Mass Effect Andromeda's first gameplay footage explores a vast alien vault

Developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts have released the first gameplay footage for Mass Effect Andromeda, the next game in the long-running sci-fi RPG series. While the footage was recorded using the PlayStation 4 Pro, the game is also coming to the Xbox One and Xbox One S as well.

The brief gameplay clip, as posted on the Mass Effect YouTube channel, shows the game's main character Ryder exploring a vast alien-made vault, tackling some jumping puzzle elements with his jet pack along the way. The gameplay footage then turns into an in-engine cut scene where we see that the vault is going to be a very dangerous place.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will support HDR lighting, which is available for owners of the recent Xbox One S console. We would assume that the 4K resolution features in the trailer will be made available on Microsoft's next Xbox console, code-named Scorpio, when it is released sometime in 2017. More info on the game is scheduled to be revealed on November 7, and the game itself will be released sometime in early 2017.

John Callaham
  • Ok I can officially say I'm worried about the game now.
  • Why?  Looks just like MA 2 and 3
  • Why? It looks fantastic. Imagine this on Project Scorpio.
  • There is something that I find really weird.Ps4 pro and xbox one Scorpio will be using amd Polaris gpu but according to leaked specs Scorpio is a little bit powerful.Why don't just they use same f.cking gpu in their consoles?
  • neo is on currently released polaris 10 mid range hardware, scorpio will wait for vega high end graphics, the ones AMD hopes will rival nvidia's 1080 or 1080ti by the time it releases it, vega & polaris are not in the same league
  • Wooww didn't know that.Thanks for the info
  • haha PS4pro is the first step, I have the feeling that Sony will release a new console in 2017. They changed the plans because of Scorpio. Main idea was to introduce NEO as an "upgrade" and stay on it for a while but Microsoft announced Scorpio and Sony needs to react on it so they will release a new console just to compete againts Scorpio
  • sigh....we'll miss you commander Shepard, Tali, Garrus, Liara.....everyone.  ME just isn't the same without you.
  • Liara!!!! Nooo my beloved asari haha. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • so looking forward to it....
  • Yeah I'm getting this on PC next year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Can we please go back to something closer tothe ME1 roots? If I wanted a cover shooter, I would play Gears of Bore. Give me some choices that actually matter!
  • Vaults?  Want Borderlands 3!
  • It looks amazing! Definitely looking forward to it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This needs some personality.
  • I kept expecting the words "EA Access Vault" to appear.
  • Can't wait
  • So they are in a Forerunner facility and get attacked by sentinels..  ;) 
  • Ok, that looked visually incredible, but it also looked boring as Hell.
    I doubt I'll be jumping to play this entry in the series any more than i did the earlier sequels.
  • I never played the first three and if this segment is anything like them, never will. Zork has more personality. Hopefully this clip isn't indicative of the overall game.
  • And so it begins. Xbox version is the best version. 4k only on Xbox. HDR gaming only Xbox. Glad I didn't buy a PS4. I knew Sony would screw us gamers.
  • Not a single true statement in any of this.
  • What are you on about? This is 4k/HDR on the PS4 Neo.
  • I assume this is a reply to the idiot above you? Even the OG PS4 is getting HDR, unlike the original Xbox One. Neither console is getting real 4k. Both the XO S and PS4 Pro just do upscaling.
  •   I know the game is not finished yet. But the fact that Sony was showing this footage off to highlight the so-called power of their PS4Pro and the fact that they did not mention that this footage is not indicative of the the game's final quality, leads me to believe that this is pretty much how the games final release will look. I am not impressed even by current standards. And this is supposed to be a game that will release next year and make use of next gen console power. That doesn't make me feel very optimistic about Andromeda. That's a real shame.  
  • The creative team behind the originals is long gone, this is just a cash grab. Looks terrible, too.
  • Depending on your view of how the trilogy ended - that could be a Good Thing also. Yeah, I went there...
  • I'm really looking forward to this. I want a great story driven game. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android via a Nexus 6