Marriott is retiring its app for Windows phone, PC

If you rely on the Marriott International app on your Windows phone or PC, you'll want to find an alternate way to your hotel rooms soon. Marriott has started alerting users of the app's impending retirement, though there's no exact date given.

essage states:

The Marriott app for Windows will soon retire. Your Marriott Rewards account history and existing reservations will remain the same. Thank you for being a loyal member.

The move is curious given that Marriott International was updated to be a universal app for PC, tablets and phone a little over a year ago. You should still be able to make reservations through Marriott's website, but a dedicated app is obviously preferable for Windows phone users on the go.

For now, Marriott International is still available in the store. It's unclear when Marriott plans to fully retire the app, but don't expect it to be around for long.

Thanks to Jeff and Luke for the tips!

Download Marriott International at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Big Surprise!!!! Oh Well I guess, no point getting upset over losing apps, can still book over the phone/ Internet...
  • When traveling, we've always booked closer to our destinations rather than by a particular hotel chain. I get some have preferences for polished apps. But their websites are maintained as much if not more and when planning a trip, I'll probably do most of it from a travel site with PC or tablet anyways.
  • It's true, I like to do a lot more on my laptop like booking holidays, car rental, researching a product to buy it, especially technology, but buying cinema tickets, or trying to get the best bid on eBay, or simply checking a price, the weather or checking a fact, this I don't mind using my phone for, it is quite annoying when a website doesn't seem to work though and the app isn't very good either e.g. Starbucks on Windows Phone 8...
  • wasn't continium supposed to solve all the laptop vs phone issues?
  • If you're sitting at a desk with a mouse, keyboard, monitor and a Windows Phone with Continuum, it works perfect. 
  • Have to be honest I have the box to use Continuum, but I have never used it, I was thinking it might be useful if I go to another country and don't take my laptop because of the bulk (not to mention this laptop ban) but then... There is a Surface Pro or (other portable device, cough cough iPad cough) for that... So... It's great in theory, but I don't think the market or need for it is there! (maybe it will be...)
  • You got a point
  • Websites are a much better experience 98% of the time.
  • How long before Microsoft abandons UWP? It has been a huge failure so far. They really need to create a compelling platform. Windows isn't cutting it anymore, especially with consumers.
  • Wish you could see my eye roll.
  • Wish I was ok with watching Microsoft sit on its hands. Windows isn't the future. It has been on steady decline for years. Microsoft can either be proactive and replace it themselves or let competitors do it. Maybe they are happy becoming niche, professional software.
  • Give them a call and tell them what the future is, I'm sure they'd be excited to hear it.
  • Because Microsoft always gets the future right.
  • You do know that the original iPhone was actually a failure right? And then the second model made MASSIVE changes including the ability to subsidize it through carriers and opened the App store to non Apple apps. Ballmer was right, the model they were using for the initial iPhone launch did in fact fail.   It was the relaunch with a completely different approach that worked
  • Balmer was totally right. The he didn't do anything to compete with them. Microsoft and Blackberry laughed while Google changed course. The iPhone was obviously the future. Anyone who picked one up back then should have know immediately. Now, the iPhone outsells all Windows devices combined.
  • iPhone? the thing doesn't even have common-share-api? Always requires extra steps to do things? (When comparing to Android)
    Remind me to retire Windows when iOS can run Visual Studio, Unreal, Adobe applications, 3dsMax, Xbox games, etc. I'm a Nexus user but, when win10.ARM (a phone that can run Enter the Gungeon, Ori, etc) is out... I'm docking it onto my XB1 gamepad for XPAs. I'm already carrying XB1 gamepad and Surface Pro 4 (sometimes Alienware) in the bag all the time, a 5"/6" full-win10-device to replace my Nexus? why not?
  • If the Hololens is released as the Surface Phone, that would be really cool.
  • I think Microsoft's steadily improving success is that they've never just been a fad. 
  • You must believe in fortune teller.
  • sound like you really believe what you are saying. Where is my shocked face when I need it???  
  • You think Windows will last forever? How long can they coast on legacy programs?
