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Marshall Wait Cursor 3 = Awesome

Quite awhile ago I wrote up on Marshall Wait Cursor 2, which is a really cool donationware app that allows you to change that old, boring WM5/6 wait cursor aka WinPie.

Well, he's back now with version 3 and much improvements all around. The app now has a very modern, finger-friendly interface. In addition, there is a whole bunch of new icons that are available as separate "icon packs" (note: the large ones only seem to work with VGA devices). These new icons are gorgeous and even hilarious (Famous dancing PB &J bananna? Done.  Beavis and Butthead?  Ready.).

Other notable changes with v.3:

  • Works on any resolution device, even non-touch ones
  • Autostart option
  • Cursor timeout option
  • Confirmed working with WM6.5 (natch)

I'm currently using the "Processing" box one because I'm just a tech nerd.  Anyways, give it a shot.  It's free and really spices up your device in a simple, painfree way.  Of course, we recommend doing a backup JIK and note that this will consume some memory, so Mogul and Sprint Treo Pro users take heed. 

Take a peek after the jump to see more of the UI and cursor choices!

[Download here!]

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  • Nice - although the WM 6.5 wait cursor isn't all that bad. With my Sprint TP I am actually not seeing as much as I did or as long as I did on my old VZW Treo 700W.
  • ditto
  • MWC3 is great.
    Its got many choices (or make your own) and it works pretty much flawlessly. I'd recommend it to everyone
  • Very nice addition to my GSM Treo Pro. Some of the larger ones seem to hog more resources than I'd like.