Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl Edition now available at a heavy discount

We're quickly approaching the pinnacle of the American football season with the Super Bowl on the horizon, and now you can celebrate a little early with Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl Edition (opens in new tab) on your Xbox One. Available now, this version of Madden NFL 17 packs in the base game along with 5 All-Pro packs in Madden Ultimate Team.

The biggest draw to this, however, may not be the included All-Pro packs, but the price. Currently, the Super Bowl Edition is available at a heavy 67% discount, bringing it down to just $19.80 from its usual $60 price point. If you've been holding off on picking up Madden NFL 17 in anticipation of a big discount, now's your chance to hit the gridiron.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Cool. I just unwrapped my $20 standard edition (from a recent discount deal) yesterday. :/ :P
  • Is this a digital download or CD? It doesn't say.
  • Digital
  • I don't remember a Madden game ever being as polished as this one. Question is, should I buy this or wait for 18? They don't get every game right, as EA tends to go in cycles.