  • Nothing man-made will last forever. I never spoke of time-frames for anything.
  • The energizer number is upset with your comment
  • As a developer, I wouldn't call it legacy when the new technology is inferior to the "legacy". That's equivalent of us calling cars "legacy" and switching to horses and carriages and calling it modern.
    Win32 will always be there until UWP offers all of the features that Win32 had or equivalent, and more. Everybody likes freedom, and being tied to the store, at risk of having your apps removed, for consumers being at risk of paying for an app and then either the developer removes it or Microsoft is another downside. I could go on and on.
  • bleached is right on the money.  It's not just Windows Phone that is dead.  Windows as a whole has no future outside of the enterprise market, that I can detect. It is completely dead already in the consumer space, outside from the niche market of gaming. I have a PC at home, and I do use it a lot, but I use it to do things related to my work.  It has no non-work related function.  Casual Web surfing, media streaming to my large TV/home stereo, control of home automation products, etc., are all performed though smart devices. UWP has been a failure so severe that it may become an existential one for MS.
  • For every person like you that says they dont there are people who do.  So I dissagree , not to mention I can still do things faster on my 24 inch monitor and a mouse then i can on a tablet or smart phone. Smart phone has a place on the go but it will never take the place of my home laptop/PC/MAC.  Someday maybe but it wont be a phone that takes it over. 
  • Windows will be dead when Microsoft kills it. Windows will be useful as long as people find it useful and make programs for it, until Microsoft kills it. I wonder if some people really know the extent of how deeply Windows is integrated into computing as a whole, past, present and future, even without new versions of Windows. being made. Microsoft could kill Windows right this second and most people would still be using Windows for the next few decades, the same way previously obsolete versions of Windows are still used, due to their marketshare and necessary programs that run on Windows and general program and device compatibility. Did some of you get introduced to computing within the last decade? Some peoe speak of "legacy" programs as if they are the past. No, legacy programs in Windows are the current and future as well. UWP doesn't remove the need to run x86/x64 programs as there is an insane amount of programs that may never become UWP, Android or iOS or even Mac programs. As I said before, nothing man-made lasts forever but Windows, whether current or older versions, isn't going away any time soon. At some point, maybe, in our lifetime? Well...that depends on what happens in the next 20 years and how quickly necessary programs become available on an OS that isn't Windows.
  • Nexus user here, waiting for win10.ARM to happen. Right now, as a dev, there's win10, xbox and win10phone, 3 type of devices to cover... and I think this is a wrong decision right from the beginning. It should be just win10 (including mobile or portable win10) and Xbox, 2 types only. And I think that will succeed.
  • You don't speak fo everyone. I do most of my browsing on my desktop and I use UWP on my desktop. A smartphone is too big of a strain on the eyes. Gaming a niche market? More like a multi-billion dollar market.
  • 500 million people are using Windows 10 every day, that's a nice little "niche." Your comments are beyond absurdity.
  • Microsoft expected to hit 1 billion. They missed that mark by quite a bit. Where will it be in 5 years?
  • This sucks. I use this app all the time. Plus some hotels use the app as the room key.
  • They never did on windows phone however ma70mgte.  Only on iphone and android.   Been saying this all along!  windows 10 moible is crap as a mobile system.  
  • Windows on desktop is gonna be living for many years to come. But on the phone it's dead. It was DOA anyway when it was released almost two years ago in that pathetic buggy state. Also UWP is pretty much dead without phones. I run windows 10 at work and I have no use in any of the store apps.
  • Meh-rriot.
  • Well another one bites the dust, but as the first guy said..... BIG Surprise
  • Well without mobile nobody needs a ******* app. When people use windows they have a big screen mostly and thus will use the browser. Lose mobile, lose everything. Dumb Microsoft.
  • What's dumb about it? How many billions should they dump into a product/service no ROI?
  • They had a double digit market share in multiple countries. It was just united States that had a single digit. It was also pretty much Nokia doing the marketing for Microsoft. If they really put focus on mobile as they did on Surface, it might have finally gained ground.
