Mark Zuckerberg may have shown the future of online meetings with Oculus Rift

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg demoed a new way to hold online meetings with others in virtual reality by wearing the Oculus Rift headset during the Oculus Connect keynote address.

During the keynote, Zuckerberg chatted with two teammates, seeing them as full 3D animated avatars, complete with voice syncing. Even Zuckerberg's avatar was seen, where he remarked that he looked like a young Justin Timberlake. The trio switched settings from the keynote meeting room to the surface of Mars to the bottom of the ocean. They also switched over to Zuckerberg's house where all three checked on his dog. Zuckerberg even took a Facebook Messenger video chat message from his wife.

The demo also showed how the avatars could play games like cards, chess and even fencing. The social VR demo looked impressive, but there's no word on when it will be available for Oculus Rift owners.

John Callaham
  • Very interesting!!! I would totally do this!
  • A meeting of such would be better implemented on the HoloLens. VR seems to corny to me
  • HoloLens has no external camera to capture your body motions. Would need something like Kinect.
  • This reminds me of an old Xbox Live feature they use to have the Xbox 360. You could set up avatar chatrooms with different themes. 
  • yea and watch movies together. it was really badass
  • I was going to say the same, we have seen this before with the Kinect avatars.
  • This seems more like an AR thing than a VR thing. I think Hololens would be perfect for this!
  • Agreed. They think of this (3D Animated Avatars) as an alternative, less power hungry and more efficient than having a real person as a hologram in your environment which is the most absolute thing I would like to have in a conversation.
  • I see the cool and maybe even the fun.  But what is the added value that this Oculus solution offers to digital, remote meeting?
  • Now no one can see the guy furiously masterbating in the meeting. Superb.
  • This post is useless without the demo video
  • It's nice and all but, come on. This is not going to sell VR to anyone. This is just a gimmick. And frankly, if it's for sitting around and see other people as cartoons, it's the same to not use a VR helmet for this. Besides, HoloLens can do this kind of thing better or exactly the same. I'd rather have avatars for other people show up in my environment. To sum up, really lame, Zuckerberg.
  • This is exactly the purpose of VR as imagined in the 80's scifi novel Snow Crash. Although in reality HD video conferencing made that idea redundant.
  • 3D avatars? Not impressed. HoloLens has already been set up to support real time holograms for remote conferencing using a few Kinect sensors.