Master Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets for only $19

It's a funny old world, and people often forget the beauty of a well-crafted spreadsheet. It scream organization, meticulously prepared and maintained, right down to the very cell. If you're looking for a job in any sort of analytical role, whether it's secretarial or involving complex statistics, knowing your way around both Excel and Google Sheets is a skill much sought after that few truly possess. If you've ever opened Google Sheets or Excel and know how to do nothing more than populate a cell, then listen up.

The Excel and Google Sheets Mastery Bundle is your key to the spreadsheet kingdom. You'll get lifetime access to 39 hours of content, which shows you the ins and outs of both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel — two of the most popular spreadsheet programs in existence. But instead of coughing up $690 for both courses, you'll pay only $19 at Windows Central Digital Offers, a savings of 97%.

With the Excel and Google Sheets Mastery Bundle, you'll start off with the basics and work your way up to more advanced formulas and formatting. With the Microsoft Excel course, you'll have access to 160 modules comprising 32 hours of content, which you can view 24/7 for life. The Google Sheets course is a quick seven sections with seven hours of content ± perfect for beginners.

If you're looking to get into any sort of clerical position or anything requiring compiling large amounts of data, then the Excel and Google Sheets Mastery Bundle is the ideal way to learn the ins and outs of each app, at your own pace, whenever you want. The best part is you can get the whole bundle for just $19 at Windows Central Digital Offers.

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John Daug