May 2020 Xbox One update adds genre and player count game filters

Xbox One S
Xbox One S (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft releases a new Xbox One update every month roughly.
  • You can download it on your console by going to Settings.
  • It adds new filters for genre and player counts.
  • There are other Community and Mixer enhancements too.

Today, Microsoft released the May Xbox One update that brings a lot of bug fixes. However, there are a few noteworthy improvements. Why there are some changes to the Community and Mixer options on the console, the highlight has to be the fact that you can now sort games by genre and player count. This should greatly help with multiplayer games because sometimes, you forget if a title supports local co-op or other similar features.

The Xbox website posted (opens in new tab) the following.

The updated Community page on Xbox One makes it clearer where your content is coming from and how to explore Xbox Live. This improved layout splits the page into four new channels... We've added a couple of new filtering options for your games & apps: genre and player count. Try this out with the Surprise Me! button for even more catered results when you're looking for something different to play. Added with the May release, live thumbnails make it way easier to get a glimpse into a stream before jumping in. Take a scroll through what's happening on Mixer and find a new favorite streamer.

What sort of features do you want to see in the future? Let us know.

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  • Having played on the Nintendo switch a lot recently, it's made me realise that one of the things I hate about the xbox most is how they hide and make me work for the games I own and want to play.
    If I press the xbox button - I really just want to the games I've got installed listed.
  • Wow, that would be an entirely too long of a list for some of us. I have over 100 games installed. I do like how they list the past few games and apps launched there. They should allow you to favorite games so they stay there. Also, make it the last 10 games. They have made it a lot easier to get to games and apps after hitting the Xbox button. You do need to navigate to the icon (I think down once) and press A however. Its also not easy to see at first.
  • You can literally add games to a group that will be listed when you press the Xbox button.
  • Yeah, I'm still not a fan of the group function, but I know people use it. Also, doesn't that take more navigation to get to than the Games and Apps button? At least now they let you add a lot of games to that function.
  • I used to use the pins feature but I just kind of stopped because it just became too cumbersome to constantly change it when my games changed week to week. It's still a great feature, and one that I probably should just update my list, but I'm lazy. Honestly for me personally the ability to search from the main screen/guide would be nice, but I also have a chat pad, so that makes a bit of a difference and I suspect not many others would have that convenience so I can imagine it not being a big focus for Microsoft.
  • Press the "y" button, can search from the home screen. I'd agree, the recents could do to have a couple more in.
  • I didn't know this... I will try it. This is how I use my Start menu, just start typing.
  • Would be nice if they updated the Xbox app for phones, Would like to be able to see all sales not just the Deals with Gold.
  • The app is so slow. And, it used to have a keyboard icon, for when typing. That's gone, and sometimes the keyboard doesn't come up, damned shame.
  • I hope they improve the sorting on the store. Need to sort by price. Also, wishlist need improvement. Should get a notification when wishlist items come on sale.