LYNE, a Windows Phone puzzle game with a minimalistic approach

LYNE is a simple Windows Phone puzzle game that has been around the Store for some time. We were tipped on the game over the weekend and found LYNE to have a slick look, casual pace and an appealing gaming title.

LYNE has hundreds of puzzles that challenge you to connect the same colored shapes with a single line. Available for low-memory devices LYNE is a smooth puzzle game with only one glaring downside - no trial version.

Minimalistic menu and game play

LYNE takes on a minimal approach with the game's layout as well as game play. The main menu has two option, begin play and mute the sound. Game play is spread out across a number of sets that contain twenty-five puzzles each.

The minimalistic design continues with the puzzle screens. At the very top of the gaming screen, you will find a white triangle that is a drop down menu to pause the game (along with options to mute the sound or return to the puzzle level map.

The puzzle consists of an assortment of colored shapes that you'll need to connect. The puzzle pieces with the white center are your start and end pieces. Just tap one of the pieces with the white center and then drag your fingers across the screen connecting similar shapes, ending at the second piece with the white center.

Eventually you will come across puzzles with multiple colored shapes and creating your connections, your lines cannot cross or share the same path. You will also encounter puzzles with hubs that will let your share an intersection with your lines. To help make things challenging, these hubs will have a required number of crossings (indicated by dots on the hub).

The puzzle levels start out ridiculously easy but around the 18th level they do get somewhat challenging. If you need to redraw a line, you can tap on the puzzle piece you want to back up to or tap your starting puzzle piece to erase your lines.

Overall Impression

LYNE is a unique puzzle game for our Windows Phone. The game has a simple interface, minimalistic and clean design but is not without challenge.

What I like? LYNE does a really good job of delivering hundreds of puzzles that are designed to challenge your puzzle solving skills without a lot of stress. You don't have the pressure of a game clock or setting a high score. If you hit a dead end with connecting your puzzle pieces, you just back things up and try again.

There is an addictive quality to LYNE that keeps you coming back for more and the game isn't a bad time waster.

What I don't like? I found LYNE to be an enjoyable puzzle game and a nice addition to the Windows Phone library. However, without a trial version many will take a pass on the game.

The design of LYNE is perfect for a trial version in that the first set of puzzles could be available in a trial version and then the remaining sets would be available through the full version. The first twenty-five puzzles are strong enough to get you hooked or turned off with LYNE.

Overall, I found LYNE to be a fun and challenging Windows Phone puzzle game. There isn't much to the game but what is there is well done. The game knocks down a 5 Star Rating in the Windows Phone Store and we don't see that being too far from the mark.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.