Microsoft, and previously Nokia, tend to release system app updates every few months to keep things humming along for Lumia owners. Today, Display is being refreshed in the Store with version and the changelog is either old or just the generic 'bug fixes and improved usability'.

Display can be found on Lumia phones under Settings near the bottom of the list. Depending on which Lumia you own, your settings can vary. For instance, if you own a Lumia 630, 730, 830, 930 or Lumia 1520, you have a setting for Brightness Profile and another for Color Profile. By comparison, other Lumia models just have Color Profile, and this is presumably related to their older S4 chipset (the newer phones run newer Snapdragons).

Today's update does not appear to bring any new features, so if you are on the Lumia 1020 with Lumia Cyan, you still do not get the Brightness Profile (nor should you ever expect it to). More than likely, this update is for the Lumia 73x and Lumia 830 devices, which are just now launching worldwide. Like most new phones, last minute tweaking of brightness, color, and other screen qualities is needed before the phones end up in many people's hands.

If you have not already received the update, you can force an app update check or just hit the Store link.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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