Meet Dona Sarkar, the new head of Microsoft's Windows Insider program

The new leader of Microsoft's Windows Insider program is Dona Sarkar, who has been with the company for 11 years. She is also a fashion designer and blogger, a novelist and more.

Sarkar takes over the gig from Gabriel Aul, who announced today he would be leaving that job to focus more on his work on the Engineering Systems team. In her own Twitter post, Sarkar stated she was "grateful and honored" to be taking over as Windows Insider's leader:

Sarkar has worked at Microsoft in many different roles since she joined the company in 2005, most recently on the HoloLens team. Microsoft's profile on Sarkar states:

A self-described "absolute device hardware geek," Sarkar worked as the lead developer for Windows Vista on device-focused features like Autoplay, Bluetooth and Blu-Ray integration into Windows. She relished the opportunity to shape how the system fits with things that "you expect to work flawlessly with your computer."As the operating system evolved into Windows 7 and 8, Sarkar was responsible for the Windows search experience. She managed the teams that created the search box in Windows 7's Start menu, the File Explorer tool and the Open/Save dialogs. She helped lead the evolution of search in Windows 8 for tablets and for finding apps, files and settings. "Any time you needed to find something in Windows, you used my feature," she said proudly. "That's my baby!"

Sarkar has lots of other interests outside of Microsoft. She is the co-founder of the fashion blog Fibonacci Sequins which she calls "the world's first style blog devoted to STEM fans". She's also working on her own fashion line called Prima Dona Style. Finally, she's a published author of five fiction and non-fiction books. You can check out her official website for more info.

John Callaham