  • Exactly, if they would simply have kept growing at the pace they were at, by now they would have had 20-25% in every European country. Which is enough to get all the apps.
  • Delusions.
  • You should see a doctor about all those mites.
  • I'm in a Marriott right now, I'll do them a favor and just delete the app now.
  • Better yet, just check out.
  • Haha.
    I did, but not because of the app. I love Marriotts.
  • I would immediately check out and go to another hotel and tell them why...
  • Yah,  that will change EVERYTHING.  They will just look at you and say buy a real phone instead of this windows 10 mobile garbage.  
  • DESKTOP IS DEAD!!!!! Oh noes!!!!!
  • I'm tired of the "use the website" crap they feed us for PC and tablets. Ok, tell ipad users to "use the crappy web site" also. There is far more than enough Windows 10 users to support apps. These companies are lazy and petty. Drop dead.
  • Then why aren't Windows 10 users supporting apps?
  • I don't understand. You tell me. Everyone i know uses apps and prefer the apps over the web sites.
  • UWP apps on desktop are good, I use them a lot. If only developers could see beyond 'UWP = mobile "
  • Want the reason?   Because windows 10 apps are ***** compared to their IOS/Android counterparts.  90 % of the apps on ios/android are NOT available, and then...the rest are 3rd party hack jobs.   Simple.  
  • I know why I don't use them. The current design and horizontal scrolling is terrible. Project Neon was needed from the start. Not only do the apps look bad, there really aren't many quality apps. Most everything I do is better in a browser.
  • Sorry, but most everything is in a web browser is clunky, doesn't use space well, and often horrible laggy.
  • Really? Most websites these days are quite good. I certainly don't have any lag on my Surface Pro or gaming rig. I don't use Edge though and have plenty of power available for Chrome. Clunky is exactly how I would describe many UWP apps though. Why do you think people don't use them?
  • bleached....i think MS is talking about mobile.
  • How many mobile devices as a % use Windows? If you have a PC or Surface then the website is much better anyway.  How many use iPads or iOS devices and Android? Most of the world hence they will invest in that area.  This is just a result of Microsoft abandoning us (retrenchment is a nicer word)  - Just get an iOS or Android device and be happy that all apps exist on those ecosystems.
  • A lot of companies have realized certain apps are just money pits. Unfortunately, I feel some developers throw them a bone by cutting the Windows app first to buy some time.
  • Companies are not lazy. They are simply fed up with MS mediocre mobile support and ZERO commitment to their own phone platform. You fanboys refuse top see that on a desktop UWP apps are nothing but a useless waste of resources! Without a smartphone, UWP is DEAD. Don't blame devs because MS was too incompetent to deliver a competitive phone platform.
  • App market is dead..... Browsers will take over
  • App market is dead..... Browsers will take over
  • I dont actually use many apps, desktop versions are way more powerful with more features.  Alas Microsoft are trying to bend everyone towards UWP as that is the fastest way to get it working on mobile devices.  I hope they don't forget the desktop users whilst doing that.
  • I'm a desktop user. Own a few Alienware and Surface Pros and a few Bluetooth XB1 gamepad.
    I prefer UWP over win32 because 1) clean install 2) clean uninstall 3) XPA and free-unlimited-active-cloud-sync. My parents uses UWP because there's a store front. Easier to find and update. Besides... I'm not gonna trust'em to go *.exe hunting on their own...
  • Please say it again...
  • Thank you...
  • The entire app market is in decline. The gold rush is over. 
  • Foolish Microsoft should Support it's platform and others wouldn't keep dropping. How about every enterprise contract comes with uwp app support, make it simple for all your customers to stay on board. This has been so poorly communicated and handled from the start. Microsoft has no idea what they're doing in the consumer field. This was one of the few remaining apps i didn't have to use my s8 for
  • Could you use the app on your phone as a room key?  Otherwise, yeah, can use the website I guess. Although from what I'm hearing the latest update makes mobile Edge run like a dog.
  • ...and this is unexpected? Hardly news worthy anymore!
  • They have the data, they know the costs involved and the returns, I guess not many people used it.
  • I did what I could. Marriott is my hotel chain of choice for business an pleasure. I use the mobile app all the time. Shame.
  • ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Why do I need an app for this? Another example of an app that is simply the result of companies feeling the need to be "me too".
  • I don't understand the point of apps like this. I would prefer to go to the website which has more information, is easier to link and share pages from. Unless a retail app does something unique with the hardware (camera, nfc, etc) then I don't see any point at all in it's existence.
  • If only developers didn't assume UWP means 'mobile' apps, the store would look a lot different.
  • most apps need a phone part, because most users use a smartphone and need that app on the go! it's not their fault MS was too dumb to deliver a viable phone OS and to commit to it. Look at Skype for example. The win32 app is ok while the UWP app is a horribly designed crap! When not even MS cares about their own sh*t, why should anyone else??
  • If they hadn't abandoned the platform WHILE they retrenched, it's likely companies wouldn't be dropping support at this rate. A platform at 5% and growing versus <1% and shrinking are two different scenarios. So now they are doing all this stuff to build up the app ecosystem (Windows S, Centennial, Windows on ARM, etc.), but they killed off the reason for CURRENT apps to exist: Windows Phone. Nobody has Windows Phone, so nobody is using the Marriott app. I wonder if the irony is lost on Microsoft?
  • When did they hit 5%? They maxed out at 3.5% and that was only achieved selling $30 phones. It wasn't worth the investment required.
  • Well heck. I didn't even know they had an app. Know I don't know if I should get it or not. What the hay, I'll get it and use it until they stop it from working.
  • Most apps like this lack features. I wouldn't use an app when I am using a pc or tablet. I'd book straight from the website. More features, info. Some things in life are just easier without an app. Apps for everything just isn't what it cracked up to be. It's really not.
  • That's where you are wrong.  Most apps on windows 10/mobile lack features.   Marriott app on iOS and android have many features for people who are mobile that are not on windows 10.   Like your phone becoming your key.  Etc.   Since windows mobile fanboys will never try another os, they will think apps are terrible and the website is always superior.   However those of us who have switched know the difference.    Too bad the fanboys can't get their heads out of their asses for on second and see what using a real phone is like.  
  • You make a lot of asinine assumptions. Never tried another OS? Actually, tried them and hated them.
  • Good for you.  However,  most here saying that IOS is ****,  or android is **** etc...have never used them.  Just going by what they think.  I have devices of every os in my posession right now,  I am on my dell 2 in 1 right now,  I have about 10 windows 10 desktop devices,  I have a macbook, I have a linux laptop,  I have android phones and tablets,  I have my iphones and ipads,  I sold my windows 10 moible devices because they were just unsuable while travelling.  Apps that make life easy, and fun while travelling,  plus my apple watch,  put the nails in the windows 10 mobile coffin.  Its just so far advances in terms of what is able to be achived.   Continuum is hokey.  a gimmick,  that failed.   Why would you want a phone that has to be tethered to a monitor?  buy a laptop.  makes more sense than that.  At least I can rent a car,  start it from the app,  pop the trunk all with my phone.  I can unlock the hotel door,  board a plane with just my watch,  etc.  windows 10 mobile is useless as a mobile system.  Sorry,  but it's true.  Too bad too because it had such promise when they announced.  However,  many untruths, missteps etc from microsoft,  put it into the ground.
  • ohh let them mobile fanboys still enjoy living in the stone age of technology where having an sms and call device is something wow!
  • Totally!   The new feature thats going to wow them is Caller ID.
  • Really android apps are "of high quality". You got to be kidding me :P
  • Much higher quality than the **** that is on windows 10 mobile.
  • Yes. Absolutely. 80% market share means the highest quality apps come to Android as well as iOS. What a silly thing to say.
  • Doesn't really concern me anymore, but still feeling a little sad.
  • I thought this happed already? Or was it Hilton?
  • Bad app anyway. The only use is to check my membership #. Now i just add it to My Wallet and have the number with me.
  • No need when it is available in mobile web
  • I hate having to download, install, update an app for everything.   Using mobile version site with Edge works better for me. 
  • edge is crap for acutally doing things.   You lose many many features of mobile apps by wasting time with a mobile website.