th quarter of 2015.
  • I bought a Lumia 830 with the latest update, but couldn't get the "hey cortona" feature to work.
  • Where are you from? There are region wise update.
  • I think that feature is only available for phones with a snapdragon 8xx and the denim update. It's a let down that the "affordable" flagship has an older chip, which doesn't support a new feature even though it is a new phone.
  • I am very disappointed with Microsoft's planning with their mobile users. An update like this should have been out there by now. Specifically for those who love to take snaps with their phones.
  • Does anyone else get occasional graphics glitches? For example greenish screen and lines over text with dev prev, 1020/others?
  • Always late!
  • And for devs? Ten years later maybe !
  • They have man power so big name "Microsoft" still so long to wait for update. Along if it isn't up to date then why they are preloading it in new phones? Can anyone answer this?
  • They want you to buy new phones....... Oh wait there ain't any! Never mind
  • What's the use? Buying new will be ok but next update it'll be same :(
  • Lumia 535 is denim out if the box ryt?
  • Lumia Denim is a very tiny update, basicly it's just a camera app update with system integration. How can others like LG release the largest OS Update (Android 5 Lollipop) withing weeks, and Microsoft, that still lacks behind Android 4, takes almost a half your after presentation for that crap of an update....
  • Lol
  • Hahaha
  • Later this year? lol
  • MS = Mega Slow
  • So true, LOL
  • First release Cortana in other countries, Microsoft. Then I'll think about Denim.
  • It's like Microsoft is abandoning Windows Phone itself.
  • It's gonna releases for developer users first isn't it?
  • It is released already.
  • So that means Icon user's are still SOL... A big F-U to Verizon via Santa Claus
  • Got the 730 yesterday. No worrying about denim updates here :P
  • Does 520 will hav this?
  • Hmmm... Fragmentation coming to WP.
  • thats not really fragmentation, fragmentation is like android, too many versions customized by oems, so the os always looks different with too much difference in features between oems, while with wp you'll always get the same os, with some minor differences between oems, and wp8 is compatible with most apps etc, and if not, you're guaranteed to get wp8.1, unless some stupid carrier refuses the update, and then there's developer preview
  • the bug in extra's + info is when you turn off preview for developers it will say denim and when you turn it back on it says cyan
  • 1020 completely forgotten looks like it's not better to go for a high end Lumia again
  • Don't listen to the people saying their 1520 is running Denim...
  • It's strange...a friend just bought a 1020 64gb and it got delivered with denim and 8.1 update even though he didn't buy it from nokia/microsoft directly and my 32 gb version just came back from Nokia with 8.1 and cyan...both phones are without simlock and branding
  • Hope to fix the white balance on 1020.
  • After the latest battery live tile update,my HTC 8x hangs when i press end call button after taking a call. The call will not cut. Phone reset did not help.
  • Try uninstall and install again.
  • So i see that the denim update is nothing to non-pureview devices .. It only brings features to high end Lumia phones :'(
  • @Daniel RubinoThank you for your right information every time. Do you think GDR 2 update for developers will be ready this week or this month
  • The day official Denim came, GDR2 will be available for preview.
  • This is starting to get ridiculous! #Denim #L930
  • lumia denim for L1020- vodafone italy its under testing
  • First rollout the denim update for the most popular windows phone i.e. Lumia 520 ;P
  • C'mon guys, be fair with MS. I am sure they are very busy.... Busy trying to update their products (Skype, OneDrive, Office365, etc) on other platform... LOL...
  • I just hope this is the calm before the storm. I know everyone is working on W10 (althought we're starting to see web servers reporting clients with Wp10) but I hope they all come to the phone version of the windows 10 in the end.
  • So late. Android is coming with the things which were imaginary in phones > Have a look, They have man power,money,name still so late.
  • That's already old and doesn't work "just like that". I'll mean much bigger phones and install drivers and so on...
  • Oooo
  • Agree! Totally right. They aren't working,I feel. Denim doesn't have anything for low end phone.
  • Its true that if we hard reset our device with latest Developer Preview update and when we see extra+info shows that we already have denim. its Showing Denim on my Nokia Lumia 1520..  
  • Please read the article. The extra + info app has a bug. You're still on Cyan.
  • Hey bro! I never said i have denim installed. I just said that its showing that we have denim.
  • I recently did a hard reset on my Verizon Lumia 928 and then I noticed I had Lumia Denim after I did it.
  • They could push it early for the dev preview users.
  • I'm switching to another OS in january. I'm tired of waiting!!!
  • German operator O2 rolled Cyan and Denim-in-one in mid-October for the Lumia 1020
  • What about Lumia 630
  • HTC one... No longer stressing over this lol. Miss the camera though :/
  • How about another update with substantial features? Like a GDR.... Waiting to Windows 10 seems a bit ridiculous. Anyone know when win10 CP is coming about? (for PC) so I can guess its around the same time for WP. Since they're supposedly closing the threshold why can't we see win10 on all devices at the same time? Wishful thinking, I know.
  • And early 2025 for the icon...
  • As long as this speeds up the photo taking process on the 1020....
  • And us Verizon users will have to wait until 2016.......
  • Wait, so the Hey Cortana that was promised for the Icon is not coming until Denim? Wow Verizon peeps are really getting screwed.
  • Waiting for the Denim update for the L630.
  • Try to develop horizontal view for 5" Lumia phones on the menu mode, it helps.
  • Thanks Verizon...still waiting on Cyan.
  • It must be January end. Like last year for black
  • So I should see Denim for my Verizon Lumia ICON by 2016? Dont talk to me till you push out Cyan for my ICON ! (folds arms, makes angry face and holds breath)
  • On Nov 22nd, 2014 I received the Lumia Denim Update on my 18 month old Lumia 720. I was totally surprised and so was MS support. We don't have an answer what happened and why but it is proven that the update is installed OTA on my old Lumia 720.
  • Will Lumia 625 even get Denim and Windows 10 in the future?
  • Daniel, what phone do you use?
  • Puhelinvertailu is a finnish site and the news article actually says that the update will not be released here in Finland until 2015, not that it has been pushed back worldwide.
  • I'm hoping since Verizon pushed back the Cyan update that it will go ahead and put Denim in along with their asstastic apps that I will immediately delete as being F'ing useless.
  • The head line was not 100% finished. It should have read "Lumia Denim still planned later this year for some Lumias, early in 2015 for others and never ever for Verion customers!" That is alot more accurate. 
  • Hi...  I just got a Lumia 1520 RM-937 unlocked international version (32GB/Qi built-in) and I use it on AT&T in the US.  I am also signed up for the developer preview releases. Since my phone is not an AT&T branded phone, who dictates when my phone gets Denim?