Microsoft adds Lumia to their Car App name, updates Network+ and Rate Us

A fresh batch of minor updates for Lumia phones has landed this morning. These updates apply to two system apps – Network+ and Rate Us – in addition to the optional vehicle assistant Lumia Car App.

First up is Lumia Car App, which is going by a new name with Lumia out in front instead of the previous Nokia moniker. As far as we know, this is the only change in this app and is a continuation of the de-Nokiafication of Lumia-specific apps in the Store.

If you have never tried Lumia Car App, it is a fantastic addition if you find yourself frequently behind the wheel for a commute. The assistant gives you quick access to the weather, battery level, Here Drive, Xbox Music, and Quick Call functions all in large button format for ease of access. Don't like any of those apps? Lumia Car apps lets you pick your own to customize it.

Network+ and Rate Us also picked up some bug fixing updates with nothing particular in the changelog. Network+ is used to change your SIM settings and is particularly valuable to those with dual-SIM and unlocked phones. Rate Us is the feedback app where you can tell Microsoft about your Lumia experience, something that is always worth your time.

Did you notice anything new with the updates that we missed? Let others know in comments.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Daniel Rubino

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  • And, the Lumia name is what should replace Nokia on the front of devices. It's perfectly 5 characters, and I can't think of anything else that would make sense... I don't want to see Microsoft...
    I was thinking about something. The next high end devices need to be called "1040", and "1540". 1040, 1140, 1240, and so on... By the time MS releases new high end devices the 30 series name would be out of date with a new 540, and 640, on the horizon... At this point it wouldn't make sense for MS to use 1030, or 1530.. It's just too late..
  • Then it should have windows 10 pre installed ;)
  • You know it will... If they have new devices ready for 2nd quarter 15 then you can count on WP8.1.2... If they aren't ready until 3rd quarter 15 then they will most likely ship with 10.. But, that's just my speculation.. What do I know..
  • I feel like they are gona make something impressive.... Think about it.... Since the adoption of Nokia Devices center or w.e.... They've basically gone quiet. Maybe they are taking there time with this one and coming out with a truly great phone... It'll be like Nokia+MS tech all in one. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Been sitting on a TMO upgrade for over 7 months now.... Awaiting a reason to upgrade. God forbid wasting my money on a shit Samsung device.
  • Dont say they have been releasing phones... Those are all Nokia branded and were already in the pipeline before the merger
  • Tmobile had gone the way of the don't give a damn.
  • I hope as you say , the design of the 930 is excellent , a little difference is good (I mean in the upcoming phone "my prediction") if it going to be announced in 2nd quarter of 2015 then the snapdragon 808 is excellent 3 GB of ram for the 5" version of the phone and 4gb for the 6" with a snapdragon 810 (hopefully) - 1520 successor , waterproof , fingerprint scanner, something new in world of technology, better camera especially video capturing , 1080 @60 , @120 fbs , a pen with the 6" version at least QHD resolution , I really wanna see good stuff from Microsoft , like there is no Lumia having a snapdragon 801 or 3 GB of ram , however other flagships like the note 4 has 805SD with 3 GB ram and QHD screen , really hoping so !
  • Those specs you just mentioned are a must!
  • That's what I'm also thinking...
  • Would be awesome to see a phone come that isn't digit labeled so it will mess everyone's dreams up.
  • They could confuse us & drop lumia as well from the app names or maybe call it bing
  • Sorry but nobody in the US is going to want something called the 1040. The IRS has ruined that number for all time.
  • Lol... Nobody cares about that.. Stop it.
  • Usually they update it to prepare for new devices or change name.
  • When they will unveil new devices !? After five months ? Preparing From now , ofc not. I guess its preparing for denim or GDR 2 , maybe , and hopefully as you say , new devices , even if the chances are under 10% , unless they unveil the new phone that we saw having the microsoft Pranding in mid-end of November or in December , hopefully so :)
  • I hope they are just all of the sudden really good at keeping devices secret.
  • They aren't manufacturing anymore phones. Your current phone will be with you till you die.
  • Shut the fuck up!
  • That's what your mom told you when you asked for a
  • Lol! Right.. They can just lay my 1520 on my chest.
  • Downloaded didn't notice anything different. Anyways I love updates
  • Me too ;)
  • Me too, have somebody diagnosed and described updatephilis?
  • Me too....;)
  • Network+ has call divert/call waiting on one device and only call waiting on the other. Bizare
  • Its fakkin pathetic, that in 2014 I cannot set call forward delay seconds, or set different call fwd destination numbers based on call fwd reason (call fwd if I am unavailable, call fwd if I am busy, call fwd if phone is not responding on the mobile network, and call fwd unconditionally) on a fakkin windows smartphone. And the biggest fakkup with this entire topic is, that in a neighbour country of mine, at a different operator, the same fakkin phone model that I have, actually has this fakkin option in the same network+ app. Who was the idiot in this subject: Microsoft, Nokia or the carrier should be blamed? I have CV version, so must be Nokia in my country then? How it works on Android:
  • I've got all the settings that you want on my 1520. When I go into 'Set', I can turn call waiting on or off, and set all the diverts to individual numbers.
    Wonder if these settings are phone specific?
