Golf Nut? If so, Mobitee Lite hopes to be an indispensable tool on your Windows Phone. The free application being offered through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile (can we just say Windows Phone Marketplace?) that will aid golfers in locating golf courses, determine distances to the green, select the right golf club and keep score of your rounds.

Mobitee utilizes a database of golf courses from around the world and downloads the particulars to your Windows Phone. If your golf course isn't listed, there is a way to report it to Mobitee and have it added to their database.  Graphically, Mobitee is nice and it ran fairly stable. Downloads for the course data was a little time consuming and I did have a few crashes (usually during downloads).

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Conceptually, Mobitee Lite is a nice application. The ability to download course information and determine course distance via your GPSs can be a useful tool for a golfer.  It eliminates the guess work and pacing off yardage that can slow down your game.  The ability to keep score is an added bonus.

While the concept behind Mobitee Lite is interesting the application itself was a little buggy.  The course listings were not organized and seemed incomplete.  I had courses from Nevada, California, and other States showing up under Alabama. 

It was interesting to see that I was 752.3km from Bear Slide Golf Course (Cicero, IN) when selecting "Nearest Golf Courses". It was equally interesting to see that I was over 3,000km from the first green at Antelope Pines (Antelope, CA).  Understandably, the course database is new and will eventually become more accurate but I would rather see only a few golf courses in a State than courses from all over the country.

Settings were limited with none available for the GPS or measurement values.  Seeing that most courses are measured in yards, the ability to change measurement values from metric to english would be nice.

Mobitee Lite has a lot of promise but still needs a good bit of work.  As is, Mobitee Lite isn't a complete bust but it is limited. It's one to watch (in hopes of some fine tuning) but for now, we're glad it's a free app.