Marvel's Avengers comes to Xbox Game Pass on September 30

Marvels Avengers Image
Marvels Avengers Image (Image credit: Square Enix)

What you need to know

  • Marvel's Avengers first launched back in Sep. 2020.
  • Since then, the developers have added new heroes like Kate Bishop and more recently, Black Panther.
  • Marvel's Avengers is coming to Xbox Game Pass on Sep 30, 2021, including Xbox Game Pass for PC and Cloud Gaming.

Marvel's Avengers launches in Xbox Game Pass on Sep. 30, Microsoft announced via Xbox Wire on Tuesday. This includes all the free content added to the game so far, including the War for Wakanda expansion that introduces new story missions featuring Black Panther.

In addition to being available in Xbox Game Pass on console, Marvel's Avengers is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC and Cloud Gaming, so if you prefer to play on your computer or streaming to your mobile device, you aren't being left out. Do be aware that this doesn't include any extra cosmetics like the Avengers Endgame-inspired outfits. If you want those, you'll need to buy them separately to use them while playing through Xbox Game Pass.

Publisher Square Enix shared a roadmap of the game's future content through the end of 2021, which includes the first-ever Raid for Marvel's Avengers, featuring Black Panther's foe Klaw. Spider-Man is also still coming to the game, but only to PlayStation platforms.

Crystal Dynamics, lead developer on Marvel's Avengers, is assisting The Initiative with the upcoming reboot of Perfect Dark.

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  • I wonder if this has anything to do with Crystal Dynamics coming on to help with perfect dark? Like a pay for play to Square in return CD helping out the initiative.
  • I was wondering the same thing... But beyond that Square and Xbox have been pretty cozy this year, not just crystal dynamics.....
  • Except for final fantasy unfortunately. And that other PS exclusive. Square seems to be playing all sides. It's smart, yet hurts consumers.
  • Any PD help from CD is by contract and well compensated.
    The AVENGERS deal is separate funding.
    What this reflects is that the game underperformed and Square welcomes any added cash whike it still has some market presence. (Guardians of the Galaxy is due soon.) More interesting is that in CD Collaborating with the Initiative, the studio staff gets to see how life is within the MS camp and this is intriguing because it has been suggested tbat MS should buy CD outright from SQUARE ENIX.
    It isn't out of the question that a deal might be under consideration (CD hasn't been contributing much to the SE bottom line of late.) with the cooperation deal a transitory phase in case it falls through.
    Square might be waiting to see if GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY fares better. Alternately, the two moves might be Square looking to get as much cash out of CD in any way tbey can.
    We'll see.
  • I'll give this a try now that it's on Game Pass.
  • Wasn't going to drop any cash on this game because of the tepid reviews for it. Since it's in Gamepass I'll give it a shot. It may scratch the right itch...