  • Trust me, that my 920 CV has none of these features. If I go into settings --> phone, all I can set up is a single slider: Call fwd ON / OFF, and if its ON, I set set up a phone number. And thats all, no other options.
  • This is just bizarre. I had a look at the settings again after your reply and the options have changed!
    Settings > System > Network+ > Click 'Set', is where the settings are. Well, they were. I now can't click on the 'Set' button in Network+, it's greyed out! Plus, the description above the button has changed, now saying about limiting the connection speed to 3G, which I can't do.
    I know I'm not going mad, it was definitely there this afternoon.
    I'm now on 4G at home, where this afternoon I was on 2G & 3G only. I know it sounds weird but I'm really wondering if the options have changed depending on the network I'm connected to.
    Next time I get the options I'm going to take a screen shot!
  • I want 1520's new version...
  • The 1540.
  • I vote for the 3040.  It's twice as good ;)
  • What about the Lumia 3310? ;)
  • That would probably end up as a military exclusive - strategic weapon.
  • Now many countries use it as a nuclear weapon!
  • I want a day without every post being flooded with children whining about a new phone model that they pull numbers out their ass but, apparently none of us will get what we want.
  • Daniel I tipped you about five hours ago ;/
  • You deserve a cookie from Daniel
  • Cry much.
  • What do you mean "tipped him"? Dirty bastard
  • Can someone tell me any advantage to Network + with a single SIM on Verizon?  I haven't seen one.  Am I missing something?  Can I remove it?  Thanks.
  • Just ignore it.. It's not worth removing it. You're not going to free up a total MB..
  • I got an update for Music. Downloading now.
  • That came out 2 days ago.
  • You mean Xbox Music? Yeah it had an update on 8 october but Xbox music team didn't release the update information yet. Any news on that Daniel?
  • "De-Nokiafication" I love your writing, Daniel!
  • New term introduced to English dictionaries:
    Denokiafication: Change of old brand names to new ones.
  • Nice one
  • De-Nokiafication... Awesome! Sounds Scandinavia.
  • Yet another missed opportunity for Surface branding. Surface Surface Pro Surface Phone Surface Car
  • Imo surface is a gay name. Lumia sounds way better.
  • Yes Surface is a name that makes people happy. As someone who has a (gay) sister and daughter, your comment is as stupid as your thoughtlessness when saying it.
  • Agree, surface is gay. I mean homosexual gay. Say it like it is.
  • Hmmm... 'Lumia' is the feminine form of 'luminous', which in itself is a feminine sounding word.  Surface is more generic, and if anything, more masculine.  Perhaps there's a secret about yourself you'd like to share with the group...?
  • Ok I reveal... I'm bill gates..
  • Is there a way to automatically startup the app when I get in my car? My phone connects over bluetooth to the car. It does kick into driving mode automatically, but I can't find a way to start up an app.
  • NFC tags
  • Display needs another update as my Lumia 735 keeps dimming the screen
  • This also is the case for the 625, 820, 925 and 930. And also before the update. It is a power save setting so "normal".
  • Network + update just useless. I want my phone to receive only 3g. Any idea how to do that
  • Settings>Cellular+SIM>SIM settings>Highest connection speed>3G
  • No not that... I want to lock on 3g mode because 3g is not stable in my place
  • I will give this app a try. Thanks!
  • The automatic weather location seems better in the Car app. It used to be *completely* useless, give me UK weather. Then, it would give me my city name, but in New Mexico (I'm in Michigan). Finally, it seems to be finding me okay. Unfortunately, it will only work with WP8.1 XBOX Music...if you are on WP8 you are hosed, no built in music app link for you!
  • So is the Lumia Car App supposed to start automatically when the phone enters driving mode or something? Because that doesn't happen for me.
  • You would need an NFC tag for that. Look them up.
  • I have a CR-201 (holder and QI charger and NFC). So I can use the NFC to start the car app. But it would be much easier if there was a setting that you could use to automatically start a app if you put your phone on a charger. (Something like you can so for glance). Furthermore there should them also be a setting to switch off the automatic dimming.
  • I've sent suggestions to MS saying as much, though I wonder how the phone would differentiate between CR-201 and the upright desktop mains charger (forgotten model no sorry)? They are both good chargers though the CR-201 it's too genetic in design, I think each flagship should have it's own dedicated car holder design (similar to how google nexus one car holder was).
  • Its a shame the app doesn't start as soon as its attached to a Bluetooth headset/car did on the Nokia N8 ! Also when drive mode is activated when I switch on my headset is great,but it wont switch off after I turn the headset off !!
  • Windows phone 8.2 wont have Nokia boot logo anymore (or will it be called Windows 10?)
  • Windows phone 8.2 isn't not windows 10. Windows 10 is still a thought
  • I found a change (bugfix) with Network+. I have a non-carrier branded 930 and previously the "Set" option was greyed out with a message that I had to change to 3G from 4G in SIM settings to enable the Set button. This is now fixed and I can see the Set button enabled. My wife's 1020 never had this issue so its probably carrier / phone specific?
  • I dont know if it is the software update or hardware issue, but after this update, my lumia 925 often looses network. Once i enter into the elevator, network will go and it will not come automatically. I have to restart the phone to get the network.
  • Hi Guys, I read that user have problem on the 3G networks after this network+ update. As some are not able to connect and some are saying that it keeps on shifting to 2G network and consuming battery because of that.   Pls suggest should i update this or not. As truecaller asking me for update network+ to use real time caller detect.