Marriott is retiring its app for Windows phone, PC

If you rely on the Marriott International app on your Windows phone or PC, you'll want to find an alternate way to your hotel rooms soon. Marriott has started alerting users of the app's impending retirement, though there's no exact date given.

essage states:

The Marriott app for Windows will soon retire. Your Marriott Rewards account history and existing reservations will remain the same. Thank you for being a loyal member.

The move is curious given that Marriott International was updated to be a universal app for PC, tablets and phone a little over a year ago. You should still be able to make reservations through Marriott's website, but a dedicated app is obviously preferable for Windows phone users on the go.

For now, Marriott International is still available in the store. It's unclear when Marriott plans to fully retire the app, but don't expect it to be around for long.

Thanks to Jeff and Luke for the tips!

Download Marriott International at the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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