Meet Stack, a beautiful and functional Buffer app for Windows Phone

We’re always looking for great new apps that join the Windows Phone Store. We love sharing them with you guys when we do find them. Stack is a new app for Windows Phone that you’ll want to check it out.

Not familiar with Buffer ( It’s a service that allows you to easily (and strategically) share updates and content over social media. Over 137 million updates have been pushed to various social networks from Buffer’s 13 million users. With Buffer you’re able to create something like a tweet and have it automatically sent out a predetermined time. It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing a link or making an announcement, Buffer is a great way to schedule posts.

There isn’t an official app out on Windows Phone for Buffer yet, but we do have Stack. A brand new app for Windows Phone. Here’s what Stack can do right now in its initial release:

  • Write and add new updates to your Buffer
  • Publish updates immediately
  • Delete and re-schedule updates from your Buffer
  • See statistics about how your updates performed
  • Detailed information about your social media profiles
  • Klout Score displayed, right within the app!

Right off the bat Stack does most of everything you’d want in a Buffer client on Windows Phone. It’s of course easy on the eyes from a design standpoint. Stack is a great place to queue up a bunch of updates and links to automatically be shared to networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The app is easy to navigate and use, we had no trouble getting up to speed after signing in with our Buffer account.

This is just version 1.0 of Stack though and there’s more to come. This is what the developer, @devilx, has planned for the near horizon:

  • In-depth Klout statistics
  • Camera support
  • Cloud-storage support, for sharing files right through your updates!

Right now we’re really digging Stack as a Buffer app on Windows Phone. We’re hoping to see a trial implement in the future so you can try it out before buying. But right now we don’t mind at all having dropped $1.99 on Stack. (Note: the dev plans on adding a trial soon)

Social media maverick? Then pick up Stack in the Windows Phone Store

  • It all stacks up
  • +1020
  • Lol silly you
  • Nice
  • Great to see this!
  • I appreciate the app. Seems to do what my ME hub already does without klout scores.
  • And without the ability to schedule out posts. That's the real strength of Stack/Buffer is that you can schedule an announcement or share articles at what you deem as strategic times. 
  • I'm so tired of unofficial app on this Os .
  • Just rest bro , rest!
  • Lol
  • Times coming
  • Agree, I am sick too!!!
  • You have two alternatives, Android and iOS. They'd welcome you there :)
  • I love the unofficial apps, Mr. Pissy. You'd rather be without? Geesh, some people can't be pleased.
  • Yeah, I mean we have all these third party apps that are superior to the first party solutions on other platforms! How annoying! I can't wait for the first party team to come half ass an app then send cease and desist notices to all 3rd party devs.
  • Buffer is a great tool for people making money on social this is great news for those "in the biz" and armed with WinPhone!
  • Is this similar to IFTTT ?
  • I think people hub does the same thing
  • No it does not. What part of the People hub can schedule posts to automatically go out? ;)
  • I didn't know this part
  • I like Stacks...but I prefer Grids XD.
  • This is cool and I already bought it, but I hope they add the ability to add pictures to posts.
  • no pictures??  ok, now I'm not excited any more.
  • Nice! Edit: DAMMIT. This should be free.
  • Your mom should be free, but you don't see me complaining about her prices.