Microsoft adds Lumia to their Car App name, updates Network+ and Rate Us

A fresh batch of minor updates for Lumia phones has landed this morning. These updates apply to two system apps – Network+ and Rate Us – in addition to the optional vehicle assistant Lumia Car App.

First up is Lumia Car App, which is going by a new name with Lumia out in front instead of the previous Nokia moniker. As far as we know, this is the only change in this app and is a continuation of the de-Nokiafication of Lumia-specific apps in the Store.

If you have never tried Lumia Car App, it is a fantastic addition if you find yourself frequently behind the wheel for a commute. The assistant gives you quick access to the weather, battery level, Here Drive, Xbox Music, and Quick Call functions all in large button format for ease of access. Don't like any of those apps? Lumia Car apps lets you pick your own to customize it.

Network+ and Rate Us also picked up some bug fixing updates with nothing particular in the changelog. Network+ is used to change your SIM settings and is particularly valuable to those with dual-SIM and unlocked phones. Rate Us is the feedback app where you can tell Microsoft about your Lumia experience, something that is always worth your time.

Did you notice anything new with the updates that we missed? Let others know in comments.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Daniel Rubino

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