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Madden NFL 21 for Xbox is 50 percent off ahead of Super Bowl LV

Madden Nfl 21
Madden Nfl 21 (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

The NFL's biggest game, Super Bowl LV is this weekend, but before you watch the big game, you can jump onto the virtual gridiron with Madden NFL 21. Right now, you can save 50 percent on Madden NFL 21 through the Microsoft Store and Amazon.

Madden NFL 21 is the most realistic version of the game to date. The game plays a bit slower than previous titles and has new features like the Skill Stick and X-Factor system. The Skill Stick lets you master moves and advance your gameplay as you improve. The X-Factor system gives boosts to star players like Patrick Mahomes.

As the latest addition to the Madden franchise, Madden NFL 21 brings the standard gameplay and franchise modes that veterans of the franchise have known for years. It has Madden Ultimate Team, Superstar KO, and other game modes people have come to know and love. It also has new additions like The Yard, which is a backyard-style game mode.

"[The Yard's] commitment to allowing players to risk on every play is a breath of fresh air for a game that so often chooses to focus on some aspects of football that only hardcore fans may enjoy," says Anthony Nash in his Madden NFL 21 review.

Madden NFL 21 originally launched for $60, but Madden games tend to go down in price over time. With only two days left in this year's NFL season, you can grab the game for 50 percent off.

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  • Do players catch Covid and have to sit out 1-2 weeks just like in real life? That's the kind of season this was. Madden Covid edition. Coaches better be wearing masks to. The NFL is like the cancer of sports. This season shouldn't have happened. Greedy owners milking player safety for profits. Madden sucks anyways.
  • Oooookayyy........
    Thanks for sharing It's not just about what the owners wants. I guarantee some of the players wanted the season to begin as well. The ones at the bottom of the barrel need those paychecks p