Microsoft this morning pushed out an update for the Extras + Info system app found on Nokia Lumia smartphones. The Extras + Info area is where users can find out what firmware version they are currently on, like Lumia Black, Lumia Cyan, or Lumia Denim.

Today's update arrives without a changelog; however it is safe to surmise that it is laying the groundwork for the forthcoming Lumia Denim update for those still on Cyan. In fact, many people have tipped us after updating to tell they now have the Lumia Denim update.

Evidently, the Extras + Info update for some users is causing the app to reveal temporarily the firmware as Lumia Denim. Going back into the app afterwards though resets it back to Lumia Cyan.

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Indeed, over-the-air firmware updates are obviously much more significant than just updating an app in the Store. Moreover, firmware updates typically start at 1 PM Eastern Time and not early in the morning. Having said that, this is a good sign that Microsoft is getting ready to being pushing out the firmware, as updating Extras + Info is needed properly to reflect any changes in a firmware update. This example is analogous to the odd Network+ update last week, which was needed for today's Truecaller app update to expose API access to the Windows Phone dialer for real-time Caller ID.

Regardless, take today's update for Extras + Info, but do not assume you just received a firmware update. Windows Central will keep you posted when Lumia Denim does officially begin.

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