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What you need to know

  • Bioware and Electronic Arts are currently working on a brand-new entry in the long-running Mass Effect franchise.
  • In a job listing seeking a Franchise Technical Director for the new Mass Effect game, experience with Unreal Engine is listed as an asset.
  • While this doesn't tell us a ton about the next Mass Effect game, it does indicate the title will be built using Unreal Engine.
  • It should be mentioned that Frostbite Engine is also mentioned in the job listing introduction, but as one of EA's "innovative" tools.

The Mass Effect franchise is one of the most infamous sci-fi RPG franchises in the world, and has enjoyed a long life with millions of fans. It's well-known by this point that Electronic Arts and Bioware are currently working on the next Mass Effect game, which should continue the universe with an all-new story for players to follow. There's not a lot that's currently known about the next Mass Effect game, so every detail is valuable to the Mass Effect community.

A new job listing for a Franchise Technical Director at Bioware, to help work on the next Mass Effect game, appears to provide such a clue. In the job listing, "Experience with UnrealEngine4+" is listed as a valuable asset, strongly indicating that the mysterious Mass Effect title could be built on Unreal Engine 4 (or even Unreal Engine 5).

It's worth mentioning that nothing is absolutely confirmed, here. The job listing still lists the Frostbite Engine in the introduction (as one of EA's technologies and tools), which was used for Mass Effect: Andromeda. That being said, while the Frostbite Engine is famously powerful for certain genres (like first-person shooters), it reportedly was related to a ton of technical challenges and issues when building Mass Effect: Andromeda. A return to Unreal Engine for the next Mass Effect game, which is in use in the original trilogy and the remastered Mass Effect Legendary Edition, would make a lot of sense.

Hopefully, we don't have to wait too long to hear more about the exciting next Mass Effect game. In the meantime, those seeking another injection of Mass Effect content should strongly consider the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which is one of the best Xbox games for its faithful remaster of the original trilogy.


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